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Here is the detail of Railey Smith Cooper Net Worth, Career, Husband’s Name, and Age. Her full name is Railey Smith cooper. People don’t know her before her marriage. But when she married Marcus Ramone Cooper she became famous. As a wife of a Celebrity, she became a fan and her fans also spread to different places of the world. People love her by her nature because she treats everyone nicely. She beautifully talks to every person and this makes her special to people. If we talk about her birthplace, then she was born in the United States of America. Talking about her hair color, then her hairs are black and that hair suits her. She is so much a pretty girl. Her eye color is black and people love her eyes.

Her husband’s name Is Marcus Ramone Cooper. He is R and B performer and he performs very well. He is not that much famous but people know him because of his talent. There is no proper information about her married life because they don’t share everything on social media. They both have a son whose name is Marcus Cooper Jr. They both love each other and also Their son. This family is so much amazing. They both are perfect parents for their children.

Railey Smith Cooper Net Worth, Career, Husband Name, Age

Railey Smith Cooper Early Life:

She is an American actress. She has been raised and born in America. It is expected that she is in her mid-30s according to her looks. Very little information about her is known because of her less social behavior. She has a white ethnicity with American citizenship. She is living a luxurious life with her husband. Her husband’s income is enough for her to live an outstanding life with him and her children. His husband’s fame is increasing day by day.

Railey Smith Cooper Net Worth:

The net worth of Railey Smith Cooper is not known as it is not clear which profession she chose. But she got money as her husband is very famous and his net worth is $2 million. This money is enough for them to buy the things of her choice. Her husband got so much money because of his profession and they are living a happy life. She wants to help her husband but we do not know about her profession she does not tell on social media about her profession. So they both adjust to the money which her husband gets.

Railey Smith Cooper Marriage:

She is married to Marcus Cooper also known as Pleasure P. They both are living a life full of happiness and luxury. It is hoped that they will be together in the next years. Railey Smith Cooper has been seen with her husband Marcus in his album known as VH1’s Love and Hip Hop: Miami.

Railey Smith Cooper Son:

She has a son with her husband. Her son’s name is Marcus Cooper Jr. He also has a good following on social media platforms. This is because he is the son of famous lyricist and stage performer Marcus Cooper Sr. He has a total of 85 followings and 3 followers on his Instagram account. He also has some tweets on Twitter. Marcus Cooper Jr. joined the Instagram platform in 2017. Now he living happily with his parents. He is also living a very amazing and comfortable life.


As you know that she does not mention her career details, but her husband’s career is clear. As her husband is a vocalist and he is best in his profession. He was a member of Pretty Ricky. Yet he was a solo performer since 2007 and become famous day by day. He has a lot of fans all over the world and he has an amazingly large number of followers on his social media accounts. People love him and they show their love by following him on different social media accounts. All his fans want to know about his life and he posted daily on his accounts.

His first song was known as Puddles. This was from the Reunited Band and was released on Valentine’s Day in the year 2015. It got much fame and popularity. This song was the most requested song on the radio station of South Florida 99. Pleasure P also told about his album releasing on Instagram on 6th February that he will be releasing outstanding albums. The first song he released was Letter to My Ex. This song was from the collection Break up to Makeup. It was released on 14th February. He has released many outstanding songs.

Railey Smith Cooper Instagram Followers:

Railey Smith Cooper is a private individual. She has not disclosed much about herself. A total of 43 posts have been posted by her. Railey Smith Cooper has 1299 followers on her Instagram account. She has 663 followers on her Instagram profile. She has got this number of followers due to her husband. Her husband is a famous singer whose name is Marcus Ramone.

His stage name is Pleasure P. Considering the Instagram account of her husband, he has many followers. Marcus Cooper, also known as Pleasure P has a total of 451K followers. He has a total of 2430 followers on her Instagram account. A total of 365 posts have been done by him on his Instagram account.


Railey Smith Cooper along with her husband Marcus Cooper details are given above. Marcus Cooper is a famous American lyricist and R&B singer. While his wife Railey Smith Cooper was also an actor in America. After her marriage with Marcus Ramone Cooper, she became a housewife. Her net worth is not disclosed yet rather she is living a life full of modernism and luxury with her husband.

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