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Here is the detail of Alison Botha Injuries, Survival: Who Saved her Life? Alison Botha is a part of an insurance company. She is very viral on social media also. She is a person who is a social media personality and she has a little bit fan base. Alison Botha became public eye and became a little bit popular on social media after an incident in December 1994. She was a very popular insurance broker.

Alison Botha Injuries, Survival Who Saved her Life

Alison Botha Injuries & Incident:

In December 1994, when it was the time of night, she was walking to the way of her home. But suddenly two people came to her and abducted her. The two people were not known by her and they kidnapped her at night time and attempted to kill her. They both wanted to murder her and they severely attacked her also. She got so many injuries and was coming to her death but fortunately, a passing veterinarian came and saved her.

The two people weren’t able to murder her and she got saved by a passing veterinarian. She got saved by the two kidnappers or we can say the two murderers who wanted to murder her. She was severely attacked by the two of them and also got so many injuries at that time. That incident shocked the entire country.

It became so much viral on the whole social media and every person of the world got to know about this incident in detail. She was living in South Africa and that incident also occurred in South Africa. The whole country was so much shocked that two people came and try to murder a girl. It was called the Noordhoek Ripper Trial. She became so much viral on social media at that time and still, she is very famous and popular on the whole social media.

Alison Botha was also invited to so many shows in which the anchors interviewed her and asked her everything about that incident. She also gave all the information about that incident in detail. She became so much famous that a movie was also released in her name and that movie was also based on the real story of her of that incident.

Alison Botha Publication:

She is also the author of two books named I Have a Life and another one For the Tough Times. If we talk about her occupation, she was a motivational speaker author, and former insurance broker. Her nationality is South African and her birthplace is Port Elizabeth located in South Africa.

Early Life:

She was born on September 22 in the year 1967 and currently, she is 55 years old. That incident took place when she was 27 years old only. She is also married and her spouse is Tienie Botha. Her wedding date is February 1997.

Alison Botha Abduction:

Alison Botha was returning to her home in December 1994 at night. When she returned to her home she went to the parking slot where she parks the car usually. But the parking slot in which she usually parks the car was full of space then she went to another parking slot. When she parked her car in another parking slot, she was going back to her home. But suddenly a man came and threatened to kill her with a knife. That man promised her that he would not harm her if she follow his orders and do whatever he says. Alison Botha was too terrified at that time and decided to follow the orders of that man to save her life.

She decided to do whatever that man says because she wanted to save her life and wants to reach her home harmless. That man asked her to hand over the car keys to him. When Alison Botha handed over her car keys to that person, he drove him to a place where no one could find her and it was a desert place in the country. That person also picked another unknown man in the way and they both went to a desert place with Alison. They both abducted her and attempted to murder her also. They both were unknown men and were not known by Alison.

Alison Botha Attempted Murder:

The two kidnappers Injured Alison so much and cut her throat 15 times. They cut her throat to murder her and then they decided to get back to their place. They assume that she will be dead as no one can survive in the state in which Alison was. Alison was not dead at that time and she pretended to be dead until they both drove away. At that time she was just 27 years old and she did not want to die at a very young age.

Alison Botha Survival:

Alison Botha pretended to be dead and when the two men drove away, she wrote the names of that two men with her blood on the stone and braced to get up. She was very brave at that time. Her internal organ was severely damaged but still, she manage to get up. She don’t give up and crawled until she came to a place where anyone could find her and save her.

She struggled too much through dirt and broken glasses. All that information was given by Alison Botha herself. She also said that I was too much exhausted at that time but barely managed to move on through dirt and broken glasses. She also said that when she moved forward her sight faded.

Who Saved Her?

Alison Botha, by her luck, was saved by a person passing through her. A student saved her named Tiaan Eilerd. He was walking through the road and saw Alison lying on the road. When he came to know that she is alive, he immediately took her to the hospital and saved her.


Today in this article, we have discussed a female named Alison Botha who was abducted and attempted to be murdered by two unknown persons in 1994. At that time she was 27 years old. Her throat was cut by the two unknown people 15 times. But she manage to get up and a person came to save her life.

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