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Here is the detail of Adam Huber Wife, Net Worth, Age, Career, Model, and much more. Adam Huber is an American model and actor. He is famous worldwide. So many people like his acting and want to do acting after seeing his shoots. Although he has a very good physique so he is a very popular model. No one can compete him in modeling because his styles make his fans attracted to him. Although he is 34 years old man but he looks young because he maintains his fitness level. There are so much popular roles of him who became famous. People love his acting because his acting seems to be natural.

Adam Huber Wife, Net Worth, Age, Career, Model

Adam Huber Wife:

Adam Huber is unmarried. He don’t have any wife. Also he is not dating currently to anyone. Adam Huber is a very handsome person. Anyone can fall in love with him because his looks are so much attractive. So he has a girlfriend in 2016 whose name was Jordan Hinson. She is also so pretty. Her profession is the same as Adam Huber’s because she is also an amazing actress. She is also very popular and has a lot of fans. When their fans heard about their dating rumors so they were very happy because this couple was the most highlighted couple at that time and the most loved couple by the people.

Both of them spend a lot of time together.  They went to different places and enjoyed a lot. But due to some circumstances, both of them parted ways away and now they are not dating. Their fans become so much disappointed because they like them a lot and want them to get married.

Adam Huber Career Highlights:

The most famous roles of Adam Huber are New Girl,  the animal kingdom, and Dynasty. All these roles of him are so much loved by people all over the world. This is because he slayed in these roles. He loves to do acting and modeling from a very young age. He wants to become a very famous actor and model and now he is known worldwide. This is just because of the hard work he does before his success and now he gets rewarded for his efforts.


He is not married yet but he has a past affair with the girl known as Jordan Hinson. Adam Huber hey so much supportive family who supports him in every part of life. He always mentioned that the biggest reason for his success is his parents and siblings. They always support him and make him understand that he can do everything.

Jordan Hinson:

Jordan Hinson is a very much pretty girl. She is loved by a lot of people. As her acting is fabulous and her every single role became popular. Because her acting is very good and her acting skills are much adored by her fans. There is a huge fan following for Jordan Hinson not just because of her acting career yet she has also a very good heart. She is so much humble and loves people who loved her. She treats them like her family and she never disappoints her fans with her acting.


There are so many famous roles of Jordan Hinson and the most famous roles which made her success level at its peak was Zoe Carter in Eureka. This was loved by millions of people. Some people who want to be in an acting career take classes from her because she is the best actress.

There are many more other works of her which are The higher power, the California No, living among us, and Kevin from work, etc. Many people know about all of these. These shows got TRP just because of the brilliant acting of Jordan Hinson. Jordan was born in 1991 and she celebrates her birthday on 4 June. Her looks make everyone fall for her. Her height is 1.63 m which suits her. There is only one sibling of Jordan Hinson whose name is Shaun Hinson. Both of them loved each other and support each other in every part of life.

Adam Huber Instagram:

Adam Huber has an Instagram account where many popular names follow him. He has 1.1 million followers. Their followers seem to be very large and he became very happy when his followers were increasing day by day. All of them are his lovers who show their love by following him on his account. Whenever he shares any posts that post will get so many likes and comments. This shows how many people love him and support him.

Adam Huber Net Worth:

Adam Huber has a net worth of $1-$5 million. He is now at his peak of success level. This is just because he believes in his skills. He always praises himself which makes him more motivated. His family also supports him which makes him proud of himself. Now he is getting a huge amount of moment and he is living a very luxurious life. Adam Huber doesn’t need any other job to do because he is getting enough net worth from his acting and modeling career. He got a lot of money by getting more and more trp because of his acting.


Adam Huber is an actor and model. He is famous worldwide. He is getting a lot of money as his net worth is $1-$5 million. Now he is unmarried and not dating anyone. He has a girlfriend in 2016 whose name was Jordan Hinson. She was also an actor. Both are very beautiful and popular.

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