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If you do not like your bare walls and want them trendy, let us share some easy gothic home decor Ideas for Home Décor. We assure these are well applicable DIY wall decorating ideas.

Wall painting stencils

Customizing your wall with wall paints is the best wall decorating idea. People spend trillions of pennies to get their wall painted. However, you may follow home improvement tips. Due to which, you can paint your walls most artistically. It was never being tough as it is told.

For this purpose, you need paints, rollers, and a stencil. A stencil is a tool on which the design is already embossed. You just need to toss the design with paint. It is the easiest wall decorating idea for home décor, to make your dream wall.

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Firstly, select a trendy pattern stencil. It is not costly but reusable. After buying it, measure your wall, and select how much space you should leave around every design. It all depends upon your imagination and choice.

Wall painting stencils wall painting

Fold your sleeves and get back to the real chore. Put your stencil on the wall. Use an adhesive tape, so that the stencil remains in place during painting. Take the help of your friend too. Roll down paint in one direction. Put a special eye if the paint gets out of the stencil boundaries. Use a second coat if needed. In just an hour, your designer wall by following some DIY wall decorating ideas would be in front of you.

Mirror art- a one of the DIY wall decorating ideas

Although, mirror art is one of the most common wall décor ideas. However, It still grabs the eye of every person.

The reason goes to the mirror finish which goes perfectly well with ornamentation. Also, the mirror is a versatile material. It is used in decoration + also acts as an important element in the room. None can finish his dressing without having a mirror. Therefore, we will set off designing ours with a mirror.

These days, you may get a lot of mirror wall art ideas. However, let us discuss the peacock style mirror art. It would definitely increase the grace of your walls.

Mirror art- a one of the DIY wall decorating ideas

For this, you need aluminum foils( wrapped like sticks). Make 36 sticks each one a cm small than the previous. Start sticking it on the mirror in ascending order. Glue tear-shaped green and blue beads on stick ends. You may use peacock feathers to polish these DIY wall decorating ideas.

Accent walls Patterns

The next on the list of best wall decorating ideas is the accent wall patterns.

The accent wall is the pivotal point of every room. It does not matter if you use multiple décor items on your wall. It is the accent wall complements all other elements The following So, you have to be very sincere while deciding your accent wall patterns.

Some people think painting a wall or making a wall shimmer, is enough. However, until or unless, you put some effort into your accent wall. You won’t be praised. For that purpose, think first what is the need for your room and walls. Every room should have a different accent wall.

Accent walls Patterns for Home Decor

If it is a study room, your wall may show quotes or painted with sand board paint. So, that it may serve the writing purpose. If it is a bedroom, your accent wall may carry a photo mural of yours.

Following are accent wall DIY decorating ideas. Turn your wall into a pinching board. Pinching boards in different shapes are available in market. Bring one.

These days, world map accent walls are in trend. Create a 3d effect on your wall by pinning down various items. If you are a scholar, pin down your motivation words; if you are a tourist; markdown your visits; or just jot down your desires on the wall. It will let you work hard to follow your dreams. Outline the world map with some popping color paint. You can also use fairy lights to enhance the effect of these DIY wall decorating ideas.

Photo frame Timepiece

In this mechanical era, you would be missing your people a the time if it is not possible to meet them every day; you can put them together on your wall. Let us create a unique photo frame on your wall.

It thus stands out in the list of easy wall decorating ideas for home décor.

Photo frame Timepiece for wall Decorating

It is most memorable to use a collage work rather than two or three photo frames separately. You may have put photo frames on the shelves or created a picture pigeon hole.

However, this is the time to create a photo timepiece out of all your enchanting memories. Simply use 12 small photos either framed or adhered to wooden blocks. Hang them in circular form just like a clock. Put a time dial in the center. Eventually, you will complete another DIY wall decorating idea.

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