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Cairns is a cosy coastal town in Australia, situated in the picturesque corner of the northern part of the Australian state of Queensland. The town’s beaches are obligatory locations to visit for sea and sunshine enthusiasts. Soft sand, sea breeze, crystal-clear water, and unforgettable landscapes promise tourists unforgettable hours of relaxation.

The town has around 159,000 inhabitants, which, by Australian standards, falls within the average population range. The location in the tropical zone determines the weather conditions in Cairns: the rainy season here lasts from December to April, while the rest of the year is dry and sunny. In the northern and southern directions of the town, there is an array of a dozen impressive beaches. To dispel all doubts about choosing the suitable spot for a beach retreat, we have compiled a list of the most deserving places for beach relaxation. 

Palm Cove Beach

The cosy and vibrant Palm Cove Beach stretches just an hour and a half’s drive north of Cairns. Here, the water is beautifully clear — an excellent choice for swimming, sunbathing, leisurely strolls along the shore, and thrilling underwater adventures. Along the beach perimeter, there is a palm-fringed esplanade, frequently frequented by tourists who casually visit the nearby restaurants, bars, cafes, and shops. It is worth noting that this is precisely where exhibitions, performances, and various events occasionally take place. And on the beach itself, one can find company for a game of beach football or volleyball.

Trinity Beach

The next destination is a true haven for relaxation and fun. Just a twenty-minute drive north of Cairns, Trinity Beach attracts both locals and tourists alike. The beach spans approximately 120 metres, and along its entire length, the sand is sandy, uniform, and soft. The beach remains fairly secluded from large crowds — usually, those who seek to escape the hustle of nearby cities come here to be in tranquillity with nature. The bathing season is open from early May to late October, allowing for enjoyable water temperatures of the Coral Sea throughout this period.

Yorkeys Knob Beach

Yorkeys Knob Beach — a secluded haven of harmony, only 15 minutes north of Cairns. This beach is enveloped in an atmosphere of serenity and beauty, making it the perfect place to momentarily lose oneself and relish in the sea waves. Here, one can find a variety of entertainment options: from kayaking, offering a water perspective of the beach, to snorkelling and diving. The infrastructure around the beach is fairly well-developed — the Yorkeys Knob Yacht Club, Half Moon Bay Golf Course, restaurants, cafes, and supermarkets are all open for business.

Kewarra Beach

With views reminiscent of scenes from tourist posters, Kewarra Beach offers the opportunity to forget the rush and once again discover oneself within the embrace of majestic nature. There are no bustling crowds here, but due to the breathtaking coastal landscapes, events like weddings, birthdays, and parties are often held on the shore. For the convenience of tourists, hotels, restaurants, and cafes with delightful cuisine and wonderful sea views are located nearby.

Ellis Beach

Ellis Beach is just thirty minutes north of Cairns. Bordering majestic coastal cliffs, Ellis Beach is a unique blend of serenity and dynamism. The glistening water and gentle waves allow for a peaceful enjoyment of the sea’s calmness. Simultaneously, this is a place to challenge the waves and try one’s hand at surfing. Comfortable water temperatures and impressive landscapes make this location attractive for those seeking excitement and adrenaline.

Esplanade Kerns Lagoon

Despite the fact that this artificial lagoon is not technically a conventional beach, it has become a cosy oasis for local residents and tourists alike. Its location in the heart of Kerns makes it a true gem, framed by street-side restaurants, charming cafes, and all the amenities for a full-fledged relaxation. The seawater here is filtered, so bathing is perfectly safe without the fear of encountering jellyfish and other marine creatures. A great idea for a gathering is to have a barbecue: barbecue pits are provided on the premises. In the evening, you can watch entertaining shows that attract hundreds of spectators.

The beaches of Kerns are captivating and diverse. Under the gentle sun of the Australian coast, every tourist can find a place to their liking. There are plenty of leisure options here: from cosy corners of seclusion and leisurely relaxation to active water-based amusements and lively parties. The impressions will undoubtedly be splendid.

Comfortable Rest on All Beaches of Cairns

Planning a holiday and all its aspects is inherently a sound approach. To make your stay on the beaches of Cairns even more enjoyable and carefree, we present a list of recommendations for a comfortable vacation. By taking note of them, you will be fully prepared for any adventures that come your way.

  1. Choose the right time to visit. Warm summer days are a wonderful time for enjoying water activities and beach games. Autumn brings a more serene atmosphere, perfect for a secluded retreat. The winter months with their mild climate offer opportunities for coastal relaxation without crowds. Depending on your expectations and preferences, choose a comfortable time for yourself.
  2. Identify your preferred beach for leisure. In Cairns, the variety of beaches can satisfy a wide range of needs. Are you fond of active sports? Pay attention to beaches with good winds and waves. If you seek solitude and tranquillity, beaches with cosy coves and soft sand will be excellent choices.
  3. Remember about your essentials. Sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses are your defence against bright rays and scorching sun. A beach towel and a comfortable chair will help you create your own cosy corner for relaxation. Remember to bring chilled drinks and snacks to ensure your beach time remains pleasant and carefree.
  4. Stay active. Take a bike ride along the shoreline, try surfing or swimming, and assemble a friendly volleyball team. Engaging in activities on the beach will add vibrant memories and provide opportunities to meet new people.
  5. Prioritise safety. Even the most stunning beach can pose risks if rules are disregarded. Follow swimming guidelines, pay attention to beach signs and warnings. Do not forget about reflective clothing, especially if you decide to spend evenings on the beach.
  6. Rent a car. Car rental in Cairns is a way to eliminate inconvenience and long waits. With the keys to a car, you gain full freedom of movement between different beaches, the ability to independently explore the surroundings, and enrich your travel experience. Cars in Cairns can be rented on the website of LocalCarRents.

Undoubtedly, creating a comfortable and fulfilling beach holiday in Cairns is within the reach of everyone. Choose your time, your beach, prepare for your journey, and relish the vivid moments in this amazing corner of Australia.

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