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Here you will get to know the complete details of Miah Harbaugh Bio, Age, Net Worth, Career, Family, Full Name, and other details. Miah Harbaugh is the ex-wife of Jim Harbaugh. He is a famous American footballer. He is now a football coach. One of the football teams known as Michigan Wolverines comprises him as a coach. Miah Harbaugh was born in 1972. She is now 51 years old with American nationality. She was born in New Jersey United States.

Miah is most popular because of being the ex-wife of a famous football coach. She is living in Coronado with three kids. She possesses white ethnicity and she was raised in Orlando. Miah Harbaugh is Christian and divorced from Jim Harbaugh whose full name is James Joseph Harbaugh.

Miah Harbaugh Bio, Age, Net Worth, Career, Family, Full Name

Miah Harbaugh Early Life:

She was born in New Jersey in 1972. Her official name before her marriage was Miah Burke. After her marriage to Jim Harbaugh, she became Miah Harbaugh. She was revealed as his wife in 1996 during her early life. Miah was working as a waitress in Orlando hotel in that hotel. She met Jim Harbaugh. She has also worked in various places. Miah Harbaugh had one daughter before marriage to Jim Harbaugh. He was not her official father of her but they both raised her with much love and give her luxurious life.

Miah Harbaugh Physical Appearance:

She is very smart and attractive. She is also tall having a height of 5 feet 7 inches. Her weight is 60 kg and she looks outstanding in her physique. Her shoe size is 7 US. Miah Harbaugh has blonde color hair. Her hairs are so shiny and long. They look very attractive. She also makes many hairstyles that are adored by people. She has brown color eyes which also look very beautiful. Miah Harbaugh, the ex-wife of Jim Harbaugh maintains her physique and physical health. She does to the gym to maintain her weight.

Miah Harbaugh Education Career:

There is no specific qualification of Miah Harbaugh that is disclosed by her. But she holds a degree in paralegal studies from the University of Michigan. According to her degree, it is expected that she has done jobs like a paralegal officer, Court reporter, administrative agent, or transcriptionist. Other details regarding her schooling career or graduation career are not disclosed.

Miah Harbaugh Family and Children:

Miah Harbaugh is the previous wife of Jim Harbaugh. She was a single parent when she met Jim Harbaugh. She already had a 6-month-old son. Miah had a son from another person. But when she met Jim Harbaugh, she was unmarried at that time. Her son considered Jim Harbaugh as his father and they had a very strong and cute relationship between both of them. Her son’s name was Jay Harbaugh. He followed his father’s career to be an American Football coach.

Now he is a coach at the University of Michigan and is coaching the football team of that University. She along with Jim Harbaugh had two kids. They had one daughter and one son. They had a son whose name was James Harbaugh. He was born on 4th September 1996. Now he is 26 years old and is a director in Michigan in the field of Fine Arts. While their daughter’s name was Gray Harbaugh. She was born on 27th June. She is working with the Michigan Water Polo team.

Miah Harbaugh Net Worth:

Miah Harbaugh was a waitress when she met her husband Jim Harbaugh. After their marriage with Jim Harbaugh settled as a housewife, she was just looking after her husband and children. When she got divorced from Jim Harbaugh, Miah Harbaugh started working in various companies by working in different companies.

Today She is earning approximately more than dollar 2 million. While the source of her popularity, her ex-husband Jim Harbaugh has a net worth of about $24 million. They were separated in 2006. But after that, She started working to earn a daily living. Before her separation, she was living a very luxurious life with Jim. But she gets a very small amount of money after her divorce from Jim Harbaugh.

Miah Harbaugh Husband Career Details:

Her ex-husband whose name was Jim Harbaugh was an international football coach. He is now the head of the training department of football for the University of Michigan Wolverines. Jim Harbaugh also played football at the school level at Michigan School. He played at school from 1983 to 1986. Then he also played National Football League from 1987 to 2000.

He played in this league for 14 seasons and has succeeded a lot. He had got much fame because of his outstanding football playing skills. Now Jim Harbaugh is a leading trainer of one football team at the University of Michigan. This group is known as Michigan Wolverines. He is an outstanding football player as well he gives amazing skills and techniques to the players and teaches them amazing tricks to play football and win any match.


Miah Harbaugh is known because of the popularity of her ex-husband. Her ex-husband was Jim Harbaugh. They had one daughter and one son together before that Miah Harbaugh had one son from another person. She does not reveal her net worth as she is not much famous on any social media platform.

But the main reason for living a luxurious life is her ex-husband. She had got some amount of money from her ex-husband. But it is enough to live up modern and tremendous life. He was a football coach and a trainer at the University of Michigan. They both raised their children amazingly with all their efforts. So Miah Harbaugh has got popularity. But is not popular because of her work. This is because she is a housewife and takes care of her children.

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