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Here is the detail of Michelle Goeringer Biography, Age, Net Worth, Profession, and Family background. Michelle Goeringer is the wife of the famous football coach Rex Ryan. She is the wife of Rex Ryan who is the former NFL coach. Nowadays her husband is working as an analyst for ESPN’s “NFL Sunday Countdown”. She is also active on social media like her husband and she is so beautiful also and we all know it very well. Michelle Goeringer and her husband have a total of two sons. The name of their first son is Seth Ryand and the second one is Payton Ryan.

Michelle Goeringer Biography, Age, Net Worth, Profession, Family

Personal Life:

Considering the personal life of Michelle Goeringer, she is around 57 or 58 years old in the year 20-21 and now she is approximately 59 or 60 years old. She is from Clinton located in Oklahoma. She was raised by her parents in that city. Michelle Goeringer possesses a nice personality. She married Rex Ryan in 1987. After that, they give birth to two children. The entire family lives happily and a very comfortable life.

How did they Meet?

If we talk about how Michelle Goeringer met Rex Ryan, all relationships started at the university. She first met Rex Ryan at the University named Southwestern Oklahoma state university. They both use to attend this university. After the completion of their graduation, both of them falls in love with each other in 1987 and become partners at Oklahoma. Approximately in the year 2010, the photos and videos of the couple leaked on the Internet and the media caught the attention widely.

Michelle Goeringer Children:

Michelle Goeringer also known as Michelle Ryan has two sons named Seth Ryan and Payton Ryan. Among these two children, Seth Ryan is a famous footballer while Payton Ryan has kept his life private. Following are the details of both sons of Mitchell Goeringer.

  • Seth Ryan:

Seth Ryan is one of the former American footballer. He is a famous American footballer. He is also famous because of his father who is an amazing and experienced football coach. Seth Ryan has played for Clemson Tigers. He has also played as an assistant wide receiver for the team Detroit Lions. Seth Ryan was born on 26th March 1994. He has a major contribution to tourism and recreation management.

This has been done by Clemson. He is much more professional now in his football career. In the start, he was only known because of his father. But then he made his name in his football career. Now he is known as a formal and professional American football player.

  • Payton Ryan:

Payton Ryan was born on 23rd June 1992. He has been graduated from Summit High School. Payton Ryan is the child who is not much famous as compared to the second child. There is very less information that is disclosed about him. This is because he wants to leave a private life and does not want to come on media. So Payton Ryan has not disclosed his career, goals, and his ambitions in life.

Rex Ryan:

Rex Ryan is a very famous and popular football coach. He holds a nationality of America and his skills in coaching football are just outstanding. He has become the coach of many big football clubs and teams in his football coaching career. Rex Ryan is famous in popular in the whole world as he is a coach of the biggest sports as well. He is very skillful and successful in his football coaching career.

Rex Ryan was previously the head coach of the New York Jets and he was also the former coach of the Buffalo Bills. Both teams are in the national football League which is the biggest League of football. He has also been the coach of other eight NFL teams and college teams. The age of this stunning football coach Rex Ryan is 60 years. He married Michael Georgian in the year 1987.

Net Worth of Michelle Goeringer:

Michelle Goeringer also earns a very high amount of money as her net worth. Her net worth is very high in the amount of money which she earns. She earns a total of 20 million US dollars in net worth. The main source of her net worth is different brand endorsements and she also earns money from different advertisements in which she works. She also and money as her net worth from her husband’s career.

Rex Ryan Net Worth:

The net worth of Rex Ryan is about $20 million. His monthly salary and income is about $4 million. He has earned huge money from his football coaching career. He lives a modern and luxurious life. This is all because of the money he has gathered from his coaching tenure. Rex Ryan is the husband of Michelle Goeringer. They both share their assets and live happily together.


Michelle Goeringer is the wife of Rex Ryan. After her marriage, her name changed to Michelle Ryan. She has two sons. Michelle Ryan is much known because of her husband who is a former football coach. Rex Ryan is a much-followed personality and is a former NFL coach. He is now working as an analyst in an ESPN company. Michelle Goeringer is only famous because of her husband’s successful career. Her children are Seth Ryan and Payton Ryan. Seth is much more famous as compared to Payton Ryan.

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