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Here is the detail of Who is Tyler Hynes Married To – and the Info related to his Current Girlfriend. Tyler Hynes is a very multi-talented and skillful Canadian actor. He is very famous and popular in the whole world because of his fantabulous skills of acting. Tyler Hynes was born in the year 1986 on May 6. He is currently thirty-six years old. He was born in Toronto which is located in Canada. His skills of acting have won the hearts of many people around the whole world and every fan of acting loves to see him on the television screen.

The best thing about Tyler Hynes is that he started his professional acting at the age of just eight. He was just eight years old and was acting professionally. Tyler Hynes has been a very successful man in his acting career. He got his professional start during a 72-performance run of the musical stage production of a Christmas carol as Tiny Tim.

Tyler Hynes played the role of 10-year-old Tommy in a Canadian film when he was just eight years old. This was his first feature film named Little Men. He again appeared in a TV series named Tales from the Never Ending Story which is comprised of 24 episodes. Tyler Hynes was having the role of Atreyu in this series. He again portrayed Peter Benchley in the 24 episodes of The Chosen One. At the Gemini Awards of Canada, at the age of just 15, Tyler Hynes got the fan favorite award. It was his best achievement because he received this award in a very short time of his career.

Who is Tyler Hynes Married To Info related to Current Girlfriend

Who is Tyler Hynes Married To – Girlfriend Detail:

Talking about the marriage of Tyler Hynes, he is not currently married but Tyler Hynes has a girlfriend in the present time named Racquel Natasha Bettencourt. He is currently in a relationship with this girl and is expected to be the spouse of his girlfriend. Tyler Hynes always reveals his personal life on the internet. So everyone knows who will be the wife of Tyler Hynes. He is currently concentrating on his career. He is one of the most famous actors in the whole world so he has to concentrate on his career. But according to various sources, it is confirmed that he will Mary to the same girl who is in his relationship.


Considering the family of Tyler Hynes, he is currently not married. As it is present that he loves to share his personal life on social media. Is currently not married but some news of his relationship is shared on the internet. On Valentine’s Day of the year 2017, he posted a picture with his dog and his girlfriend. The caption was Miss My Girl of Tint post. After that post, everyone started thinking that he is in a relationship with that girl. He is not married but he also shares the pictures of two children with him who are his nieces.

Physical Appearance:

Tyler Hynes is not only famous and popular because of his amazing acting skills but his beautiful charming and attractive personality is also a factor in his popularity and success. His physical appearance and personality are great and everyone loves him. His fans love to see him acting, the main factor is his charming and beautiful personality.

The height of this brilliant Canadian actor is 5 feet 10 inches. The weight of Tyler is a total of 60 kg and his hair color is black. The green eye color with hair color black looks amazing on his face with the slim figure. His shoe size and the other sizes are not revealed till now.

Tyler Hynes Career Details:

Tyler Hynes is the most successful actor in Canada. He appeared in his debut TV series in the year 1997. The series was named Lassie. This series is also very popular. He started his professional acting when he was just 8 years old. The first starred movie of Tyler Hynes is The Little Men movie.


Tyler Hynes is not only famous on the television screen because of his acting profession. But he is also very famous and popular on different social media platforms. He is very active on the social media platforms. The social media platform on which he is most active is Instagram. Tyler is very active on his Instagram account and loves to post his pictures on his Instagram account.

He posts a lot on his Instagram account and his fan who followed him on the television also follows him on his Instagram account and loves to see him and see his pictures on his Instagram account. Near a lot of followers which are 131k. These are a lot of followers. He has posted a total of 966 posts till now on his Instagram account and all of them are his pictures.


Tyler Hynes is also active on his Twitter account. He is also active on his Twitter account but if we compare it to his activeness on the Instagram account, he is not so much active. The followers are also fewer than the followers he has on his Instagram account. He also posts on his Twitter account but these posts are some news or about his acting. He has a total of 25.7k followers on his Twitter account. His Twitter account is also very famous like his Instagram account but the followers are less than his Instagram account.

Tyler Hynes Net Worth:

Tyler Hynes has also a very high amount of net worth. He earns a lot of money as his net worth as he is a very big Canadian actor. He makes his net worth with his hard work and amazing efforts and now he lives a very luxurious life with a net worth of 10 million US dollars. These 10 million US dollars are net worth of him as of 2023. He earns this money from various sources like different endorsements and different advertisements in which he works. But a huge amount of his income comes from his professional career which is acting.


Considering the marriage details of Tyler Hynes, he is not married yet. He is in a relationship and will soon marry that girl. Her girlfriend’s name is Raquel Natasha Bettencourt. They both are happy together. Tyler Hynes is a very famous actor from Canada. He earns a good income from his acting career.

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