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Here is the detail of Herschel Walker Net Worth, Age, Career, Earning Sources, and Assets. Herschel Walker is a professional footballer. He was born in Georgia on 3rd March 1962. His full name is Herschel Junior Walker. He plays football for the American national team. Herschel Walker has got much fame because of his football career. His father’s name is Alice Walker while his mother’s name is Christine Walker. Herschel Walker started his football career at his school. He has also received many awards at the school level in football because of his outstanding performance.

He belongs to Johnson County High School. When he was admitted to the University of OB Georgia, he played football there also and won many trophies. As a junior, he won the Heisman trophy. Herschel Walker is one of the known richest athletes. He also has much interest in politics. He has been earning a good amount of income from his football career from 1983 to 1997. In 1997, he retired from his football career.

Herschel Walker Net Worth, Age, Career, Earning Sources, Assets

Herschel Walker Net Worth:

The net worth of Herschel Walker is approximately 73 million US dollars. He has earned this good amount of income from his football career. He is an experienced American footballer who earns money from different sources. His hard work and determination have led him to success. He also earns a good amount as his monthly income and salary. Through his continuous efforts and consistent performance, he earns 1 million dollars as his monthly income. Herschel Walker has been playing football since his childhood.

Herschel Walker Earnings:

His assets are total of dollar 58 million. Herschel Walker has also made many investments worth dollar 15 Million. He has a business income of dollar 3 million. So he is a well-reputed and good-earning footballer. His earning increases only because of his increased fan following and also because of his hard work.

Herschel Walker House:

Herschel Walker possesses a very luxurious and beautiful property. The worth of his house is 11 million dollars. This is a 10,500 square feet house. It is in Georgia. Herschel Walker lives currently in this house a very luxurious life. He earns enough money so he had spent 1 million dollars on the repair and renovation of this house. It is filled with amazing amenities and modern architecture.

Herschel Walker Assets:

Herschel Walker has many assets that he has brought from his wealth. He possesses 12 very expensive properties. He also has 8 cars which are of the latest model and design. Herschel has a craze for car collections. Herschel Walker also bought 3 yachts. They are very luxurious and big. He also owns many investment stocks. These stocks are worth 16 million dollars. Following are some stocks:

  • Comcast
  • Microsoft
  • ExxonMobil
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • General Electric

Herschel Walker Career Information:

Herschel Walker is one of the immersive football players. He first played football at his school which was in Georgia. After that, he played at the college level at the University of Georgia. He won the Heisman trophy as a junior. Then Herschel Walker started his new journey by taking football as his professional career. Then he join the United States, football league. After that, he pursued the joining National Football League.

He played many winning football matches in the National Football League. He has also participated in the Winter Olympics in the United States in 1992. Herschel Walker has also launched a political campaign in 2022. This political campaign was of the election in Georgia. Herschel Walker was able to win the Republican nomination with 68% of the votes. He is an outstanding person comprising different income sources.

Herschel Walker Awards and Achievements:

He is a very experienced football player. Because of his outstanding football skills, he has received many awards.

  • Herschel Walker has received the Heisman Trophy and Maxwell Award in 1982. These awards were given to him at the University of Georgia.
  • Then in 1982 again, he was awarded United Press International College football player award.
  • He was also the national champion in 1980.
  • These are outstanding achievements that are gained by Herschel Walker in a very less time. Due to his high and consistent performance, he is much praised by his fan. His fan following has also increased very much after his exceptional efforts in all the football matches.

Herschel Walker Marriage Details:

Herschel Walker has two wives. He was first married to Cindy DeAngelis Grossman. They were married in 1983. They had a son whose name was Christian. And They had 20 years relationship. But then due to some issues, the relation was ended in divorce.

Then Herschel Walker married a second time with Julie Blanchard. Julie Blanchard has not revealed much about herself on social media. This is because he wants to keep her life private. They have four children comprising three sons and one daughter.

Herschel Walker Instagram Followers:

There are a total of 93.7k followers of Herschel Walker on his Instagram profile. A total of 966 followers are possessed by Herschel Walker’s Instagram account. There are 30 posts about himself and different football leagues. He is a much-known footballer. He has been known for his outstanding football playing skills because of his fan following.

Herschel Walker is much in demand. He has a great number of followers which helps him in earning money from his social media profiles. He is very close to 1 million followers. His huge fan base is increasing continuously. Football fans are much admired and praise him for his efforts.


Herschel Walker has made his name only through football. His primary income source is also playing football. He plays in different national and international leagues and gets money for it. Herschel Walker is also a demanded player by different teams in different football leagues. He has a net worth of approximately $73  million. His fans are much inspired by his football playing skills and techniques.

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