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Woo Lotti is a well-known singer, rapper, and lyricist. He belongs to the Nebraska, one of the states of America. He made his big name in the field of music despite his young age. Along with that, his video went viral on tik tok killed by the members of the gang OG. In this blog, we will be talking about the death controversy of Woo Lotti.

Death Controversy of Woo Lotti Who is the Murderer

Who is the murderer of Woo Lotti?

Woo Lotti’s name became the talk of the town and gained the highlight after his tragic death. Many agencies tried to find out the murderer but were unable to solve the death mystery. There are still many questions unsolved regarding the death of Woo Lotti.

After the deadly incident, everyone was left shocked because of the cruel act of the murders. In this article, we have discussed some of the important points related to the death of Woo Lotti.

Woo Lotti Early Life:

There is very little information about the early life of Woo Lotti because of the very short life he lived. His real name was Glen Cole. He was one of the members of the YG group. This group consists of rappers. The group also had a good number of followers on different musical apps like Spotify.

Woo Lotti’s talent was recognized by his fans in good time and his popularity as an artist grew fast. The unmatched flow and melody in his music attracted other artists and fans. Woo Lotti started to gain attention and praise as a local rap artist rapidly.

He was one of the most well-known artists in the music industry. He was a well-known rapper. His number of followers and listeners began to increase the moment he stepped into the music industry. He possessed a new and radical energy within him. As he grew he made his position in the music industry grow well too and within a short span, he began to collect more attention from all around the globe. He attended concerts after with he became the core of attention at a young age. The security of his future is already confirmed because of his charm and beguile. He died in April 2020 in a tragic incident.

Woo Lotti Legacy:

This young talent lived a very short life and died in April 2020. He was a well-known rapper with immense talent and a bright future. He was murdered very harshly by the other rapper gang. The members belong to the OG gang. He was killed and murdered by them in the daylight in the streets. This incident has made the fans astonished and shocked. The incident leads to the devastation of the rapper and music industry.

Woo Lotti was a member of the YG and the members of the OG killed him. There was a tussle between these groups. This dispute and argument lead to the death of the young talent. The incident happened in New York City.

The news left the fans and people in shock. The whole industry got disturbed and devastated by the tragic death of Woo Lotti.

But after his death, his music legacy continued by the fans and followers. The fans and followers continue to listen to his music and still enjoy it. People around the world remember his efforts and the hard works he has done for the industry.

You will be happy to know that the world has acknowledged his talent by continuing his legacy. They are unable to forget him and his efforts for the music industry. The only way to keep him alive in the hearts of the people is to keep listening and spreading his music across the world.

Viral Video:

A video related to Woo Lotti went viral on Tik Tok and other social media apps. He was brutally killed by the members of the OG gang. He was murdered in the daylight of April 2020.

This incident made the fans and family shocked and disturbed. After the case of his murder was reopened and investigated when the video went viral on the different social media accounts

In that video, it was seen that he was murdered and stabbed heartlessly in the streets of New York. After seeing the video the fans and industry left them with the shock.

The fans after seeing the video made went viral on different social media apps like tik tok and Instagram. The news and video spread like fire and became the topic of the town. The news was the headlines of the different channels for many days.

Many pages deleted the video due to the privacy issues of the rapper’s family, but you can find the video on different YouTube channels. The source of the news is still veiled that had leaked the video. There is still doubt whether the video belongs to the rapper or not.

Murderer of the Rapper:

Woo Lotti’s name came into the limelight after his terrible death. After his death, many agencies try to find out the murderer of Woo Lotti but were unable to solve the death mystery. There are too Lotti’s fans have shared the video on various social media platforms, which has led to it making headlines for several days.


The police department initiated an investigation but could not conclude anything due to which no arrest has been made. Everyone including family x friends and colleagues was investigated but all in vain. Different opinions have emerged due to the mystery but no confirmation has been given till this day.


If you want to know about the death incidence of Woo Lotti read this article for the information related to that. We have discussed the early life of  Woo Lotti, about his profession. Moreover, we have discussed a viral video related to his death mystery. Along with that we have discussed the murderer and the viral video on the social media apps like tik tok and Instagram.

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