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Here is the detail of Who Plays Chrissy in Stranger Things? Her Name, Age, and Net Worth. The character of Chrissy in the Stranger Things is played by Grace Van Dien. She is a Dutch American and is a very well-known actress. She has also done many popular shows and series before stranger things. Grace Van Dien has been known for her role in the Netflix series Greenhouse Academy. There she played the role of Brook Osmond.

After that, she played the role of Chrissy in Stranger Things which gain her more popularity. Grace Van Dien started her career as an actress when she was 9 years old. The first time she appeared in a show named I married a princess. She has played the role of Chrissy very amazingly in the stranger things. This series also got much fame after her outstanding performance.

Who Plays Chrissy in Stranger Things Her Name, Age, Net Worth

Who Plays Chrissy in Stranger Things?

An actress and director Grace Van Dien played the role of Chrissy. Her character is amazing. She is 25 years old lady who has been a native of Los Angeles. Grace Van Dien is a daughter of a famous actor known as Casper Van Dien. She has been playing roles in various shows before. Before stranger things, Grace Van Dien also played the role of Katy Campbell.

This role was played by her in a series known as The Village. She also played the role of brook Osmond in the greenhouse Academy series. She has got much reputation in a very less time. Also, her followers keep on increasing day by day because of her outstanding performance as an actor and director.

Chrissy Cunningham Age in Stranger Things:

In this series stranger things, she is approximately 17 or 18 years old. This is because she was a senior when she was studying at Hawkins High School. She played a great role which was very influential for her fans. They adore her much and praise her because of her performance.

Grace Van Dien Early Life:

She is 26 years old right now and has played many television shows. Her first role was played by her in 2010. Grace Van Dien is an American actress. She is also an amazing streamer. She has a lot of followers. Grace Van Dien belongs to a rich family. Also, she is one of the richest celebrities in America.

Grace Van Dien Instagram Followers:

There are many followers of Grace Van Dien. She has gained a huge following because of her amazing acting skills. She has a total of 1.5 million followers on her Instagram account. A total of 93 posts have been done by her till now since she made her Instagram account. There are a total of 1096 followers on this account. You can see different photos of Grace Van Dien and also about her career shows and series on her Instagram profile.

Grace Van Dien Net Worth:

As gathered by different reports, the net worth of Grace Van Dien is Dollar 10 million. She has earned this amount of money from different sources. The sources of income include Netflix series, TV shows and serials, and other related seasons. Grace Van Dien has done a lot of TV shows from which she has earned a great amount of money. From stranger things, while playing the role of Chrissy, she had a good income. Also from her other shows like sleeping beauty, greenhouse Academy and the village series, she earns a handsome amount of salary.

These all earnings add to her net worth. Also, the number of followers she has on her social media profiles is high which helps her in gaining a good income from the social media profiles. She has played the role of Chrissy in Stranger Things which got much popularity due to a huge fan following. For this Stranger Things series, her net worth increased as compared to the previous years.

Net Worth Trend of Grace Van Dien:

  • Considering her net worth in 2018, was 5 million dollars. This is because she was not working properly in her acting or directing career at that time.
  • Then after 1 year in 2019, Grace Van Dien earn an income of dollar 6 million as her net worth.
  • It was then increased in 2020 to dollar 7 million. She started working for various TV shows and series which help her in gaining a good salary from those shows.
  • After that in 2021, the net worth of Grace Van Dien became dollar 8 million. It was sufficient for her to meet both ends meet and also to live a rich and luxurious life.
  • Then in 2022, Grace Van Dien’s net worth was about dollar 9 million.
  • Now in 2023, it is expected to be around dollar 10 million. This is a very good amount of income that is earned by any American celebrity. She has also done many brand endorsements. She is the ambassador of many brands through which she gets a good amount of money.

In What Episode of Stranger Things did Chrissy Die?

Chrissy Cunningham in Stranger Things died in 1 episode of stranger things. It happened during a drug deal. This deal was with Eddie. At the end of chapter 1, she died in the premiere episode. Chapter one was about the hellfire club. She died in the season 4 first episode. Vecnev was the main cause of her death. But during a drug deal, she was murdered. So Eddie was being responsible in the people’s eyes. But Eddie was the main reason for the death of Chrissy Cunningham.


The role of Chrissy is played by Grace Van Dien. She is a very experienced actress in America. Right now she is earning $10 million as her net worth. She has an immense fan following on her social media platforms. Grace Van Dien earns a good amount of salary from her different TV shows also. She is much admired by her fans. Her acting skills are much loved and appreciated.

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