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Many people are looking for what was the original use of a Chainsaw. The answer is very interesting it was not invented to cut wood or any other thing. The real purpose of the first Chainsaw was to assist in childbirth. Initially, the procedure of childbirth was performed with the help of a knife which was very painful and disturbing. To make the process easier and less time consuming two doctors invented a Chainsaw in 1780. The original Chainsaw was powered by a hand Crank.

Nowadays cesarean sections are adopted but in the past, if the baby was too large to pass from the birth canal, the doctors used to remove parts of the pelvis. Cesarean Section is the invention of today’s time but in the past doctor had to remove the parts of bone and cartridge because sometimes the babies could not find enough space and they would get stuck in the pelvis.

What was the original use of a Chainsaw? Who & When Was Invented?

Before the invention of the Chainsaw:

Before the invention of the Chainsaw, a small knife was used to assist in the process of childbirth without Anesthesia which was obviously a painful and messy task. When we think of a Chainsaw, a scary image comes to mind, but it did not look that much scary and it just looked like a medical tool. After the discovery of the Chainsaw, doctors started using it in bone cutting operations and amputations in the surgical room. So this is the answer to what was the original use of a Chainsaw.

After seeing its success in surgical procedures, people started using it for woodcutting purposes. With time the size of the chainsaw increased and now it looks like a powerful monster. The use of chainsaws as a surgical tool can be seen in even today’s world. In many third world countries where there is a shortage of surgical instruments, the chainsaw is used as a surgical tool and a tool to assist in the childbirth process. So it seems very unbelievable to know that Chainsaw was originally invented to perform surgery on women’s shudder.

Who invented the Chainsaw:

In order to make the childbirth process easier, two doctors named John Aitkin and James Jeffrey invented the Chainsaw. With this invention, the removal of pelvic bone became easier. As a lot of people are searching for who invented Chainsaw, we are here to tell you the details of its inventors. Jeffrey was a professor of Botany and anatomy at Glasgow University.

In 1806 he published some research papers in which he discussed the invention of the Chainsaw. Another project was started by a German Orthopedic surgeon to invent a Chainsaw that is more easily usable. He was an orthopaedic surgeon and used it for cutting bones. As time passed people started exploring more things, where chainsaws can be used. Gradually people started using it for cutting Woods and for other Forestry works.

When was the Chainsaw invented:

In the 1780s, in a bid to make the removal of the pelvic bone easier and less time-consuming two doctors named John Aitkin and James Jaffrey invented the chainsaw. The first type of chainsaw is commonly known as Osteotome and was invented in 1830. Originally it was invented to assist in medical procedures. The use of chainsaws in woodcutting and other forestry works started in 1920. If we look back into history to know what was the original use of a Chainsaw. We will get to know a very interesting fact. A German physician and Bone Specialist invented Chainsaw as a medical tool in 1830 and it was named Osteotome.

The old Chainsaw had a long blade that guided a chain with sharp teeth. The use of osteotome was comparatively easier than knife and chisel. With the invention of the osteotome or Chainsaw, the process of topographies and other surgeries became quite easier. Many people want to know when was the Chainsaw invented. So we will also tell you the various editions of Chainsaw that came time by time in the past.


In 1861, Hamilton Saw was invented which was used by two men and looked like the huge spinning wheel. The first portable chainsaw was invented in 1918 by James Shand. But it failed due to its huge size and impracticability. Then in 1920 mobile chainsaws were invented by German mechanical engineer Andreas. This was the first electrical chain saw. After 3 years, a gas-powered chainsaw was invented.

After World War 2 a lot of improvement was seen in the manufacturing and use of Chainsaw. The use of aluminium and the engine made the chainsaws lightweight and easily usable by a single person. One problem in the use of a chain saw was its vibration, so, in 1964 an anti-vibration system was introduced to make chainsaw vibration-free.

Why were chainsaws invented for childbirth:

Chainsaw was invented to assist in the surgical procedures especially childbirth because before cesarean sections the procedure was performed with the help of a small knife which was quite Messy and painful. The invention of the Chainsaw made the surgical process easier. The old methods of childbirth were time-consuming and difficult to operate. On the other hand with the help of chainsaws, the process can be completed earlier. After its success in childbirth procedures, doctors started to use it in bone cutting and other surgical procedures. A German physician named Bernhard invented a medical tool called osteotomy in 1830.

When people used the chainsaw for woodcutting:

As we have already told you what was the original use of a Chainsaw. Now we will tell when people used a chain saw for wood cutting. If you look at the image of a wood cutting Chainsaw, you will know that it is quite bigger in size than the chainsaw used for medical purposes. The first wood cutting Chainsaw was invented by Andreas, who was the founder of Chainsaw Company. The first wood cutting chainsaw was electrical and many people do not know about this fact. It was brought to market in 1926, and its weight was 105 lbs. Two people have required to use this chainsaw.

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