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Are you waiting for Schitt’s Creek season 7? We are here to let you know about all the details of Schitt’s Creek season 7. It is a Canadian television series. This series was developed by Den Levy and Eugene Levy on 13th January 2015. The drama series was aired in Canada on the CBC network and for the United States audience, it was broadcasted on Pop TV. The drama narrates the story of a Rose family who due to its economic downfall has to shift to a small town and say goodbye to the luxurious life.

This is the story of Johnny and Moir Rose who along with their children Alexis and David have shifted to a small house and spending an ordinary life. Although in the initial two seasons the show was just an average once the third season was launched on Netflix, a huge surge was observed in its viewership.

Soon it became one of the biggest hits in Canada, the success of this Drama is not limited to just its viewership. In fact, it has got honoured with numerous awards like the ACTRA award and Canadian Screen Awards. The drama also succeeded in putting its name on the list of seven comedy awards in the 72nd primetime Emmy awards. The show has successfully completed 6 seasons and now the fans are waiting for its 7th season.

Schitt’s Creek Season 7 Release Date, Cast Name, Total Episodes

What is the release date of Schitt’s Creek Season 7:

Many people have questions in mind what is the release date of Schitt’s Creek season 7. In this article, we will tell you about the release date of Schitt’s Creek season 7. Although no release date of Schitt’s Creek season 7 has been released yet. But we expect that it will be revealed very soon and we will update you immediately. The sixth season of Schitt’s Creek had 14 episodes and we will also tell the names of these 14 episodes in this article. The sixth season of this drama was aired on 7th January 2020 on CBC in Canada and it was concluded on 7th April 2020.

The cast of Schitt’s Creek Season 7:

Although there is no news about the cast of Schitt’s Creek season 7, we expect that the cast will be the same as it was in the sixth season. Following is the list of characters in the Schitt’s Creek series along with their real names.

  • Eugene Levy played the role of Johnny Rose.
  • Catherine O’Hara as Moira Rose.
  • Dan Levy delivered his role of David Rose.
  • Annie Murphy presented her role as Alexis Rose.
  • Jennifer Robertson displayed the character of Jocelyn Schitt.
  • Tim Rozon portrayed the character of Mutt Schitt.
  • Emily Hampshire played her role as Stevie Budd.
  • Chris Elliott delivered his role of Roland Schitt.
  • Sarah Levy as Twyla Sands.
  • John Hemphill presented the character of Robert Bob Currie.
  • Karen Robinson Lee played her role as Veronica Ronnie.
  • Mullens Dustin Milligan displayed the character of Theodore Ted.
  • Noah Reid portrayed the character of Patrick Brewer.

How many episodes in Schitt’s Creek season 7:

Currently, there is no news about the number of episodes in Schitt’s Creek season 7. But based on the number of episodes in Schitt’s Creek season 6, we can expect that there will be almost 15 episodes. In Schitt’s Creek season 6 there were 14 episodes and the name of each episode is given below:

  • Name of Episode 1: Smoke Signals
  • Name of Episode 2: The Incident
  • Name of Episode 3: The Job Interview
  • Name of Episode 4: Maid of Honour
  • Name of Episode 5: The Premiere
  • Name of Episode 6: The Wingman
  • Name of Episode 7: Moira Rosé
  • Name of Episode 8: The Presidential Suite
  • Name of Episode 9: Rebound
  • Name of Episode 10: Sunrise, Sunset
  • Name of Episode 11: The Bachelor Party
  • Name of Episode 12: The Pitch
  • Name of Episode 13: Start Spreading the News
  • Name of Episode 14: Happy Ending.

Is Schitt’s Creek Season 7 Cancelled:

A lot of people have questions in their minds that Is Schitt’s Creek season 7 cancelled. As we all know that Schitt’s Creek is a very popular show. Currently, there is no official word on whether the Schitt’s Creek season 7 will come or not. Some sources claim that the story of the series has been completely wound up and all the material of the series has ended. So there is no chance Schitt’s Creek season 7. But we will recommend that until any authentic news comes from the series’ producers; you should not lose hope. The cast of the Schitt’s Creek series is ready to make its renewal and is waiting for the call from makers. So the news of its season 7 can come anytime soon.

The plot of Schitt’s Creek Season 7:

It is difficult to predict what will be the plot of Schitt’s Creek season 7. But we can definitely tell you about the plot of Schitt’s Creek season 6. In the sixth season, the Roses achieved success in their careers. As long as the decision to stay or leave the town is concerned, the Roses felt deep sorrow because their lives were deeply connected with the town’s people. And when the time to say goodbye came, scenes of their separation were very emotional. Moreover David Rose prepared to marry his fiancé, Patrick Brewer, while his sister Alexis Rose established herself as the town’s burgeoning publicist. There is a lot more to discuss in the sixth season, but we will recommend you to watch it by yourself as it is available on Netflix.

Schitt’s Creek Season 7 Trailer:

Currently, there is no possibility of the trailer of Schitt’s Creek season 7. Some sources claim that the trailer of Schitt’s Creek season 7 will be released soon, while some sources claim that this series has finished and there will be no more seasons of the series. So if you want to refresh your old memories, we recommend you watch the first six seasons of Schitt’s Creek.  Secondly, if any news of the trailer of Schitt’s Creek season 7 arrives, we will be the first to update you.

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