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Streamtowatch is a very famous sports streaming website and it needs no introduction. If you are a previous user of Streamtowatch, you would probably have enjoyed all the facilities that it offers. But if you are a new user unfortunately you cannot use it without a proxy, because this official website is no longer active. Although there are a lot of alternatives to streamtowatch, not a single website matches the level of streamtowatch. We will also tell about the different alternatives of stream2watch in this article.

In streamtowatch you can watch almost every kind of sport and all the tournaments of your choice. This website features the sports of all the countries like the USA, Canada, Australia, the UK, and Europe. Streamtowatch offers 24/7 services of Sports live stream. You can get the dose of your favourite sports on streamtowatch anytime. People usually question about the legality of streamtowatch, so here we show you that it is completely legal and you need not be worried about it.

Streamtowatch - Stream2watch Alternatives & Live Sports Streaming

Which sports we can watch on Streamtowatch:

Stream2watch was established with the goal of providing the opportunity for sports lovers to watch any sports of their choice. You can find a wide variety of sports on stream2watch. There is also a facility on the website to check Live Sports matches and it is important to know which sports are supported by the website. Many people ask which sports we can watch on stream2watch. In this article we will present you the list of sports which streamtowatch supports:

  • Baseball
  • Boxing
  • Golf
  • Motorsports
  • Rugby
  • Hockey
  • Tennis
  • Wrestling
  • Basketball
  • Soccer and many more.

What are the Alternatives of Streamtowatch:

Sometimes you are unable to find the sports of your choice on stream2watch. In this case, people start asking what are the alternatives of streamtowatch, so in this article, we will tell you some of the best alternatives to streamtowatch so that not a single sports game of your choice is ever missed.


The most efficient alternative to streamtowatch is Sports365. It is a famous website that allows its user to stream the sports of their choice in the most efficient manner. It features almost all the major sports like football, cricket, hockey, baseball, and even WWE. This website also comes with a very flexible user interface which means that you can easily find your channel in very less time. The most important feature of this website is that there is no need to log in to initiate the services. It also comes with an enhanced chat option.


Sport P2P is ranked number 2 in the list of alternatives of streamtowatch. It does not work as an independent platform and it uses various protocols to transmit channels. Hence, you can enjoy live streaming of any League which is telecasted anywhere in the world. The benefits of the Sports P2P website are that it offers high quality and it appears about an hour before the actual schedule.


As from the name Cricfree, many people assume that this channel is associated with only cricket. But it is not true. This platform consists of 12 different categories which allow us to use the streaming services conveniently at any time. It also offers a chat section to its viewers to engage them in a healthy discussion. The best thing that this website offers is the downloading option which is a great plus for all sports lovers

VIP Box:

This is a platform which is specially designed for sports lovers. People usually search for what are the alternatives to streamtowatch, so VIP Box is the one. On this platform, you can watch all the football matches including Premier League and La Liga. It is also home to Series A, Bundes Liga, Europe League, Champions League, Liga 1 and League 1. VIP Box facilitates its users to watch all the thrilling events without any interruption. It also features live score displays of all the ongoing events.


It is another alternative to Streamtowatch. It features live TV shows, sports channels, radio transmissions and much more. Like all the other alternatives it offers all the sports leagues and events like Football, Tennis, Baseball, Basketball, Hockey, Moto GP, and others. An exceptional feature of Wizwig is its radio transmission featuring facility which offers live radio transmission to its users. It is very easy to use and also provides chatting facilities during streaming to enhance connectivity. It is also available in mobile apps for the convenience of its users.

Is Streamtowatch a secure platform?

Many people are confused and ask is Streamtowatch a secure platform? So, yes it is a safe and secure platform for live sports streaming. Although we recommend that you not allow kids to operate this platform, there is no big issue for its users. If you do not like ads and want to avoid unnecessary ads, you can block them by using a billboard blocker. You can also download VPN for this purpose.

Is Streamtowatch a free Website:

Most websites charge fees from their users for providing facilities. Therefore, people were curious to know whether streamtowatch a free website. So, here we will tell you the answer. Yes, Streamtowatch is a free website and you can use it without attaching any credit source. It is absolutely free and you can enjoy all the sports like Rugby, Football, Cricket, Basketball, Tennis, and Hockey. Streamtowatch is currently running on

Which Channels does Streamtowatch support:

There are a lot of channels and here we will tell you which channels does streamtowatch support. Streamtowatch provides services from all the well-known channels from all around the world like CNN, ESPN, FOX, Eurosport etc. Some other channels include CW, NBC, TNT, USTV, UKTV, Golf Channel, CBS, and NBCSN. So, interestingly Streamtowatch is an amazing website which facilitates you in watching the sports of your choice in a very convenient and free of cost manner anywhere in the world.

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