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DMX Net Worth: Earl Simmons is the real name of DMX. DMX is his stage name. The abbreviation for DMX is Dark Man X.DMX was a famous American singer, rapper, songwriter, film producer, and a very talented actor. He was born in the U.S on 18th December 1970. He died at the age of 50 years on 9 April 2021 in New York, U.S. His cause of death is a cocaine-induced heart attack. He had a very well-established career. His net worth was $1 million.

DMX Family Background:

Earl Simmons came to the planet on December 18, 1970, on the home ground of Mount Vernon, New York, U.S. His mother’s name was Arnett Simmons and his father’s name was Joe Barker. His parents got married in their teens. Joe was 18 years old while Simmons was 19 years old only when they got married. Earl’s father was a painter in his early life. He used to make different paintings of his street. With the help of watercolors, he used to draw different street scenes. Then, he used to sell those paintings at the local fairs. Lately, He moved to Philadelphia and settled there.

DMX Siblings:

Earl was the second child. He had an elder sister named Bonita who was two years elder than her. He also had one younger sister, named Shayla and also two younger brothers.


DMX Early Life:

In his early childhood, Simmons suffered from a disease known as bronchial asthma. Due to asthma, one night he was not able to breathe well due to which he was taken to the emergency in the night. Simmons had a very disturbing childhood as his mother used to beat him various times .and not only her mother but also her mother’s boyfriends also used to beat him so he was very disturbed during all this period.

Once, he also lost his teeth after being beaten by one of her mother’s boyfriends and also got many injuries, bruises, and cuts on his face. Simmons had gone through a lot in his childhood not only due to his disturbing relationship with his parents but also due to poverty. He used to sleep on the floor at night and mice used to crawl his floor and also on him while he was sleeping. He went through a disjointed childhood due to all these reasons

When Earl got five years old, he along with his family moved to Yonkers, New York. When he was six years old, he took her mother’s notebook, childishly removed something from it. When her mother saw that, she got so much angry and beat him so harshly that his two teeth broke down. His mental health got so much destroyed that he used to throw chairs at her teachers and abused her fellows. He was also caught drunk many times and was jailed for doing illegal things like robbery, stealing, abusing. He was expelled from school after the fifth class and was sent to the Julia Dyckman Andrus Children’s Home for 18 months.

DMX Musical Career:

  • 1991–1996: Career Beginnings:

Earl started his music career at age of 14 after he beatboxed for Ready Ron in 1984. He started writing his lyrics and started performing at the local recreation center for younger children. In 1988, when he was in prison due to carjacking, he dedicated almost all the time to writing lyrics. He met K-Solo and did rapping sessions with him. After being released from the prison, he produced and sold his mixtapes where he rapped over instrumentals from other songs and sold them on street corners, which helped him build a local fan base all over New York.

One of the famous magazines appreciated DMX for his Unsigned Hype column that highlighted many hip-hop artists in 1991. In 1992, Columbia Records signed Earl for their subsidiary label Ruffhouse Records. And he made his first debut hip hop single “Born Loser”.After that, He released his second single, “Make a Move” in 1994. He was also invited on the debut album “ Time to Build” by Mic Geronimo as a guest appearance alongside Jay-Z, Ja Rule, and Mic Geronimo.

dmx rapper

  • 1996–2000: Contract with Def Jam and other success:

DMX recorded many tracks for his debut album. Not only this, he gave his guest appearances on different platforms Mase’s singles “24 Hrs. to Live” and “Take What’s Yours”. In 1998, he recorded his debut major-label single, “Get at Me Dog”, on Def Jam Recordings. He also won the RIAA certification of gold on his debut. He released his first major-label album, It’s Dark and Hell Is Hot, which included the single “Ruff Ryders Anthem”. This anthem was the biggest famous landmark for him.

People started calling him “ Ruff Ryders”. Five million copies were sold all over the U.S and became number one on the Billboard. He released his second album, Flesh of My Flesh, Blood of My Blood in December 1988. It was a major hit and went multi-platinum and also wamone on the Billboard 200. Then, the very next year, He recorded and released his third and most selling album “And Then There Was X” in December.

Like his previous albums, this was also at number one on the Billboard 200.” Party Up (Up in Here)”, his most famous single stood in his first Top Ten hit on the R&B chart. He got nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Rap Solo Performance at the Grammy Awards. In 2001, His album was certified six-times multi-Platinum and got selected for Best Rap Album at the Grammy Awards.DMX did a cameo appearance in the Sum 41 music video for “Makes No Difference”.

dmx career

DMX Net Worth:

DMX was a very good American singer but due to his various financial and legal problems, he had a net worth of negative $1 million at the time of his death Simon was involved in any illegal activities.
In the last days of his life, he was caught many times doing many illegal activities he was also found in bankruptcy listing just $50,000 in assets and between $1 million and $10 million worth of liabilities. He was also caught in a fraud tax case and was charged with 14 counts and was also punished with a 1-year jail sentence and in debt to the tune of $2.3 million.

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