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In this article we will tell you about Verizon router yellow light, its reasons, solutions, and much more. So, keep reading this article to get in depth knowledge about Verizon router yellow light. Yellow light on the Verizon router is a matter of disturbance for all as it is a sign of no internet connection. Internet in today’s world has got so much importance that a slight disruption in its availability results in discomfort and irritation.

There can be many reasons for the display of this yellow light on the Verizon router and there are many solutions to fix this problem. Each solution is according to the type of problem with the router. Some major solutions include restarting the router, resetting the router, unplugging the cables, disconnecting the battery, and many more.

Reasons of Verizon Router Yellow Light How Can Fix We it

What are reasons of Verizon Router Yellow Light?

A yellow light on the Verizon router shows that there is something to be worried about. It is a sign of connection issue and there can be many reasons for this yellow light. Some of the reasons are listed below:

  • A stable yellow light depicts that the router is not successfully connected to the internet.
  • If the yellow light is blinking it indicates that the strength of the connection between your router and an extender is somehow weak and needs attention.

What should be light color of Verizon router?

There are different colors like green, blue, red, yellow, and blinking colors which depict different status of the Verizon router. Some colors show that the working of router is normal while some present that the router is not functioning properly or there is some connection issue. A white light of the Verizon router shows that the Verizon router is working absolutely normal. A blue light if stable means that the router is ready to pair with a device.

On the other hand if the blue light is blinking it means that the router has successfully paired with a device. A green light is also a normal sign as it depicts that the connection is ready but currently there is no flow of traffic. A blinking green light show that the connection is ready and the traffic is flowing. Any other light apart from above mentioned lights is a sign of problem of router or connection problem.

How can we fix Verizon router yellow light?

If your Verizon router is showing yellow light then it needs attention as it is a sign of no internet connectivity. It can be solved using many techniques and some of them are listed below:

Reboot your router

The first step that can be tried to fix the issue of yellow light is rebooting the router. If you are satisfied with the connections and cables of the router the try rebooting as it will surely help you out in this problem.

How to reboot your Verizon router:

To reboot your Verizon router try the following steps:

  1. First of all turn your router off. If your router has a backup up battery ensure disconnecting it.
  2. Now you have to wait for at least 30 seconds.
  3. After waiting for about 30 seconds turn the router on after making sure that the battery has been connected again.
  4. If the router is now presenting white light it indicates that the problem has been solved.

Checking Ethernet cable:

The second method of fixing the issue of yellow light of Verizon router is by checking the Ethernet cable. The Ethernet cable is an important thing in the working of a router as it ensures the connection. Any damage of cable or loose plugging can cause the disruption of internet connection resulting in display of yellow light.

Unplugging the Ethernet cable:

Unplugging in many ways is similar to rebooting because it starts the the system from zero again. It can be done as follows:

  1. First of all unplug the Ethernet cable.
  2. Now you need to unplug the router.
  3. After unplugging wait for few seconds and plug the router again.
  4. Now plug the Ethernet cable again.

Resetting the router:

Resetting is a process in which the router comes back to its default settings which solves the problem if there is any issue with the settings.

  • Resetting helps in clearing the cache data which can solve many problems.
  • It is also beneficial in case when someone is trying to hack the hardware.

Resolving overheating issue:

Routers like other machines have the possibility of getting over heated. This results in the disruption of internet connection displaying yellow light on the Verizon router. If the router is overheated let it shut down for some time to make it cool. Doing so keep in mind the the battery is disconnected. You can also check out that if the router is at the right location and away from any scorching heat or heat exhaust. Moreover you can try placing it in cool environment.

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