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Playboi Carti, one of hip-most hop’s stylish heartthrobs, is known for his wacky flair. Carti is such a fashionista that he has undergone one of the most bizarre style evolutions of any rapper. We adore him and are thrilled to be happy to relate his style progress with you.

Phase 1 (2011-12) of Playboi Carti’s Style Evolution:

Finally starting with the earliest stages of Playboi Carti’s stylistic growth, while Carti was not really Carti yet. Even though he wasn’t taking off and was not at all all that into style in 2011, we got a glimpse of Playboi Carti’s attire in the music videos for his tracks like $teez and Cry.

Thus, before then, fashion and design were secondary concerns for him, and he generally wore graphic t-shirts. We can’t hold that against him as he was just approximately 16 years old at the time, that was before he began earning an income.  His technique, however, appears to have been influenced by Odd Future. Tyler, the Creator, Earl Sweatshirt, and Frank Ocean were members of the rap group Odd Future.

Odd Future’s tremendous popularity in the 2010-11 period sparked a craze of younger people who dress up as them. Tie-dye, vivid hues, snapbacks, and look-at-me graphics were all popular.

Playboi Carti Style

Phase 2 (2013-14):

Playboi Carti’s style didn’t change substantially throughout this period, but we can notice that he’s taking it more professionally than in the preceding phase. He was fairly unknown at the time, but he began to build a following in Atlanta’s hip hop culture.

In the video clip for Pray 4 Me, that was released in 2014, he was beginning to take his wardrobe more serious. Playboi Carti wears a loose Tommy Hilfiger top, slim denim trousers, and white Nike sneakers in this photo.

It isn’t as if he’s dressed in luxury head-to-toe ensembles, but that’s a significant increase from 2011 to 2012. It was going nicely for him. Playboi Carti said in a new conversation with Kid Cudi that he was voted best suited in his high school.

It also was during this time that he began to tilt toward streetwear. But the most incredible aspect is that it was his fascination with streetwear style that would eternally turn his llife Carti, like other young men at the time, became a Supreme fan and began posting photos of his clothes on social media.

While Playboi Carti seemed still far more concerned with his music than with his appearance, something unusual happened, and Ian Connor came across a post.

Phase 3 (2015-16):

Playboi Carti begins his takeover of SoundCloud in 2015. Playboi Carti’s single Fetti, featuring Da$H and Maxo Kream, was causing quite a stir at the time. The ironic part is that when Ian Connor and Carti first visited, Ian had no idea that Carti was a musician, or at the very least, he didn’t listen to his music.

Ian Connor would realize later that Playboi Carti used to give him links to his songs but that he didn’t truly listen till one day when Ian’s assistant was streaming a song and Ian simply inquired who it was.

Playboi Carti

Ian Connor began sharing Carti’s songs and promoted it on social networks after that. Playboi Carti was also invited to the A$AP Mob by Ian. This was a watershed moment in Carti’s career, as well as his personal style… We’ll get to that in a minute.

Playboi Carti would go on to become one of the most important faces of A$AP Bari’s fashion line Vlone as a result of the whole incident. Consider that for a moment. If Playboi Carti hadn’t rocked the Supreme piece, he might never have met Ian Connor, and if Carti hadn’t met Ian, he might never have been connected to the A$AP Mob.

Phase 4 (2017-2018):

Playboi Carti was picked as an XXL freshman in 2017, but he also launched his self-titled second album this year. He had more eyes on him now than he had ever had before. As a result, Carti stepped it up a notch.

Playboi Carti had previously expressed some interest in luxury wear, but in 2017 he went all in. Let’s begin with his photoshoot for GQ. For this photoshoot, he enlisted the help of some of the top stylists, yet we still got to see a side of Carti that we hadn’t seen before.

Phase 5 (2019-20):

In October 2019, he began dropping hints regarding his sophomore album Whole Lotta Red. Playboi Carti, on the other hand, introduced a totally new style alongside it. We primarily saw him dressing Raf Simons, Helix, and Rick Owens from this point forward.

Now, Carti had worn these brands previously, but it was usually just a piece or two mixed in with his casual. However this time, he was throwing together full outfits and went all-in on the sleazy high-fashion atmosphere. In his photoshoots, Playboi Carti even started sporting horns and fangs, demonstrating that he was no longer just styling to appear nice. He began to curate his persona using fashion as a technique.

We’ve seen Playboi Carti’s style evolve through all of its stages. Let’s take a look at how Playboi Carti’s style has evolved throughout time. He was influenced by artists such as Odd Future when he first started out. Then he discovered his passion for streetwear with brands like Supreme and Jordan. Eventually, he began blending in brands like as Raf Simons and is now completely committed to exploring the dark avant-garde side of fashion. Playboi Carti is among the most trendy and well-dressed rappers, and his style has evolved dramatically. The rockstar is a talent who knows how to dress and adorn himself impeccably.

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