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Here is the detail of Paula Profit Biography, Husband, Career, Age, and Businesswoman. Paula Profit is the ex-girlfriend of Charlie Sheen. She is also the mother of one of his children. She is also known as Paula Speert. She was born on 27th March 1965 in the United States. She has risen in popularity because of Charlie Sheen. This is because Charlie Sheen is a great American entertainer and has an amazing career. He is an entertainer from his high school days. He has done many movies and TV shows together. Charlie Sheen and Paula Profit dated each other from 1984 to 1986.

They had been together and had been dating since they were in elementary school. They were in the senior level of high school and then they started dating each other. This couple also gives birth to a daughter. They were very young at that time. The daughter’s name is Cassandra Jade. She is the oldest of five children that lie, Sheen, has. Now her daughter is much grown that Charlie Sheen has become a grandfather through her daughter.

Paula Profit Biography, Husband, Career, Age, Businesswoman

Paula Profit Husband Details:

After the end of the relation of Paula Profit with Charlie Sheen, she is now married to Jokton Speert. He is the CEO and owner of Spirited food. This company is a very known food delivery company. Now the name of Paula Profit is Paula Speert. This is because of her marriage she changed her name after her marriage.

Right now they don’t have any children together. But they are living a very happy life with the daughter of Paula Profit. Now they are both living peacefully with each other because Cassandra Jade is married and lives a happy life with her husband.

How did Charlie Sheen and Paula Profit Meet Each Other?

Paula Profit has gained popularity only as the ex-girlfriend of Charlie Sheen. They have been in a relationship since high school. They dated for 3 years. Both were friends from the beginning when they were in school. But started dating in the last year of High School. They both share a very intense bond. They also have a child. Paula Profit gives birth to a baby at the age of 19.

This is because she got pregnant right after her graduate birth to a baby girl. Her name was Casandra Jade. They raise their daughter with very effort for 3 years. After that, they finish their relationship. They both parted ways but both made efforts together to raise their child very amazingly. Today Cassandra Jade is 34 years old and is living very happily in her married life.

Paula Profit Career Details:

Following are my career highlights of Paula’s profit.

  • She is one of the best financial specialists She founded Jackson Play Incorporation. This is a children’s store. She founded it in 2002.
  • She also founded JPlay Worldwide Incorporation. This is a manufacturing company of ships and playing cards. She founded this company in 2008.
  • She also had a chance of starting a business with Charlie’s father whose name was Martin Sheen. But after that, the relation was ended so she didn’t start a business with Charlie’s father. 

Owner of Jplay Worldwide:

Paula profit is the owner of play worldwide. She created this company in June 2008. The name of the company was JPlay Worldwide Incorporation. This company deals with manufacturing ships and playing cards from all over the world. There are numerous cards to choose from the customers according to their choice.

Customized playing cards are also available at Jplay worldwide incorporation. She earns a good amount of money from this business. She managed and run her business with full dedication and interest.

Owner of Jackson Play Incorporation:

Paula Profit also owns a clothing store for kids. This store was opened by her in 2002. She is 54 years old at this time. The name of the store was Jackson Play Incorporation. In this store, a major investment was made by Charlie Sheen’s father. His father’s name was Martin Sheen.

He made a great investment and She started this amazing business venture with him. She also hired her daughter as an assistant in the shop. She rose to good heights and earn a good amount of income from this business.

Is Paula Profit Grandmother?

Paula Profit has become a grandmother. She had only one daughter. Her name was Cassandra Jade. Her daughter with her husband Casey Huffman gave birth to a baby. They named the baby Luna Huffman who was born on 17th July 2013. She was born in the United States. Now they are living happily together in the United States. So, She is a grandmother to a baby girl.

Paula Profit Social Media Followers:

There is no social media presence of Paula Profit. She was only known as an ex-girlfriend of Charlie Sheen. She also doesn’t have a Twitter account. She has an Instagram account but it is of no value. This is because there are no posts on Paula Profit Instagram account.

There are only 5 followers on her profile. Also, there are 51 followings. She doesn’t possess any social media popularity. She doesn’t like to post anything about her life on social media. She also doesn’t have a YouTube channel or LinkedIn profile. So, she is totally cut off from the media.


Paula Profit is the ex-girlfriend of a known American entertainer, Charlie Sheen. They both shared a beautiful bond for 3 years. As a result of their relationship, they also had one daughter. But then they both parted ways. Now they both are grandparents and happy in their lives. She owns two businesses. She earns from her two business ventures. She also doesn’t have any net worth or salary. Right now She is living happily with her husband.

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