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In this article, you will get to know about Bre Tiesi net worth, biography, career, figure, or personal life of her then this article will help a lot. Her full name is Breana Falon Teisi. Her age is 30 years. At this age, she is very fit compared to other ladies of her age. The place where she was born is Los Angeles which is in the USA.

The date on which she celebrates her birthday every year is May 4 and the year in which she was born was 1991. She is a successful model and looks very pretty. Her walking style is awesome and she has a lot of fans all over the world. She got money because of her modeling and from her social media accounts on which she has a lot of followers.

Bre Tiesi Net Worth, Biography, Career, Figure, Personal life

Bre Tiesi Net Worth:

Bre Tiesi’s net worth is about $1 million which is a very large amount of money. The sources through which she got a lot of money are modeling, acting, and her social media accounts. But the main reason for such a high amount of net worth is her successful modeling career. She is a great model and everyone likes her modeling. She also got money from brand endorsements. Also her net worth increases by the investments she made.

Bre Tiesi does not face any crisis in her life after her best career life. Her main focus is always to get everything she wants. She buys everything she wants because she has a lot of money as a net worth. Because of more followers on social media accounts, she also gets paid by them and it’s all because of the love of her fans who follow her and increase her followers, which increases her money rate.

Marital Life of Bre Tiesi & Family Background:

She is not married yet. She has a boyfriend named Nich Cannon. Bre Tiesi is an American actress, model, and social media influencer and these are the ways from which she got money. She is very beautiful and does amazing acting. As an actress people love her acting because her acting is very natural.  If we talk about her parents then her mother is a nutritionist and health expert. While her father owns a couple of gyms in Orange County. She always focuses on her diet and fitness and does to the gym to maintain her fitness.

Bre Tiesi has a younger sister whose named Alexis who is a choreographer and dancer. Her all family members are talented. She did her schooling at Agoura High school. When she was very young she has an interest in modeling and she wants to become a successful model. Her goal becomes true because of her hard work. She also won the title of Little Miss Hawaiian Tropic.

Bre Tiesi Career Details:

Bre Tiesi starts modeling when she graduates from school. Her first launching point from which she became famous was her Megan Fox impersonation. After this many magazines published about her. This was a very proud feeling for her that at a very young age, she comes to the newspaper and everyone appreciates her because of her success at a very young age.

Bre Tiesi appeared in a lot of magazines like Playboy, Stacked, Brobibblr, and many more. She also appeared in a lot of advertisements. She was featured on Maxim’s Hot 100 list and in the advertisement with 50 Cent for Effen Vodka and others. Bre Tiesi made a very great career. Compared to others of her age, she became very successful in very little time.

Bre Tiesi Physical Appearance:

If we talk about Bre Tiesi’s physical appearance then she is so much pretty lady. She does to the gym a lot to become fit because fitness is necessary for her career. As in modeling, fitness matters a lot. Her weight is approximately 55 kg which is very good for her age. She always maintains her weight and focuses on her diet plans. Her eye color is hazel brown which suits her. Her hairs are black and she does piercing her ears which makes her look more beautiful and elegant.

She is one of the finest young ladies as compared to other ladies of her age. She is showing her full strength in her career.  Bre Tiesi has hazel brown colored eyes which are very stunning. Her black hairs also look very attractive and smooth. She has a nice personality. She maintains her physical strength.  She is much adored by her fans. She has a lot of fans. They love her looks and try to become fit like her.

Bre Tiesi Social Media Followers:

Bre Tiesi has a lot of followers. People follow her because they love her and show their love by following her on her different accounts. She is very happy that her fans are increasing day by day. On every different day, her followers increase and this made her happy.

Instagram Followers:

On Instagram, she has 494,000 followers. All these people want to know about her life through the posts or stores she posts on her account. She is very active on her all accounts.

TikTok Followers:

She also has a TikTok account which has 773,100 followers.

Twitter Followers:

On her Twitter account, she has 8000 followers. Her Twitter followers are not that much because she is not active on Twitter that much. She tries to post daily on her Instagram account because her fans are eagerly waiting for her posts.

Whenever she posts anything on her account the likes and views increase and become very large in very little time. This made her feel great and she is so much happy that she has a lot of followers. She does not have followers only from America but has followers from all over the world. From different countries, people message her and show their love for her.


So to the above-gained information, Bre Tiesi is an outstanding and very experienced actress and model. She has made her name very high in the modeling industry. Her net worth is approximately Dollar 1 million which comes from different sources. The sources include various social media followers, TV shows, and other modeling shows. She has a huge number of fans which is increasing day by day because of her attractive appearance in different TV shows.

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