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Here is the article about How does Honey Make Money? and What is the Working of Honey Browser. The Honey is a browser extension that provides customers to browse various categories. It provides coverage of multiple categories including travel and tours, sports, fashions, grocery, electronics, food, etc. The Honey browser extension was started by Hudson along with George Rohan as a partner. Consumers can easily find the best deals for them. This company has almost 30,000 retailers working with it in different industries. It does not cost people many charges to use this browser. Rather the honey makes money from its commissions.

The commissions are earned through different coupons that the consumers redeem. This company works on affiliate business and only through the commissions that it gets from its customers. The members of this Honey platform can use coupons and also check their savings after informing the purchase. So when the affiliates with honey make confirmation of your purchase they get a commission for that.

How does Honey Make Money Working of Honey Browser

What Is The Working of Honey Browser Extension?

This free browser extension helps you in saving money. This online platform is available on Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, Microsoft, Safari, etc. After installing this browser, you can easily do shopping on this website. Shopping can be done for products of various categories. This Honey platform will provide you money saving discount deals and coupons that will help you in saving your money online. These coupons will also help this honey browser in earning through commissions. The promotional deals and coupons are vailed by the consumers and are provided by this honey website.

Following is the method to use honey.

  • First, you have to sign up for the honey browser extension.
  • After signing up with honey, the icon will be available at the top right corner of the browser window. After that, you can easily scroll for your favorite category and shop for your favorite products.
  • Next is to select the desired product from the desired category and place them in the cart.
  • After placing your products in the cart, you can click on the honey.
  • After clicking on the honey cart, you will be provided with the available coupons.
  • After availing of these coupons, you will check out amazing discounts. This is the real working of the honey browser extension which helps in making money for itself as well as for the consumers.

How does Honey Make Money?

The honey browser extension makes money through various affiliate partnerships. Affiliate marketing is the only way of earning from the honey browser. It earns commissions from the partnering merchants and other affiliate partners. There are 24 networks with which Honey is working. These affiliate networks include impact, Rakuten, eBay, Groupon, etc. There are various ways of making money Honey through affiliate partnerships.

Sales Commission:

The first way of earning money through affiliate partnerships is by earning a commission from sales. There is an approximate range between 0.5 to 10%. This range is set for user transactions. So this Honey platform tracks the sales of the retailers and also the promo codes during the checkout of any customer.

After tracking these sales and codes, the browser automatically chooses the enabling codes. It selects the code which helps the customers in saving the most money. Through this, the honey makes money from commissions through sales.

Earning Through Drop List Feature:

The honey browser has introduced a drop list feature on its website. This feature enables the users to add items of their choice from Target, Walmart, or Amazon to a list. Then Honey platform keeps on searching for coupons for those items. If honey finds affordable coupons and money-saving for consumers, it promptly notifies the customer.

The Honey notifies about the availability of the coupons and also about the price of any item if it is dropped. This droplist feature also helps Honey to make money at an achievable scale.

Rewards and Cashback Earning:

There is a program known as the honey gold cashback and reward program. This program has the customers to get the digital currency in the gold form that they require for the gift cards. This currency is given to retailers. These retailers include Microsoft, eBay, home depot, etc. So honey users can easily redeem gold through the Paypal platform.

This also helps the honey browser extension to earn money whenever any person redeems in the form of gold. This is also an amazing way of earning money for the honey extension.

Earning Through Price Comparison:

On the platform Amazon, the honey browser helps in comparing prices. The comparison of prices is done that is offered by different sellers for similar items. This comparison of prices also includes the shipping charges and also the prime status of that product by comparing the prices. Honey alerts the customers about the lowest price of any product available on Amazon.

This is done by comparing the prices of all the sellers and determining the lowest cost of that single product. Then customers are notified by Honey. In this way, the customer saves a lot of money on their purchase from Amazon. This also helps Honey to make money through Amazon price comparison and notifies the customers about the lowest prices.


In a nutshell, the Honey browser is a very helpful browser extension for all customers. This website offers a variety of products at the lowest possible cost. It earns money through affiliate marketing. The affiliate business helps in different ways to the honey browser for earning a huge amount of money. Even though the Honey browser is easy and free to use. It does not cost any money to the people purchasing the products. Rather honey makes money through different affiliates in numerous ways discussed above.

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