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Today in this article we will discuss all the details of Porsha Williams Net Worth, Biography, Ex-Husband, and Siblings. Porsha Williams is an American television actress. Porsha Williams is a very famous in popular personality in the whole world who lives in America and she is an actress and an author and also a television personality in America. She is famous due to her television series which she does name the real housewife of Atlanta.

This television series is named The Real Housewives of Atlanta, from 2012 to 2021. It’s a very famous and popular television series in America. She is not only popular in America but popular in the whole world. Porsha Williams also made her personality more famous in popular due by working in this series for a total of 9 years approximately. She is a very talented and well-known television personality and author.

Porsha Williams Net Worth, Biography, Ex Husband, Siblings

Porsha Williams Net Worth:

Now if we talk about the net worth of Porsha Williams, her net worth is a very huge amount of money. She owns a lot of money as her net worth. The net worth of Porsha Williams is approximately to be around six million as of 2023. She earns a lot of money as her annual income. Porsha Williams is well known for her great personality and her roles in reality TV series. She is mainly known for doing the television series named Real Housewives of Atlanta. Porsha earns a lot of money as her net worth just because of her great talent and hard work. She works very hard in the television industry.

This is the reason that she has a very huge amount of annual income as of 2023. Porsha Williams put her full efforts into her acting career and now she proved to everyone that she is the best actress in America and probably in the whole world. Her net worth is also very high in amount because of her popularity. Ten years ago, in 2013 her net worth was very high than it is in 2023. She was earning a total of 16 million US dollars as her net worth in 2013. But suddenly a very big decline in Porsha Williams comes and her net worth decreased a lot.

When she divorced Kordell Stewart, who is her ex-husband, who was a former NFL star, her net worth decreased a lot and it was a very big mistake of Porsha Williams which affects a lot on her acting career. Porsha Williams is a very successful and multi-talented television actress and author also. Apart from a very successful and big acting career, Porsha Williams also has a very great TV personality. She is also a model a singer and a businesswoman. A huge amount of her net worth also comes from her above-given profession.

Porsha Williams Biography:

She is a multi-talented actress and an author who lives in America. She was born on 22nd June 1981 in Atlanta which is located in Georgia and Georgia the city of the United States of America. Porsha William is currently 41 years old. She is a very fit and healthy woman at the age of 41. Porsha Williams is married. The husband of Porsha Williams is Simon Goubadia. Porsha Williams and Simon gobadiya have a kid named Pilar Jhena McKinley. Porsha Williams has a total of three siblings in her family. The multi-talented actress Porsha William has three siblings who are as follows:

  • Lauren Williams
  • Hosea Williams III
  • Brenton Williams

These three are the siblings of the biggest television personality in America Porsha Williams. The height of the fantastic and fantabulous actress Portia Williams is 1.73 meters. The name of her grandparents is Juanita T. Williams and Hosea Williams.

Porsha Williams Early Life:

Now if we move on to the early life of Portia Williams, her birthplace is in Atlanta in Georgia and she was born on 22nd June 1981. The parents of Porsha Williams were self-employed businesspeople. Porsha William was granted all permission and was given all her wishes by her parents and her grandparents also. She was a rich person her grandfather was also a prominent civil rights activist and a businessman and her grandfather was also an ordained minister. Her grandfather did many things as also a scientist and a politician and was also a philanthropist. The name of my grandfather is Hosea Williams.

Porsha Williams had a younger brother and also a younger sister. The name of her younger sister was Lauren and her younger brother is named Hosea. Porsha Williams attended her high School Education at southwest DeKalb High School. This high school is located in Georgia. Porsha Williams was educated at a very high school and high University. She has done her University education at the American intercontinental University which is located in Illinois. She later got a degree in business information technology at this university.

Porsha Williams Instagram Followers:

Porsha Williams is also active on social media platforms. She is especially and mostly active on her Instagram account. She is very famous in popular on her Instagram account also. Porsha has a lot of followers on her Instagram account. She has a total of 6.6 million Instagram followers on her Instagram account. She posts her pictures on her Instagram account. Porsha also posts about her new projects on her Instagram account.

Porsha Williams Twitter Followers:

She is an amazing media sensation. She has 777.9k followers on her Twitter account. There are 186 followings on this account. She has tweeted 12.9 K tweets up till now. Porsha Williams has joined Twitter in June 2012. She is much followed by her fans on her every social media account. She has also been awarded the national best-selling Author. This is because she earns a good amount of money and fame in the world.


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