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Hotel With Balconies: Many hotels in the world comprise balconies in the rooms. These balconies provide an amazing view of the outside environment. The 15 stylish hotels with balconies in the world are as follows:

Jade Mountain Hotel, Saint Lucia:

This hotel is a 5-star luxury hotel. Many known celebrities also come and spend their time. It is an amazing getaway for people to celebrate their honeymoon. This hotel provides an amazing view of the outside environment. This is one of the best hotels with balconies giving a magical view of the smooth Caribbean Sea. The bedrooms, dining area, and other areas of this hotel are amazing and made with a great design. An exclusive view can be seen from the balcony of this hotel.

Corinthia Hotel, London:

This hotel is located in London and provides a very luxurious appeal. Many stylish rooms are available for the people to stay in this hotel.

Corinthia Hotel, London

Marina Del Rey Hotel, Los Angeles:

This hotel is located on the Marina Del Rey harbor. It features many beautiful sites including a great restaurant and a swimming pool. All the rooms are spacious and made with advanced features. It is also included in the list of best hotels with balconies that provide a stunning look of the outside environment. The balconies in these hotel rooms give wandering views of the marina and oceans. It is a place of attraction for many popular tourists.

Hotel Angeleno, Los Angeles:

Stay at Hotel Angeleno in Los Angeles and you’ll be in the middle of everything. At the intersection of Santa Monica and Beverly Hills, this Los Angeles hotel has an amazing balcony. The views from the hotel with a balcony are some of the best in the city. If you want to see the nighttime lights of Los Angeles, they can be viewed from this balcony. This hotel is amazing to stay in for a long time. Many rooms are designed with spacious and advanced features.

Hotel Angeleno, Los Angeles

Le Sirenuse Positano Hotel, Italy:

It is an elegant and small hotel located in Italy. This is the best place to stay in the summer. These hotel rooms comprise balconies that give an amazing look of the Positano coast. This also gives the view of the Mediterranean Sea which looks very mesmerizing. You can also enjoy the outstanding views of the lights and the hillsides at night time from this hotel with a balcony.

Le Sirenuse Positano Hotel, Italy

Sandhu Camp Hotel, Tanzania:

This hotel is located in Tanzania. It is located in a place surrounded by plants and animals. This hotel provides amazing views to see the animals and plants in Tanzania. The dining area and the rooms are made with advanced features and give a panoramic view of the lake situated near this camp.

Sandhu Camp Hotel, Tanzania

Grecotel Mykonos Blu Hotel, Greece:

This hotel with balconies provides a great view of the external atmosphere. It is a five-star hotel that provides an amazing guest lounge rooms view and of the outside sea. The balconies in this hotel room show an amazing view of the Aegean Sea. The brilliant architecture of this hotel is made that attracts the tourist most when they come to Greece.

Grecotel Mykonos Blu Hotel, Greece

Orlando Hotel, Los Angeles:

Young people come to this hotel to stay and spend their time. This is an amazing hotel with balconies in almost every room. It is located in West Hollywood. It is also surrounded by many restaurants and cafes. This hotel has many rooms ranging from simple to luxury classes. This hotel is amazing and provides beautiful views of outside places.

Grecotel Mykonos Blu Hotel, Greece

Fairmount Lake Louise Hotel, Canada:

This Fairmont Hotel is known for its beautiful surrounding by the blue lakes, snow-capped peaks. This hotel is best for visitors in summer because they can enjoy various hiking trails outside this hotel. It is also an amazing hotel with a balcony that provides a good view of the glaciers and lakes outside. It is a five-star hotel and provides an amazing entrance and rooms to the guests coming here.

Caesar Augustus Hotel, Italy:

This hotel is made of ancient Roman architecture. It is 1000 feet above the ground located on a cliff. This is a hotel that comprises rooms with balconies and suites of interest to all types of tourists. It is very luxurious and comprises advanced rooms, marble bathrooms and amazing balcony. This hotel with a balcony provides a great look for the tourist to have an insight into Italy.

Caesar Augustus Hotel, Italy

Inn At Venice Beach:

It is a beautiful boutique resort. The balconies in these hotel rooms give an attractive view of Venice Beach. The hotel is very spacious and modern. It is made with advanced features including WiFi, TV connection, refrigerator, and high security.

Katikies Santorini Hotel, Greece:

It is located in a stunning location. This hotel is situated in the village of Oia. Many guests enjoy staying in this hotel. It provides incredible views to the tourists coming to this hotel. A swimming pool is also here for young people to enjoy their vacations. An open-air dining area in this hotel adds uniqueness and style to this hotel.

Katikies Santorini Hotel, Greece

Blanket Bay Hotel, New Zealand:

This blanket bay hotel is luxurious. It is surrounded by Lake Wakatipu. It is in New Zealand and is known as the finest hotel with balconies providing a beautiful outside view. All the rooms in this hotel are furnished and give a scenic view of the mountains and the lakes surrounding this hotel.

Blanket Bay Hotel, New Zealand

Four Seasons Hotel, Los Angeles:

It is a renowned hotel with beautiful scenes outside. The interior of this hotel is very modern and unique. Many monochromatic colors are used in the interior design of this hotel. It is located in Beverly Hills. Guests feel pleased to live here on their vacations or trips.

Four Seasons Hotel, Los Angeles

Plaza Athenee Hotel, France:

It is a five-star hotel. It is surrounded by River Seine and the Eiffel tower. This hotel with balconies gives a mesmerizing view of the Eiffel tower from its balconies. It has numerous restaurants, beautiful rooms, and amazing balconies to view outside.

Plaza Athenee Hotel, France

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