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Dressing rooms ideas for small space in the house are the basic need of this age. The space is declining with the rapid increase in population. Therefore, it is necessary to manage things according to the available resources. Shortage of space will let you know how to manage the space to organize a complete and perfect house. A dressing room is also an integral part of the house, like the kitchen and the living room.

The dressing room is designed to arrange all the dressing accessories in one place. This small space contains a closet to hang your clothes and store your shoes. Furthermore, it would help if you had a mirror and a chair or stool. This time we will discuss dressing rooms ideas for the small space in a house.

Dressing Room Ideas

Dressing Room Ideas

Under Stairs Dressing Room

You can utilize the under stairs space in the best way. Utilization of this under-stairs space is one of the best dressing rooms ideas in your small space. The space under the stairs mostly remains spare and looks like the unpleasant part of the house. A little effort can change the place into a small but beautiful dressing room.

The idea of adding shelves to place the shoes in lower or uneven parts will make the best use of the space. Moreover, you may install hangers for your clothes in a suitable place under the stairs. You can fix a mirror on the closet door to save space. Also, you can reserve a chair or a stool for your comfort. You can cover the front with curtains or convert the space into a little cabin.

Under Stairs Dressing Room

Utilizing Gallery as Dressing Room

We have some narrow spaces in our houses that are of no use. These small spaces can be converted into dressing rooms. You can design the dressing room by installing shelves on both sides and a mirror at the end of the wall. A tall mirror will help you produce a clear image from head to toe. This view can help you observe your dressing style and match your shoes with the dress. You have to ensure that your dressing room is well lighted and organized.

Light will help you to reflect a clear image in the mirror. A well-organized dressing room will save a lot of time during dress selection. A door on the front of the gallery will give it a shape of a dressing room. You can install a sliding door to save some space if possible. This will create a sophisticated look for your house.

Small Dressing Room Corner

One can design a small dressing room in a highly fascinating style.  The lower part of the dressing is well furnished with cabinets, while the dressing room walls will be covered with hangers. You may utilize the top of the cabinet as a stool. Hangers on the surrounding walls will display the colorful dresses.

Such a display will help you choose the dress for a specific occasion.  More than one mirror installed in the dressing room will produce an attractive appearance. These mirrors will serve in place of the dressing table as well. Colorful lights in the dressing room will decorate the place romantically.

Small Dressing Room with Dressing Table

You can cover a small place in a dressing room by installing a wardrobe. This wardrobe is constructed from floor to ceiling. The wardrobe is divided into clothes and drawers to store shoes and other accessories. The sliding door of the wardrobe looks beautiful and saves a lot of space.

The front area of the wardrobe contains a smart table with a stool. A mirror hanging on the wall over the table will be part of your beautiful dressing room. Lighting inside the wardrobe and around the mirror will make dressing rooms ideas popular. The front wall of the mirror can contain hangers to hang the ladies’ bag or other small items.

Small Dressing Room with Dressing Table

Dressing Nook in Your Living Room

A living room should have all the facilities to make your life comfortable. A corner of your little room will serve you as a small but beautiful dressing nook. You can install floating shelves to hang your clothes and store the folding clothes and other gadgets in your dressing room. You can decorate this dressing room accordingly to make your living room beautiful. The dressing nook will have drawers to store different daily-use items.

Smart Dressing Room Ideas

When there is no space to create a separate dressing room, you can try smart dressing rooms ideas. A wall of your living room will be covered with a hanging roof. There you can hang your clothes. A small cabin under the hanging clothes will hide your shoes to keep your room neat and clean. A mirror near the window will be helpful to complete the dressing room.

Modern and Simple Dressing Room Ideas

The simplest dressing room ideas contain mirrors on the wall and floating shelves. This is the most effective idea of saving space. You can select a corner for this purpose. Even you can make a closet behind the mirror to hand your dress. This simple dressing room is cost-effective and looks charismatic.

Modern and Simple Dressing Room Ideas

Smart Closet Ideas for Dressing Room

If you cannot afford a separate dressing room, you can order a moveable wooden closet. Such a type of closet might have more than one-pieces. It is easily transferable and can be adjusted anywhere in the house. This smart closet can be decorated as per circumstances.

Dressing Room with Bath Room

While designing the house, you can add a little space to your washroom. This extra space will become your dressing room after constructing a closet there. A smart partition can keep the dressing and the bathroom separate. This dressing room idea is popular, but you have to make sure that this dressing room has proper ventilation.

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