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In this article we will tell you about G Herbo net worth, his biography, early life, career, and relationship status. G Herbo also known as Lil Herb is a famous rapper and songwriter of United States. He has successfully planned his career and he releases his album very frequently. Some of his famous albums include Humble Beast, Welcome to Fazoland, and Ballin Like I am Kobe. He is just 26 years old and he has earned a lot of fame in very short span of time. He was born in Chicago Illinois, United States. G Herbo net worth is estimated to be around 3 million dollars.

G Herbo Net Worth, Biography, Early Life, Career, Girlfriend, Age

G Herbo Net Worth:

When we see the lavish lifestyle of our favorite personalities, the first thing that comes to our mind is their net worth. G Herbo net worth is estimated to be around 3 million dollars. With such a huge net worth he is listed among the richest rappers of United States. His major sources of income include music concerts, album sales, records, paid partnership, sponsorship, and social media platforms like YouTube and Instagram. He takes almost 40000 to 60 thousand dollars for his appearance in a single concert.

He also earns from his social media platforms like YouTube where he has almost 1.4 million subscribers. The turning point the career of G Herbo was the release of Welcome to Fazoland which earned him a lot of success and fame. If we talk about his yearly income he earns almost $800,000 annually. It has been seen that he is lover of shoes and jewellery. Further information about his cars and assets is not available to us yet but if we get any information we will update you immediately.

Early Life of G Herbo:

G Herbo was born in Chicago, United States on October 8, 1995. If we talk about his early education he got his schooling education from Park Academy High School Chicago. He was interested in music industry since childhood so he decided to quit his school to pursue his career as a music creator and rapper. The favorite artists in his childhood were Lil Wayne, Yo Gotti and Meek Mill.

He has done a lot of projects with his friend rapper Lil Bibby. They both are part of NLMB. Further information about his parents is not known to us yet but we can tell you the name of his sister which is Brandy Penelope. Jessica Hart and Anthony Hart are also his siblings from Father Tom Hart.

How G Herbo started his career:

G Herbo has earned a lot of success in very short span of time that his fans want to know how he started his career. So now will tell you how G Herbo started his career. He started his career along with his friend Lil Baby by releasing a single Kill Shit. This was the turning point of his career as this single went so viral and his name became popular in the music industry.

This song has almost 50 million views on YouTube till date. He has also worked with other famous artists like Nicki Minaj and the produced a single titled Chiraq and Neighbourhood. His second mixtape was released under the title of Pistol P Project in 2014.  2016 was a very successful year for G Herbo as he released four tracks in a single year. The names of these tracks are Drop, Pull up, Yeah I know, Ain’t nothing to me.

In 2017 he released the single which earned a lot of success and it was listed in the Billboard 200 chart. This single was released under title Humble Beast. Further famous tracks of G Herbo include Still Swervin, Road to Humble Beast and Ballin like I am Kobe.

Who is the Girlfriend of G Herbo:

It has been observed that fans are always curious to know the relationship status of their favorite celebrities. They question various times that whether they are married or single. Now we will tell you who is the girlfriend of G Herbo? In 2015 G Herbo dated an American entrepreneur and model Aryana Fletcher. In 2017 she announced that she is going to become the mother of her Herbo’s first child.

Their first son was born in 2018 whose name was Yosohn. Unfortunately their relation could not succeed further and the visit for their ways. Then in 2018, G Herbo got into relationship with Taina Williams who is also model and social media celebrity. They both are enjoying a good relationship life which is quite obvious from their pictures which they frequently post on social media platforms

Physique and Appearance of G Herbo:

G Herbo has a funky and charming personality. If we talk about his height he is almost 6 feet tall while his weight is 80 kg which is ideal according to body mass index. His skin tone is brown. His eye color and hair color both are black. Further details about his body measurements like waist and chest are not available to us yet but if we get any information we will update you immediately.

What is the age of G Herbo:

Now we will tell you what is the age of G Herbo? G Herbo was born on October 8, 1995 in Chicago United States. So he is almost 27 years old.

What is the real name of G Herbo:

Many celebrities use their nicknames in their daily life but their real names are different. Now we will tell you what is the real name of G Herbo? The real name of G Herbo is Herbert Randal Wright III.

How much G Herbo makes yearly:

G Herbo is a popular song writer and rapper that he makes a handsome amount yearly. Now we will tell you how much G Herbo makes yearly. His yearly income is estimated to be around 200k dollars which is quite handsome.

What is the nationality of G Herbo:

The nationality of G Herbo is American. If we talk about his zodiac sign he is Libra.

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