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Eugene Levy is a Canadian actor and comedian who is famously known for his appearance in American Pie and Schitt’s Creek. In this article, we will talk about Eugene Levy’s wife. Eugene Levy is married to a beautiful lady named Deborah Divine. She also belongs to the film industry and works as a producer. They have both been married and living a happy married life for over 20 years.

Eugene and Deborah met on the set of the film the man who drove with Mandela. After that they have done a lot of projects together including a Mighty Wind, Waiting for Guffman, and Best in Show. She has done a lot of comedy projects including Aeroplane. As a producer, the most recent film Deborah is Touchy-Feely which premiered in 2013. She has also acted along with her husband in different movies like American Pie and What Happens in Vegas.

Who is Eugene Levy's Wife & Has Eugene Levy any kids?

Who is Eugene Levy’s Wife?

Many people are searching for who is Eugene Levy’s wife. Deborah Divine is the wife of Eugene Levy. She is a Canadian film producer and has also acted in different successful projects like the American Pie and Schitt’s creek. She was born in Canada and her age is not known to us.

Although she has not disclosed her exact date of birth and we’re trying to provide you most reliable guess. She has been married to Eugene Levy for almost 20 years. Deborah spent her early life in Canada with her parents. Her mother was a singer who sang in the Royal Conservatory and earned a lot of fame. She also wrote the screenplay for the Maniac Mansion TV series in 1990.

How did Eugene Levy meet his wife?

Now we will reveal a mystery how did Eugene Levy meet his wife. According to an interview with the Globe and Mail, Eugene first saw his future wife when she was just 14 years old. When Eugene was studying at Upper Canada College in Toronto, he saw Deborah around the campus. He fortunately again got the chance to see her when she was present at someone’s house at a Bar Mitzvah.

So after this event, Eugene called Deborah’s brother and showed his interest in her sister. This was the point when Eugene and Deborah started official dating. They both did not tie the knot right away due to the religious differences of both families. So it took a time of 42 years before they got married and now they both are spending a happy married life.

Has Eugene Levy any kids?

Eugene Levy and Deborah Divine are parents to 2 beautiful children. They have one son and one daughter. The name of their son is Dan while the name of their daughter is Sarah Levy. Both Dan and Sarah have worked with their parents in Schitt’s creek. Dan did the role of David rose and Sarah did the role of a Cafe owner Twyla Sand in the Schitt’s creek. Sarah was called the unsung genius of Schitt’s creek.

An interesting fact about the Divine family is that their son Dan is gay and they don’t have any problem with the sexuality of their son. Dan has told his parents about his sexual orientation and it has been observed that Eugene Levy and Deborah Divine both have supported Dan in his sexual orientation as a gay.

What is the Net worth of Eugene Levy?

Eugene Levy is a famous Canadian actor who has done a lot of successful projects like the American Pie and Schitt’s creek. Eugene is a wealthy actor with a worth of an estimated 45 million dollars. Most of his income comes from his acting profession as he has given almost 40 years of his life to acting.

The net worth of his wife Deborah is less in comparison to her husband Eugene. They both got married in 1987. They both are known as amazing Hollywood couples because they both have done a lot of projects together like Band Camp, Superstar USA, Zoolander 2, American Pie and Schitt’s creek.

Where does Eugene Levy live?

As most the media celebrities very frequently changed their residency from City to city. So many people are asking where Eugene Levy lives. Eugene is living with his wife in Toronto. They are living with their two children Dan and Sarah. He loves living in Canada which is quite obvious from his many statements in which he praises Canada and Toronto.

When are Eugene and his Wife getting Retirement?

Eugene and his wife Deborah who is it Canadian film producer have worked in the film industry for many years. They have produced a lot of films together. Some of their projects together include American Buffalo, Waiting for Guffman, Best in Show, and a Mighty Wind. His masterpiece Best in Show also won an Oscar award. An amazing fact about their family is that both husband and wife had worked with their children in a film named Schitt’s creek.

Deborah is also president of Temple Street productions while Eugene stars on CBC TV hit comedy series. The couple has not announced the plan of retirement yet. Their fans are also not willing to hear the news of their retirement as they want to see a lot more projects of this couple in future.

Which awards has Eugene Levy Won?

Eugene is a veteran Canadian film actor who is famous for his matchless acting skills. He has also won a lot of awards for his worth seeing acting. In 1973 he won an award at Sitges Film Festival for his work Cannibal girls. This was his first award for being the best actor. Then he won a primetime Emmy award in 1982 for his work on SCTV Network 90.

We won Canadian Screen awards in 2016 for his acting in Schitt’s creek. He also won a lifetime achievement award in 2020. The recent Award that he has won is the screen actors Guild Award for his outstanding performance as a male actor in the comedy series Schitt’s creek.

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