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Ranboo who is a famous YouTuber and Twitch streamer was born in the United States on November 2, 2003. People are curious about Ranboo’s face because he has not revealed his face yet. He is famous for streaming content related to Minecraft on his popular twitch account named Rainboo live. Apart from Twitch, he is also famous on various social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, and Tik Tok.

He also uses his social media popularity and fans following to create and sell his own Merchandise online. An interesting fact about him is that he has not revealed his identity yet. You can see him in the mask all the time and he has not revealed his face yet.

Ranboo’s Face - Has Ranboo Revealed His Eyes & Face?

Ranboo’s Face:

He has 3.7 million subscribers on YouTube but none of them has ever seen Ranboo’s face. His fans are anxiously waiting to see the face of their ideal celebrity but it is still a secret. He always wears black sunglasses and a white face mask so that people can only see his hair and forehead.

Has Ranboo revealed his eyes?

It has become a trendy question on social media that has Ranboo revealed his eyes? So, yes on the 26th of November, a popular American YouTuber who is famous for his face mask did a long-anticipated eye reveal. 17 years, old YouTuber is known for his Minecraft videos. During his recordings, he has always kept his eyes covered. He always wears black sunglasses and a black and white mask so that only his hair and forehead can be seen.

On 26 November at the end of National Ranboo Day, he celebrated his one year anniversary in which he took his sunglasses off. After that, he simply said that he will stream tomorrow and said goodbye to his fans. After this long-awaited eye reveals, his fans have gone crazy on Twitter. One fan said that Ranboo’s eye reveal has made my day. Another fan wrote that I can’t believe and it seems like I am dreaming.

The third fan wrote that after Seeing Eye reveal of Ranboo, I am feeling great about myself today. Now people are anxiously waiting for his complete face reveal. Many fans have commented on his Instagram posts that they want to see the complete face of their favourite celebrity. Ranboo has not answered this wish yet so we are not clear about whether he will do a face reveal or not in his upcoming streams.

How Ranboo start his Career?

As you all want to know how Ranboo started his career. So this is the answer. Rainbow is an American social media star who is best known for streaming on Minecraft. The name of his account on Minecraft is Ranboolive. He is also a very important member of Minecraft’s server dream SMP. He joined this platform in late 2020 and in a very less time his consistency and hard work earned him a lot of success and fame. The twitch streamer’s performance is not just limited to twitch he is also a social media star on platforms like YouTube, Tiktok, Twitter and Instagram.

He is also using his popularity and fan following for creating and selling his own Merchandise online. Ranboo was born on December 27, 2003, in the United States of America. He was a volleyball lover at an early age and soon he developed an interest in social media platforms. After completing his study he applied for many jobs but did not get a single one. So he decided to present his skills on twitch and started streaming videos related to Minecraft.

 It was his good fortune and hard work that in no time he earned a lot of subscribers and views. He became more popular when he was invited to become a member of Minecraft server SMP. Another interesting fact about his career is that he has not revealed his face yet and no one is familiar with Ranboo’s face. He started his YouTube channel in 2020 by making content on games.

Some of his famous videos include Ranboo bakes a cake, we made the Nintendo Direct even worse, We found the worst game ever, I may have ruined Fundy, and The Story of my pets on the dream SMP. All these videos gathered millions of views each. His YouTube channel which was created in January 2020 has almost 35 million views and over 2.5 million subscribers. He also has a lot of fans on Tik Tok. His Tik Tok account has almost 2.5 million fans and 40 million likes.

Ranboo’s Personal Profile and Physique:

Rainbow is an American Twitch streamer who is also known as Ranboo twitch was born on 27th December 2003. His age is 18 years and his zodiac sign is Capricorn. As he was born in the United States so his nationality is American. He is currently living in San Francisco Bay Area California USA. His ethnicity is white and his religion is Christianity. If we talk about his sexuality he is a straight guy and is only interested in girls.

His height is 5 feet and 8 inches while his weight is 70 kg which is ideal according to body mass index. He has a charming personality having dark brown hair and light blue eyes. His relationship status is single yet he has not been seen with any girl on social media accounts. Ranboo’s sources of earnings are YouTube, twitch streaming and other internet sources. His net worth is estimated to be 5 million dollars.

What are Ranboo’s social media accounts:

Being a social media star he has maintained his social media accounts on all most every platform. He has two YouTube channels. One is Ranboo and the other is Ranboo VODS. His Twitter account name is @Ranboosaysstuff. He also has two accounts on twitch, one is Ranboolive and the other is Ranboobutnot. The interesting fact about Ranboo is that no one has seen Ranboo’s face yet.

What is Ranboo’s Real Name?

Ranboo who is an American content creator of 17 years of age has kept his identity secret. He has not revealed his details to the public yet. But, some sources claim that his real name is Johnathan Schlatt.

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