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The best places to live in Virginia are a source of attraction for tourists. Virginia is a state in the United States. The state is at the borderline of two subcontinents. Virginia is the place where the Americans settled for the first time. It is also called the birthplace of a nation. Mother knows Virginia of States and Mother of Presidents.

Life in Virginia costs more than the average cost in the United States. But it is an affordable place as compared to many other states.  Like the best places, there are worst places too in Virginia. It is necessary to know about both the best and the worst places. The snow on mountains in winter attracts tourists to move to Virginia. The best places are beautiful too. Virginia is the safest state in the United States.

Best Places to live in Virginia

Education in Virginia

Education is the primary factor for the best places to live in Virginia. Virginia comes at number six for the best education system. Education plays a vital role in the progress of a nation. Education in Virginia is not free, but the students can avail financial assistance for education. The state has good opportunities for higher education as well. The state has the fourth-best public school system in the United States.

Economy of Virginia

Virginia’s economy is very strong. The agriculture sector contributes the maximum to elevate the economy. The services sector is the other one to support the economy. Virginia is a very good place to live. Tourism is also contributing a lot to its economy.

Best Places to Live in Virginia

Virginia is also known as a place for lovers. There are several slogans displayed throughout the state for lovers. The best sites should be very beautiful and have the quality of services. The job market and educational and health services make the place valuable.  The historical places and the areas of tourists’ interest are very important places for promotion.

Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is the best beach in the state. A beach city is an attractive place for the people. The beach is safe for swimming, but the water is too hot to swim in in summer. The city is one of the best places to live in Virginia. The education in Virginia Beach is of good quality. The city has a lot of employment opportunities for the people living there.

Virginia Beach

Richmond – Best places to live in Virginia 

Richmond is the capital of Virginia. The city is a very enchanting place to live. The crime rate is under control. The job market of the city is very strong. The summers in Richmond are very hot and winters are snowy. As Richmond is the capital city, the services are at their best. You can send it to your school for quality education if you live in Richmond. Living in Richmond is affordable. The Museum of fine arts in Richmond is worth seeing.



Williamsburg is one of the safest places in Virginia. The crime rate is about 2%. The city is 60 kilometers away from the beach. The place is full of life. Although the town is not big enough, you can have all the big city facilities here. The city is an affordable place to spend quality time here. Those who are the residents can send their children to school to get an education.



The city is situated at the bank of the river. The city was structured artistically. The old construction is still admirable. A city is a perfect place for families. A city is a safe place with a controlled crime rate. You can walk in the streets at night. The health and education services are excellent. The public schools are doing their best. The accommodation in Alexandria is very expensive. If you find a job in Alexandria, you must find accommodation in the city’s neighborhood.


Falls Church is also one of the best places to live in Virginia.

Falls Church is one of the best places to live in Virginia. It is one of the safest cities in the state. Transportation and accommodation are too much expensive. The educational services are nationally acknowledged. The environment of the city is impressive. The community is responsible enough and well civilized.  Falls Church is the most popular place for families to live there.


Charlottesville is a very stunning place. The University of Virginia is situated here. Students came here from other cities as well. The students are always friendly here. It’s a very nice place to live. The city is admired for its educational and health services. The infrastructure of the city is very impressive. The city has many pleasant places to visit. It is an expensive but affordable place to live. The beauty of the city is enjoyable. If you want to live there with your family, you should not hesitate to go there.



Leesburg is one of the best places to live in Virginia. The city was given the after Lee family. This city is very beautiful and well maintained. The city is a historical place and has its importance in American history. It is a very expensive place to live. Its natural beauty is worth seeing. Educational institutions in Leesburg are of good repute. Families prefer to live there.


Norfolk- Best places to live in Virginia 

The city is also known as the waterfront city. There is a naval base in the city. This is the worlds’ largest naval base. The cost of living is comparatively low in Norfolk. The Norfolk is a dangerous city, but its beauty attracts tourists. The people of Norfolk have another name as Norfolk Dumplings.  The city is expensive for accommodation. The city has a museum. If you visit Norfolk, then you must go to the Museum.



Blacksburg is an incorporated town. The environment of the city is very soothing. There are many other things to discuss, but the most important are The Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. The best place for education. The city is the best place to live. There are too many parks where one can spend quality time. The city provides affordable living.

Blacksburg - Best places to live in Virginia

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