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The best places to live in Nevada are fascinating for tourists. Nevada is a dry but very beautiful state in the US. It is also known as Silver State. You might have different ideas to define the best places. The most common factors which make the areas best are education and health. The area cannot be the best if you are not safe there. The most important factor is employment opportunity or job security.  It is a very rich state. It is a very good place to live. The people have good employment opportunities there.

The state has a great attraction for tourists.  There are mountain ranges in Nevada. Mountain ranges present a very beautiful view. There are numerous parks and restaurants in the state. The restaurants and casinos are the places where you can enjoy life in a great way. That is why the condition is called Nevada. Most of the area of the state is a desert area. You can observe religious harmony in the state. The climate of the state is enchanting and delightful. You can watch the four seasons in Nevada. Having four seasons is a blessing.

Best Places to live in Nevada

Educational Facilities

When you know about the best places to live in Nevada, first focus on educational facilities. Education is free in Nevada. The state supports the students financially. But the output is not satisfactory. The state has done its best, but the state’s education level is very poor. The state has issued sufficient funds, but it seems that institutes cannot effectively utilize those funds. However, the education level is improving day by day. If your child is determined to get an education, the state has provided very attractive plans for quality education.


A major source of states’ income is generated through tourism. The economy of the state is gradually improving. Gambling is legal in Nevada. It also contributes a lot to support the economy. Mining is another source to uplift the economy of the state. The state is the producer of gold as well. There are some places where the occupation of the people is agriculture, hunting, and fishing.


Transportation service in Nevada is appropriate. Buses are the main source to provide transportation services to the citizens or tourists. Transportation is available for both urban and rural areas. Tourists may need this service to travel from one prominent place to another. Regional Mass Transit is responsible for the efficiency or in-efficiency of the transportation system.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is one of the best places to live in Nevada. It is the city of Nevada with the maximum population of the state. The people prefer to live in Las Vegas due to its high employment opportunities. There are some areas where the crime rate is very high. If you avoid those areas, you can find Las Vegas very safe. Educational facilities are appropriate there. The cost of living is affordable. Tourists move to this place for recreation. The casinos in Las Vegas play an important role in the economy of Las Vegas.

Las Vegas

Spring Creek is one of the Best places to live in Nevada

Spring Creek is a very good place to live. This city is the safest place to live in Nevada. The crime rate is ignorable in Spring Creek. There is a high school of very good reputation. The population of the city is very low. The town has beautiful mountain ranges. It is a very delightful place for tourists. Natural beauty attracts people.

Spring Creek

Boulder City 

Boulder city is one of the best places to live in Nevada, with a very reasonable cost of living. The city is situated in Clark County.  The city has good employment opportunities. The crime rate of the city is also low and makes you. It is a suitable place to live for its amenities. Gambling is not allowed in Boulder City.

Boulder city - best places to live in Nevada


Henderson is a wonderful place to live in. Its climate is very soothing. The citizens of Henderson are very loving and caring. The city is a costly place to live. The educational facilities are much better. The health services are also reliable. One of the best places for recreation. The city has very beautiful natural scenes. Henderson is very near to Las Vegas. The city has ideal places for entertainment and dining. It is also a very great place for shopping. You can visit golf courses there too.



Mesquite is a wonderful place to live. The city is located in Clark County. The area of the town is small. The crime rate is really low, and you will feel secure there. You can afford to live there. There is a scarcity of water, but it is available from different places. The city has the three top best schools in the state. You will find very delightful weather there.

Reno – Best places to live in Nevada

Reno is one of the best places to live in Nevada. You can live there with your family. It is an affordable place to live. You can have a lot of fun there. This is a place for recreation. There are too many casinos near to each other. The city is famous for its casinos and lighting. The employment opportunities are attractive, and you can live a very comfortable life there. You can send your child to a school with a quality education.

Reno - Best Places to live in Nevada


Elko is a large city known as “The best small town in America.” Therefore it is crystal clear that Elko is the best place to live in Nevada. The city is best because of the services in the town. The major source of income is mining in Elko. A second major source of income is Oil & gas extraction. You can spend quality time in Agriculture, Fishing, and Hunting. The population of the city is gradually increasing.


Carlin is also one of the best places to live in Nevada

Carlin is the best place regarding its employment opportunities. The town is very small. It is situated very near to the city of Elko. It accommodates people for mining. Gold mines are the major source of employment. It provides business opportunities to investors. Schooling is also available for children.

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