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Here is the detail of Alaina Urquhart Net Worth, Source of Income, Career, Age, Height, and much more. Alaina Urquhart is a great podcast reader from America. She was born on 28 December 1985. She possesses a very attractive personality. From the profession of a podcaster now she is a millionaire and is earning from different sources. She is also an amazing writer who has published many books in America. There are many crime stories for which she has been a host and they were all very successful. Her birthplace is America and she also holds the nationality of America.

She used to do her personal show in which she tells about different crime scenes and crime stories. The show of Alaina Urquhart was sponsored by the Morbid podcast. The name of that podcast was True crime stories. It became very successful and got much fame in a very less time. People started listening to her podcasts with much admiration. So she started flourishing in her career and it help her in increasing her net worth.

Alaina Urquhart Net Worth, Source of Income, Career, Age, Height

Alaina Urquhart Net Worth Growth:

Alaina Urquhart has experienced good growth in her net worth in the last 5 years. Considering her net worth from 2019, has grown much because of her successful career and tremendous performance in all fields.

  • In 2019, she had a net worth of amount $500k. It was a good amount also at that time. But it has increased to much extent.
  • Now in 2020, it became $6 million.
  • After that in the year 2021, her net worth was about dollar 750k.
  • Then in 2022, her net worth became $1 million. It was a big increase caused in that year.
  • Now in 2023, her net worth is increased to $1.25 million.

Her net worth is enough for her to live a very luxurious and comfortable life. Why is having a good life with this amount of money earned from different sources?

Alaina Urquhart Income Sources:

Alaina Urquhart earns from different sources. Mainly she earned from her podcast career. She served as a screenwriter and host for the Morbid podcast. So she earns mainly from this source. But there are many income sources for her as well. Following are the complete and elaborated details of earning sources.

  • She earns from advertising deals and sponsoring various companies.
  • She also earns from crowd funding on different platforms.
  • She is also involved in the Merchandise selling of different items.
  • Alaina Urquhart is also involved in the sales of event tickets and live appearances.
  • She has also earned a huge money from affiliate marketing.
  • There are many listeners of hers who donates much amount to her as well. So she earns from this source as well.
  • She creates exclusive content for different platforms which are paid.
  • Alaina Urquhart also earns by selling podcast rights to different platforms. So by earning from all these sources, she has made an estimated net worth of about 3 million US dollars. She earns and yearly income of dollars 73300. This is a good amount of money that is earned by her. This helps her in living a luxurious and modern life.

Alaina Urquhart Instagram Followers:

Alaina Urquhart is an author and also a great podcaster by profession. She is a co host of Morbid podcast. Considering her fame, so she is a much followed personality now on different social media accounts. Alaina Urquhart has an Instagram profile that is verified. Her Instagram account comprises 288K followers. These followers are earning day by day because of her beautiful appearance and different shows. People use to listen to her podcast.

This is all because of nice content that is delivered by her. There are a total of 94 posts that have been posted by her. A total of 75 followings have been done from her account. This is a professional account on which she shares different crime scenes and crime stories that she used to tell in her podcast. So she is earning money from this source as well. The online platforms also pay a good sum of money to her.

Alaina Urquhart Career Details:

She is a graduate. Right after her graduation, she started doing different jobs. She first started her career as an autopsy technician. At that time she worked at Massachusetts General Hospital. This hospital was located in Boston. So she used to spend the starting days of her career in Boston. After that she started writing horror stories. She always loves to write about different horror cases, crime scenes, or different mysteries. So she was fond of literature. Due to this reason, she started publishing her own book. She always loves to be associated with different crime scenes and crime stories. So after working as an autopsy technician, she started her own podcast.

This podcast was sponsored by Morbid Podcast. So it was named as Morbid: A True Crime podcast. It was a great podcast delivered by Alaina Urquhart in which she used to describe different crime stories. It was her passion to work like this in her career. Her career is full of outstanding opportunities and ways. She got to flourish in her career. All this was due to her dedication and consistency in her profession. She always worked with full passion and courage due to which she is now very successful.

Physical Appearance:

Alaina Urquhart has a very decent personality. Her height is about 5 feet 2 inches. She has a weight of 56 kg. She looks very amazing. Her facial complexion is also moderate and looks very attractive. Her hairs are blonde in colour which suits very well on her. The eye color of Alaina Urquhart is light brown which suits well on her complexion.

She has maintained her body physique in a very interesting manner. She goes to the gym to remain fit and fine. So she looks very young according to her age. Alaina Urquhart is very conscious about her health and fitness. This is the reason she maintains her body posture always.


Alaina Urquhart is a great podcaster. She belongs from America and has earned a lot in her podcasting career. Not only from the podcast profession she earns from different sources as well. She has endorsed many brands also and has done sponsorships with different companies as well.

Alaina Urquhart is a very decent and modest lady with a beautiful appearance. She is much followed on different social media platforms. This is all because of her hard work in her profession.

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