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In this article, you will be provided with all the details regarding Debbie Swaggart Net Worth, Bio, Husband, Family, Career, Height, etc. Debbie Swaggart is known for being the wife of Donnie Swaggart. Donnie Swaggart is one of the most popular singers and pastors in America. He is much popular and has a good fan following. So because of him, his wife Debbie Swaggart is also in the eyes of many people. There are many fans of her also.

She is a Christian by religion and has a straight sexual orientation. Debbie Swaggart possesses American nationality and ethnicity. She is a married woman and also has children. She is married to Donnie Swaggart who is a much popular person. Debbie Swaggart also earns a good amount of money from different sources. She belongs to a rich family. So she gets money from her family also.

Debbie Swaggart Net Worth, Bio, Husband, Family, Career, Height

Debbie Swaggart Net Worth:

Debbie Swaggart has a net worth of about more than 19 million US dollars. She belongs to a very rich family. She also has made many business investments from where she earns a lot of money. Apart from them, Debbie Swaggart is also followed on different social media applications like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. So she also earns some money from the followers available on her social media accounts.

She also does many charitable works due to which she gets much fame and respect also. This money is enough for her to live a luxurious life. She lives a very happy life with her husband and children. She and her husband both earn a good amount of money. So they spend money on their living as well. So they live a very modern and beautiful life.

Physical Appearance:

Debbie Swaggart has a very attractive personality. She has a height of 5 feet 5 inches. Debbie Swaggart possesses a weight of 62 kg. She has maintained her body weight and physique as well. Debbie Swaggart has dark brown colored eyes. These look very mesmerizing according to her facial complexion. She also has gold-color hairs looks very interesting.

Debbie Swaggart makes new hairstyles and appears very beautiful. The dimensions of her body physique are 36 32 39. Overall she has a very beautiful appearance. Because of her beautiful personality, her husband Donnie Swaggart is also very attracted to her. There are many fans and followers of both of them. They follow her because of her amazing fashion trends and beautiful appearance in public.

Marriage Details:

Talking about the relationship and marriage details of Debbie Swaggart, she is a married woman. Her husband’s name is Donnie Swaggart. Her husband works as a pastor and also a co-pastor in different churches. He is a co-pastor at a famous family worship Centre Church. This Church is located in Louisiana. They both married happily and are living happily with their children.

They have three children which is why they also have 8 grandkids. Their marriage is very successful and is going on with much happiness and comfort. They had a love marriage and now they are sharing a great bond. Even at this age, they both look amazing together. They are not grandparents but according to their age, they don’t look that much old.

Debbie Swaggart Husband:

Her husband’s name is Donnie Swaggart. He is one of the top pastors of Louisiana. He is the pastor of a family worship Church which is located in Louisiana. He has also served as an evangelist for 25 years. Donnie Swaggart has also been a preacher and has preached about God in various countries. He has also written two books. Donnie Swaggart has a very humble personality. He has many followers on his social profiles.


Debbie Swaggart has three children with her husband Donnie Swaggart. They have one daughter and two sons. The name of Debbie’s son is Gabriel Swaggart. He is a pastor by profession in America. He is married to Gill. They both live happily. Gabriel and Gill also have three daughters. The daughters’ names are Caroline Francis, Samantha Gabriella, and Abby Jill. The other son’s name is Mathew Swaggart. He is also married and is involved in Ministry matters. Mathew Swaggart works as a professional photographer and graphic designer. His wife’s name is Joana. Matthew and Joana have two sons. Their names are Ryder Ruin and Mathew Aron. They also have a daughter named Josephine Rose.

The daughter of Debbie Swaggart Is Jennifer Swaggart. She is a professional teacher and has a Master’s degree in education. She is also married. Her husband’s name is Cliff. They both share a bond of love. Cliff and Jennifer have given birth to a daughter Harper Riley. They also have a son named Harrison Brooks. All her children and grandchildren live in Atlanta in Georgia.


Debbie Swaggart is one of the famous businesswomen. She is the wife of Donnie Swaggart, who is a well-known pastor. She earns a good sum of money from different business ventures. Debbie Swaggart along with her husband, children, and grandchildren lives in Louisiana. They all live very happily and possess a very good lifestyle.

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