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In this article, we will tell you where is wrench wang, his personality, appearance, early life, and his relationship with Siyu. Wrench Wang is basically an NPC. If we talk about his initial life he lived a lovely childhood with Siyu where he took a lot of care of her and shade food and shelter with her. Siyu also took great care of him and she also gifted him a handkerchief which is still kept by him with a lot of care.

Unfortunately, Wrench Wang could not express his feelings at the right time and Siyu decided to marry your Prince Charming. After her marriage Wrench, Wang left a fleet to join Shipyard as a repairman. So if you want to know where is Wrench Wang? He is currently working as a repairman in the Shipyard.

Where is wrench wang - Relation between Siyu and Wrench Wang

What is the impact of Genshin:

First of all, we will tell you what is Genshin’s impact. Genshin impact is a famous open-world action RPG which was launched by Mihoyo. The game is a very famous platform in today’s world and is liked by game lovers of all ages. It includes different attractive icons and instruments like maps and combat systems. Its relaxing soundtrack is another plus point of this game. It can also be played in co-op mode which is very impressive for mutual Gamers.

How to find wrench wang:

Fans of Wrench Wang want to know how to find Wrench Wang. So, now we will tell you how to find wrench wang? It is basically an NPC and if you want to know its location you are at the right place. It is located in the Shipyard in Liyue Harbor.

He is famous for his wandering activities and he can be found near the upper levels of the shipyard wandering all around. He is also responsible for the duty of repairing the Shipyard. So, he is found in the Shipyard wondering here and there looking for any fault on the Shipyard to repair it.

Where is wrench wang:

Wrench Wang is the character who is liked the most in the game. So, game lovers want to know where is wrench wang. He is basically a repairer at the shipyard. So, if you want to find a wrench wang you must look him around the Shipyard in Liyue Harbor. Mostly he wanders on the upper levels of a Shipyard. So, if you want to know where is wrench wang. He is on the upper levels of the Shipyard wandering all around.

What happened to wrench wang:

Everything was going smoothly but when Siyu decided to get married, the situation changed. So fans of wrench wang want to know what happened to wrench wang. Siyu always had a dream of marrying a Prince charming. So when she completed her dream by marrying Prince Charming, wrench wang came back to the Shipyard after joining the fleet for some years. Coming back to the Shipyard he started his work as a repairman and became the best repairman the dock has ever experienced.

Wrench wang appearance:

Now we will tell you about wrench wang appearance. He has a charming and attractive personality. His body is muscular and his eyes colour is green. If we talk about his hair he has hazel-coloured hair. His eyebrows are thick. If we talk about his dress he wears a white vest and a dark t-shirt.

His vest has grey strips and blue borders. He wears pants of blue colour tightened by a black belt. He wears white leggings under his pant. Wrench wears shoes brown colour. So, overall his personality is charming.

Wrench Wang profile:

Wrench Wang is basically a nickname which was given to the character by his friend. The real name of Wrench Wang is not known to us but if we get any news we will update you immediately. He works as a repairman at a Shipyard. If we talk about his early life most of the time of his childhood was spent with Siyu. They both have very strong bonding and affection for each other in their childhood.

They both were also very naughty and their elders mostly gave them lectures on manners. Wrench Wang has taken great care of Siyu throughout their childhood by providing her food, shelter and other basic needs. He cared for Siyu a lot. She also gave a handkerchief to him which is still kept by him with a lot of care. Unfortunately, they both could not make their life together and Siyu decided to marry a charming prince because it was her dream to marry a charming prince.

Wrench Wang’s personality:

Now we will tell you about Wrench Wang’s personality. Initially, he was a gloomy person. Despite being a gloomy person he was cared for a lot by Siyu. But currently, Wrench Wang has totally changed. He has become a very strong and optimistic character now. He enjoys his work in the Shipyard as a repairman and enjoys every moment with the crew.

An interesting fact about him is that he does not want to go along with his husband of Siyu because he still has a soft corner in his heart for Siyu. He still cries when alone because he regrets not confessing his love and not telling his feelings to Siyu at the right time. He still loves her and has a soft corner for her in his heart.

What is the relation between Siyu and Wrench Wang:

Wrench Wang still has a soft corner for Siyu in his heart. So Wrench Wang fans want to know what is relation between Wrench Wang and Siyu. In childhood both Wrench Wang and Siyu were friends. They both took a lot of care of each other and they were very affectionate toward each other.

Unfortunately, the wrench could not express his love feelings for her and she decided to fulfil her dream by marrying Prince Charming. Now that Siyu has married Prince Charming and Wrench Wang still has a soft corner in his heart for Siyu.

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