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In this article, we will tell you where can I watch Dear Evan Hansen, the details about platforms offering the movie, and many more. So keep reading this article if you are a fan of Dear Evan Hansen. Dear Evan Hansen is a famous movie which is most commonly popular for its music and the amazing role of Ben Platt. The story depicts the role of a teenage boy who after the death of his school friend denies his friendship with him and lies on various occasions.

The movie is directed by Stephen Chbosky and the music of this masterpiece is produced by Justin Paul and Benj Pasek. Many fans of Dear Evan Hansen are curious to know which platforms are offering online streaming facilities of Dear Evan Hansen.

Where can I watch Dear Evan Hansen

Story and cast of Dear Evan Hansen:

The story of Dear Even Hansen depicts the role of a teenage guy who gets into a tragedy that he has not committed. The movie is a Masterpiece that has received 9 awards including the best musical award, best book, best score, and best actor. The movie is directed by Stephen and the producer of this movie is Marc. In the story of this series, the main role is played by Ben Platt who is seen lying at various events of his friendship with a guy who died due to suicide.

The movie was released during the COVID days but it still managed to earn a lot of success. If we talk about the cast of this series the role of Evan Hansen was played by Ben Platt. The role of Heidi Hansen was played by Rachel Bay Jones and Zoe Murphy was played by Laura Dreyfuss. The role of Larry Murphy was played by Michael Park.

Where Can I Watch Dear Evan Hansen?

There are various online streaming platforms that are offering Dear Evan Hansen on their platforms like Hbo max, Direct TV, and some others. Other major platforms like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and others are currently not offering the services of Dear Evan Hansen. Further details about the platforms are listed below:

Can I watch Dear Evan Hansen on Hulu?

As Hulu is one of the top-rated online movie streaming platforms so fans are curious to know about the offering of Dear Evan Hansen on Hulu. Unfortunately, the movie is currently not on the platform of Hulu. However, there are some other movies that are available on Hulu.

Can I watch Dear Evan Hansen on HBO Max?

HBO max is another best online streaming platform which are offering various movies in its services. The fans want to know whether Dear Evan Hansen is offered by HBO max or not. So the answer is yes. Fortunately, Dear Evan Hansen is available on HBO max.

There are two versions of subscription of HBO max one is advertisement supported while the other is ads free. If you want an ads-free subscription you will have to pay $14.9 dollars in a month. Contrary to this if you can enjoy an advertisement-supported subscription you can get it for $9.99 dollars per month.

Can I watch Dear Evan Hansen on Netflix?

Almost everyone is a user of Netflix and wants to watch their favorite movies on Netflix. So now we will tell you that is Netflix offering the streaming of the epic movie Dear Evan Hansen. Unfortunately, the answer is no. Netflix is currently not offering Dear Evan Hansen.

But if you are a fan of such movies you can watch the alternatives like Lady Bird and Alex Strangelove. In the future, if Netflix adds Dear Evan Hansen to its list we will tell you immediately.

Is Dear Evan Hansen on Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime is not offering Dear Evan Hansen but there are some other movies of the same generic that can be watched on Amazon Prime. The list of such movies includes “the spectacular now” and the chemical heart.

Is Dear Evan Hansen on Roku?

The musical drama Dear Evan Hansen is available for streaming on Roku. Apart from that, you can also go to the theater for enjoying the movie as it is released in the theaters for viewers. Moreover, if you want to watch it on streaming platforms then Roku and HBO max are the best options. By getting a subscription to these platforms you can enjoy interruption-free streaming.

Is Dear Evan Hansen on Paramount?

Paramount is a very popular platform among movie lovers and fans want to watch Dear Evan Hansen on Paramount. Unfortunately the series Dear Evan Hansen is not available for streaming on Paramount. The movie can be seen directly in the theaters. In the future, if we get any news about the availability of Dear Evan Hansen on Paramount or some other online streaming platforms we will update you immediately.

Currently, you can enjoy the movie in cinemas and theaters only. And the major platform is offering the streaming of Dear Evan Hansen. So, go to the theaters and enjoy the movie with your loved ones.

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