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In this article, we will tell you about the We Were Liars movie, its summary, plot, and adaptation planning in the future. So, if you are a fan of E Lockhart’s We Were Liars book keep reading this article to get useful information about its movie adaptation. We Were Liars is a popular novel-based book which is written by E Lockhart. The book was so successful and famous that people started speculating about the making of the We Were Liars movie based on the story of the novel.

The adaptation of We Were Liars as a movie was proposed by Imperative Entertainment. It is a company that makes movie adaptations of various popular books and was formed in 2014. The formation of this company was good news for the fans of books and novels and specifically, the fans of We Were Liars because they got to hope for the adaptation of We Were Liars as a movie. The story of this book revolves around the main character Cadence.

Where Can We Watch We Were Liars Movie, Cast, Plot

When are We Were Liars released?

We Were Liars a popular novel-based book is under consideration for its adaptation as a movie. The company which is planning to make its movie version is Imperative Entertainment. The company was formed in 2014 with the goal of making movie adaptations of various popular books and novels. As the company disclosed plans of making a movie in the We Were Liars book the fans were very excited and are now anxiously searching to know the release date of the movie.

As far as there is no progress in the development of the movie We Were Liars. The process is under consideration by the company and as any news comes out regarding the movie production we will share the news with you. Tell then to enjoy reading the novel.

The plot of We Were Liars:

The plot of We Were Liars movie is unknown to us yet as the movie has not been released yet. But we can share with you the summary of the We Were Liars novel which will be part of the movie in the future as well. So we will talk about the summary of We Were Liars. The story of this novel revolves around the character Cadence. The story is based in the area of Massachusetts where the Sinclair family is enjoying their vacations. On this island, the family gathers to enjoy their time. Cadence is also present there.

Two years ago Cadence had a trauma and she forgets various things. Now at the age of 17 years, Cadence is again on the island in the search of the truth that what incident happened two years ago with her when she was 15 years old. The narration of the very is very exciting. She struggles to find the reason for her sickness, ugliness, and trauma which happened after the incident which is hidden. She finally uncovered the truth but to know the whole story you will have to read the complete novel.

The cast of We Were Liars:

As we have stated that the production of the movie We Were Liars has not started yet. So, we can’t predict who will be part of the cast of We Were Liars. As soon as we get to know the cast of We Were Liars movie we will share the details with you but till now there is no as such news of its production in near future.

Where can we watch We Were Liars:

The fans of We Were Liars who are thinking that the movie version has been released are looking for platforms where they can watch the We Were Liars movie. Watching We Were Liars on any platform is not possible yet because the production has just been planned but not finalized. When the product will be started and the movie is released we will tell you in detail about the platforms offering online streaming facilities of We Were Liars.

Are there any chances of the We Were Liars movie?

The chances of the We Were Liars movie are bright as Imperative Entertainment has plans to make its movie adaptation. The final date of production is still unpredictable.

Favorite books for We Were Liars fans:

We Were Liars is a very interesting book and people who have read this book also want to know the alternatives to this book. These books are easily available in the market and you can also read them online. The books that are same in the genre of We Were Liars are listed below:

  • Genuine Fraud was written by E. Lockhart.
  • Little Monsters was written by Kara Thomas.
  • Everything, Everything written by Nicola Yoon.
  • One of Us Is Lying written by Karen M.
  • Be True to Me written by Adele Griffin.
  • Rosie Girl was written by Julie Shepard.
  • Even in Paradise written by Chelsey Philpot.
  • Liar was written by Justine Larbalestier.

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