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If you’ve invested in a cottage-style home, you’re incredibly lucky. Not only are these homes gorgeous, but they are some of the most sought-after homes out there in 2022 (making your home’s value incredible as a result). For those who are just beginning to perfect the interior decor of their cottage home, it’s critical that you first take into account the core features that will make your home shine. For those looking for a jumping-off point, here are the eight core elements of contemporary cottage-style interior decor you should know about: 

1. Muted Wall Colors 

According to modern design trends, muted, pastel wall colors are a must for any trendy contemporary cottage layout. The muted colors allow you to keep your walls beautiful while ensuring they will not clash with other interior decor decisions you make along your decorating journey. Opting for subdued tone-on-tone stripes is a possibility that will keep you style-forward in 2022 as well. 

2. Antique Accessories 

A cottage will never feel quite right without a few authentic antique accessories. Whether it’s a family heirloom, a beautiful old clock, or some other impressive antique accessory, you should consider how to make them stand out as a central feature of your cottage’s interior decor. Doing so will help you achieve the cottage look in a truly mind-blowing fashion. And the hunt for quality antique accessories is so much fun that you’ll find yourself craving your next antiquing adventure in no time.  

3. Floral Fabrics 

Floral fabrics can be used in practically every facet of your cottage’s interior decor, and to great effect. Floral fabrics on upholstered furniture pieces drapery that is made using floral fabrics, and floral rugs are all great ways to spice up your cottage’s interior decor. Because the nature of floral patterns is so diverse, you can get creative, and find the perfect way to use floral fabrics in your cottage. Be sure to consider the aesthetic appeal of other key pieces of your cottage’s interior decor before deciding on a floral pattern, however. 

4. Slipcovered Furniture 

Speaking of cottage interior furniture, slipcovered furniture has become incredibly popular in cottage-centric interior decor circles. Especially in rooms that are meant to host, slip-covered furniture is a great idea. Rescued sofas and other older pieces of furniture will last much longer if you use a slipcover (and you’ll be making them much more aesthetically pleasing at the same time). 

5. Throw Rugs 

Throw rugs are a great addition to the decor of nearly every home, no matter what the overarching style that you’re going for might be. With cottage-style interior decor, throw rugs are used to add an extra cozy, down-to-Earth look to a room. The often more affordable nature of throw rugs makes them that much more popular for budget-conscious homeowners looking to create a beautiful interior within their cottage homes. 

6. DIY Furniture 

Cottage enthusiasts and DIY enthusiasts often overlap in terms of aesthetic and decor interests. DIY furniture adds a sense of style and personality to your cottage home that is nearly impossible to replicate and can make you feel proud to host your friends and family throughout the year. Think of your favorite DIY pieces, and use that inspiration to create a piece of DIY furniture that will fit perfectly into your cottage’s interior decor aesthetic. 

7. Sun-Drenched Spaces

If you’re investing in a cottage, you likely love sunny, relaxing days of relaxation. After all, a laid-back feel is synonymous with the cottage-core lifestyle. Designing your interior spaces to take advantage of the large, sun-drenched room designs of your cottage is a must. Doing so will also highlight your other beautiful cottage interior decor choices, so make sure to take this step extra seriously. 

8. Fireplaces 

Especially if you’re living out in the country, having a cottage that includes a fireplace is highly recommended. Not only do they look beautiful in terms of decor, but they will boost your ability to enjoy relaxing, comfortable hosting events (even when the sun is not pouring through your cottage’s windows). The joys of a fireplace are hard to overstate, so do yourself a favor and invest in installing a fireplace in your cottage home if it does not have one already. 

Embrace the Cottage Lifestyle in 2022

Once you’ve incorporated these core interior decor elements into your cottage home, you will have a breathtakingly beautiful space to enjoy. Whether you love to host, or love cottages because you’re a lone wolf, there will be plenty to fall in love with as you decorate your cottage’s interior decor. 

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