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Commercial Properties 

When you’re enjoying roads, parking lots, schools, and other essential structures in our society, one group of professionals is largely to thank for how well they function: commercial paving companies. These companies do their best to ensure these structures are safe, effective, and ready to be used. Especially after the passage of the infrastructure bill in Congress, these professionals are hard at work to keep the country prepared for our population’s day-to-day work (and play). If you’ve ever wondered about the materials these companies used, and how they are taken care of, here is a handy guide to common paving materials for commercial properties: 

The 3 Best Commercial Paving Materials:

1. Permeable Plastic Pavers 

Plastic pavers are the new trendy material in the world of any quality commercial paving company and for good reason. They allow paving companies to use plastic that’s 100% recycled, but just as strong as many other normal choices. These plastic structures are typically filled with grass or gravel to give them extra support. The durable, unique, recycled, and often-affordable nature of permeable plastic pavers has made them especially popular in locales that are focused on staying environmentally conscious with their development projects. The exciting new frontiers that permeable plastic pavers have opened up for the future of infrastructure are on every pavers’ mind these days. 

2. Asphalt 

The most common commercial paving material companies work with, asphalt is present at pretty much every developed location you visit. Because the cost, maintenance needs, quality, and durability are so amazing, asphalt has remained the star material for most projects performed by commercial paving companies. If you’re enjoying a road, a parking lot, a warehouse, or simply your house, there’s almost certainly plenty of asphalt built into the foundation and structure that you are enjoying. 

3. Concrete 

Alongside asphalt, concrete is another key material that’s used in nearly every commercial paving project. Because it’s highly durable and easy to repair, concrete has become a favorite for businesses looking for sustainable structures as well. Concrete is typically made from sand, small rocks, and other key ingredients, making it uniform across most markets. In commercial building projects, concrete is often even more present than asphalt. By consulting a quality commercial paving company, you can determine which of these three materials is best suited for your project (and it could end up being a mixture of all three)! Concrete is even used in many home playgrounds around the country. 

3 Tips for Improving the Sustainability of Commercial Paving Materials:

1. Treat Everything with Care

More than anything else, it’s crucial that all paving companies (and the people that use their creations) treat structures with care. If you are constantly putting undue pressure on paving projects, they will need more frequent repairs, and could even be put in danger of having foundational elements of their structure harmed in a costly fashion. By treating everything with care, you will ensure that the hard work of commercial paving companies lasts as long as humanly possible without the need for repairs and maintenance. 

2. Stay on Top of Crack and Hole Repair 

If you do not treat everything with care, you’ll experience way more cracks, holes, and other damages that will need to be repaired. If these are left unrepaired, it can lead to issues where water is leaking into the structure of the pavement projects, which can be both costly and time-consuming to fix. To avoid this disaster, you must always stay on top of crack and hole repair. Do not hesitate to call in your trusted commercial paving company partner to fix these issues as soon as you spot them

3. Clean, Clean, Clean 

To avoid the need for frequent maintenance, keeping paving projects clean is essential. This practice will not only make sure you avoid the build-up of water, dust, and dirt that can damage a structure, but it will make your business look much more professional as well. Be sure to stay on top of this cleaning to avoid costly damages and a bad reputation among your customers. If you see stains, you must remove them immediately to ensure they do not become permanent. Using a pressure washer to do so is highly recommended. 

The Benefits of Hiring a Commercial Paving Company are Endless 

Even if you’re looking to do a paving project on your residential property, there are endless benefits to hiring a commercial paving company, as they are the most professional pavers you could ever hope to work with. For businesses and city projects, commercial paving companies are the go-to source for getting the job done both correctly and quickly. Without their help, we would not have such a well-functioning, and prideful society. 


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