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Of all the amazing features that define your home’s look, the front door is one of the most important. Because your front door is a portal into your home, you want it to be durable, beautiful, and fitting to your home’s overall aesthetic. If you’re not keyed into what makes a quality front door, however, it can be difficult to shop for one. To help you out on this journey, here are ten qualities every home’s front door should have: 

1. Quality Craftsmanship 

Above all else, you should always emphasize the craftsmanship of any door that you’re looking to invest in. Making sure that it’s both visually striking, and built to last, is crucial. As you consider the other qualities we’ll be discussing on this list, you can more accurately assess whether the door you’re looking at is of quality craftsmanship. 

2. Customizable Features 

Whether you need features customized for spacing concerns, aesthetic concerns, or something else, knowing that you’re going with a front entry door that can be tweaked to your needs is incredibly important. Thankfully, finding a quality home entry door that’s built with customization in mind has become easier than ever before in today’s marketplace. 

3. Incredible Aesthetic Appeal 

Nothing is as boring as a plain-looking front door. Because your front door is the primary way people will enter and exit your home, you want it to represent your home in an aesthetically pleasing fashion. Think of your front door as a portal that brings people into your amazing home, and you’ll pay much closer attention to the look and design of the door you’re investing in. With the right front door, you can make your home’s front porch look incredible

4. Wonderful Frame Quality 

Without a strongly built, quality frame, even the most beautiful front door will become a poor investment. Every other quality we’re discussing on this list is somehow related to the actual frame quality of the product you’re buying, so never cheap out on the quality of your potential front door’s frame! 

5. Ease of Installation 

Trying to install a front door can be a massive pain. However, with enough patience and determination, you can do so on your own without any issues. Unless the person you’re buying the door from heavily recommends against installing a door on your own, you can likely get the job done. Due to this, looking for a door that’s known for being easy to install is highly recommended. 

6. All-Weather Performance 

Changing weather conditions, and inclement weather, are two of the most pressing issues that can cause damage or wear to your front door. By investing in a door that’s proven to have excellent all-weather performance, you can feel assured that you’ve made a quality investment. If you can find a front door that has comprehensive 6-side protection, and well-graded impact resistance, you’ll have great peace of mind about your investment. 

7. Excellent Durability 

If you are investing in a quality front door, you are likely spending a pretty penny to do so. Because you’re spending your hard earned money, you need to ensure the door you’re investing in is highly durable and built for longevity. They should be built to take many external factors into account, such as moisture, humidity, seasonal pressures, and more. 

8. Glass Panels 

Especially with today’s design trends, a front door without glass panels is a no-go. Not only do they not feel welcoming, but they are plain-looking in a way that drastically decreases their aesthetic appeal. Thankfully, there are tons of different design styles associated with glass panels on front doors, so you can find a choice that fits your taste perfectly. If you’re into modern trends, consider how the glass panels on your front door can be used to achieve a grandmillenial style

9. Being Easy to Maintain 

Even if you invest in the best front door possible, damages and wear-and-tear can still occur. Knowing that the door you’re installing will be easy to maintain in these situations can help you rest easy. Especially if you do not want to have to hire a repairman every time your front door needs small repairs or maintenance, you should be putting a lot of effort into finding a front door that’s easy to maintain. 

10. Energy Efficient Build 

As homeowners are becoming more environmentally conscious, they’re demanding that every critical part of their homes be built in an energy-efficient fashion. Front doors are not an exception to this rule, and by purchasing a front door that helps eliminate drafts, and prevents heat loss, you can do your part to protect the environment. 

Here’s to Finding the Perfect Front Door 

By using this quality checklist, you can find the perfect door for your home. Finding the right product can make or break your ability to achieve your dream home, after all. With just a bit of luck and a sharp eye for design, you can find a quality front door that will help you bring your home’s equity to brand new heights. 

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