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Here is the detail of Rowan Dancy Age, Biography, Father, Mother, and Family Members. Rowan Dancy P is the youngest child of his parents who are Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy. He is the youngest child in his family who was born on August 27 in the year 2018. He is 4 years old as of 2022. Currently, he is learning a lot from his parents and his family members. He has been treated by his family members as a kid who is going to learn many things in his life. Rowan Dancy is also the most loving child of his family.

Rowan Dancy Age, Biography, Father, Mother, Family Members

Rowan Dancy Age:

If we consider the age of this child, he is now able to go to school. He should go to school and start learning and start making his future bright. His parents should consider it that their son is now able to go to the school and it is beneficial for him to go to the school. He is now at the age of 4. He is also in the age of being loved and he is also enjoying the love and affection of his parents and his big brother which is given to him by them.

Rowan Dancy is at a very great age and is now in the hands of his parents. He has no need to do anything on his own until he has his parents and his big brother at this age. We did not know anything about the liking of Rowan Dancy and his ambitions and hobbies are also unknown yet. This is because they are not revealed on the internet by their parents and he is very young. So we cannot judge what will he do in the future.

Father of Rowan Dancy:

The father of Rowan Dancy is Hugh Dancy. His father was born on 19th June in the year 1975. Currently, his father is 47 years old. The father of Rowan Dancy who is Hugh Dancy was born in the city of Staffordshire which is located in England. His father when was a kid, was raised by her parents in the area of Newcastle under Lyme. Rowan Dancy mother was named Sarah Ann Dancy and she was an academic publisher. His father was Jonathan Dancy who was a philosophy professor. He has raised a well-settled led family. He has two siblings one sister and one brother. The name of his sister is Katherine Sarah Redman. His brother was named Jack Dancy.

The father of Rowan Dancy was educated in a very great School which was a Dragon School in Oxford and was located in England. The college was also great in which Hugh Dancy was educated. He was educated at Winchester College. Later, he also attended St Peter’s College at the University of Oxford. He studied English literature at the University of Oxford. Rowan Dancy was raised in a well-settled family and he also did well in his studies and now living in a very rich family with his wife and two kids. He is now a very well-known and famous actor in the industry.

Mother of Rowan Dancy:

The mother of Rowan Dancy is named Claire Danes. The full name of the mother of Rowan Dancy is Clair Katherine Dancy. She is an American actress. She very famous popular American actress whose acting skills are just stunning and outstanding. Her acting performances have won the hearts of many people in the whole world and she is also the most loved actress in America. She is a very great American actress.

She has been appearing in the films on television screen since she was in her teenage. We can imagine her acting skills when she appeared on television during her teenage. She is also the recipient of three prime-time Emmy awards. She has also won four Golden Globe awards. Her acting skills and her consistent hard work and continuous efforts prove effective and now she is considered the best actress in the world. In 2012, she was also named one of the hundred most influential people in the world.

She is currently 44 years old and she was born on April 12 in the year 1979. Her birthplace is New York City in the US. Her occupation is an actress and the spouse of her is Hugh Dancy. She is currently married and has two children. The youngest kid of Claire Danes is Rowan Dancy. She loves her youngest child the most. She also takes very good care of her youngest child as he is 4 years old only.

Cyrus Michael Christopher Dancy:

He is the elder brother of Rowan Dancy. He is currently 10 years old. His age difference from his younger brother is six years and his younger brother is four years old. Cyrus Michael Christopher Dancy is the first son of Claire Danes and Hugh Dancy. He was born on December 14 in the year 2012. Cyrus Michael Christopher Dancy is only 10 years old but still, he takes a lot of care of his younger brother Rowan Dancy.

He is full filling all of his responsibilities as an older brother. Cyrus Michael Christopher Dancy is also making the hopes true which are in the heart of Rowan Dancy from his elder brother. He is an amazing child who is only 10 years old but still very kind to his younger brother and also respects his parents. During an interview with Harpers Bazaar UK, her mother said that her elder son is demonstrating as he received a farewell kiss from his babysitter.


Rowan Dancy is the son of two famous personalities. His father was a very famous philosophy professor. While his mother is an amazing actress. The complete family lives happily together. Rowan Dancy also has an older brother. Both of them share a great bond together. His elder brother is only a few years older than him.

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