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In this blog, we will be talking about Ricky Gervais Wife Cancer who has fought cancer for a long time. We will be talking about what type of cancer she had and more things related to that. Ricky Gervais is a well-known comic writer, actor, and famous director. He has done many famous comic roles in comedy. His shows and comic talent are also available on Netflix. There are many renowned and famous comic roles he has done but his most famous roles are in the series Life and The Office.

Ricky Gervais Wife Cancer - What Was the Type of Cancer

Ricky Gervais Wife Cancer:

Recently his wife is diagnosed with cancer and fought with it but lost her life. Due to the illness of his wife, Ricky also disappeared from the social media and television industry. His wife was in critical condition during her illness bus Ricky did not give up and gave hope to his wife.

What was the type of cancer she had fought with?

Ricky wife’s name was Lisa Johnson. She was his onscreen wife. They both had very great chemistry with one another. Recently the news has come up that she was fighting breast cancer. She had done a series in which she died of cancer and also in real life.  But she was the only on-screen wife of Ricky. Her real-life partner is alive and they both are doing great. In the series After Life Lisa played the role of his wife. The great chemistry between the onscreen couple shown in the series

Nowadays breast cancer is one of the major reasons for the death of women. In this type of cancer the cell of the epithelial lining grow rapidly and at a very fast rate. The mass of the tissue form in the breast. The tumor that is formed in the tissues of the breast can also move and invade the other parts of the body. The malignant tumor can destroy the other major organs of the body like kidneys, lungs, brains, etc.

The breast cancer eventually cause the death of Lisa.  The death of his on-screen wife made him disheartened. He saw his film with his on-screen wife more than 70 times. He typically watched a scene with his co-actor after his dismissal. In the scene, she reads a poem to his partner Tony in the series. But the series story is not made on a real-life incident.

Ricky Gervais Biography:

He is a well-known comedian, writer, and actor who was born on 25th June 1961. He took birth in England. Ricky Gervais has gained fame from the sitcom The Office. This sitcom was aired from the year 2001 to 2003. He was also one of the actors who acted in the sitcom.

Ricky Gervais was nominated for many categories and also won the award. He had won  7 BAFTA Awards, 2 Emmy Awards, and 3 Golden Globe awards, the Rose d’Or 2 times from the year 2006 to 2019.

But before a comedian, he tried to become a pop star in the year 1980. He has also sung in a couple of concerts. He also remained a member of the band’s life Suede. But he then started and tried his luck in the comedy. Now the world knows him as a comedy star.

Ricky Gervais Net Worth:

According to different sources, the net worth of Ricky Gervais is estimated to be more than 160 million dollars. His comic talent proved to be his bread and butter. Along with that he also earns from the different brand endorsements. He also sings new contacts and shows which also adds money to his net worth. He earns a good amount of money from a single episode of his shows and episodes.

Ricky Gervais Work:

He has done many roles in different series. Moreover, he is a well-known writer and director. He has done great work as far as his writing is concerned. He has written many scripts record of which is available on the Internet. His famous series After Life is the best so far. This series has made a very good impact on people. Now the series has ended. People are thinking about whether the storyline is inspired by a real-life incident or not

Real-life Partner of Ricky Gervais:

The real-life partner’s name Ricky Gervais is Jane Fallon who had been diagnosed with COVID. According to the reports and sources, she is now recovering from the symptoms of the coronavirus. She also faced some health problems during her illness.

Jane Fallon also said that she had taken the injection of the covid vaccine before getting the coronavirus. She added that along with the covid vaccine, she was also vaccinated against the influenza virus. She delivered the message through her Instagram story. But now she is in the recovery phase and doing fine but the symptoms take some time to be recovered completely.

Ricky Gervais and Jane Fallon’s Relationship Status:

Both have been in a relationship for a very long time. They are not married to one another but are together for more than 37 years which is almost 4 decades. They are not married to one another for their reasons.

Moreover, they are together but they have not brought any baby to this world. According to them if they have kids they might face some trouble in their relationship. If talking about Ricky only he is a very kind and supportive person. He owns cats which he takes care of a lot. He takes care of the food and health of the cats.


In this article, we have discussed the cause of death of Ricky Gervais’s wife Lisa Johnson. She was the onscreen wife of Ricky. They both showed very good chemistry on screen. Moreover, we have discussed the illness of his real-life partner Jane Fallon who has defected covid. Moreover, we have added a little bit of information regarding Ricky Gervais. To get more information read this article.

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