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In this article, we will tell you about Rivers Cuomo wife, his early life biography career, and relationship status. So keep reading this article if you are interested to know about Rivers Cuomo and his wife. Rivers Cuomo is a famous singer song writer producer and musician from the United States of America.  He is working as a lead guitarist vocalist and songwriter in a band named Weezer.  A lot of speculations are security on social media about his wife.

An interesting fact about his wife is that she is a Japanese celebrity. The name of his wife is Kyoko Ito.  if we talk about the age of Rivers Cuomo’s wife she was born on the 01st November 1973 in Kumamoto Japan. So currently she is almost 49 years old.  They both are living happy married life together. The zodiac sign of Kyoko Ito is Scorpio.

Who is Rivers Cuomo Wife How old is Rivers Cuomo

Rivers Cuomo wife:

Whenever we talk about our favorite personalities the first question that comes to our mind is their relationship status. So, now we will share with you the relationship status of Rivers Cuomo. The most speculated topic about Rivers Cuomo is his wife. He married Kyoko Ito in 2006. An interesting fact about their relationship is that he married Kyoko after 9 years of their first meet-up.

They for the first time met in a concert at the Middle East club in Cambridge Massachusetts. Their wedding function was arranged at Paradise Cove in Malibu. Rivers Cuomo and Kyoko are parents to one son and one daughter. The name of his son is Leo and he was born in 2011. The name of his daughter is Mia who was born in 2007. If we talk about the profession of Kyoko is a Japanese model and celebrity and is currently 49 years old.

The Early life of Rivers Cuomo:

Rivers Cuomo was born in Manhattan on 13th June 1970. If we talk about the family and parents of Rivers Cuomo, his father belongs to Italian descent while his mother belongs of German descent. The name of his father is Frank Cuomo and the name of his mother is Beverly Shoenberger. An interesting fact about Rivers Cuomo is that his mother gave him the name Rivers because he was born between the Hudson River and the East River. Rivers Cuomo is not the only musician in his family his father was also a musician who played drums in a popular album named Odyssey of Iska. Most of the early life of Rivers Cuomo was spent in Zen Center New York.

Then came an unfortunate event in their life and his father left them. After this incident, his mother took the kids along with her to Yogaville Connecticut. Here Rivers Cuomo got admission to Mansfield Middle School. Another interesting fact about Rivers Cuomo is that he for some time changed his name to Peter Kitts but did not opt for it for long and reverted back his name to Rivers Cuomo. Further details about his early life are not available to us yet but if we get any news we will update you immediately.

Rivers Cuomo career:

Being a popular musician, songwriter, and artist Rivers Cuomo has earned a lot of success and fame in his career. He started his music career when he was just 15 years of age. He has toured various parts of the world to show his skillful performances at various events.

It has also been reported that his success and fame were just for a little period of time. He has also won various awards for his performances. Moreover, his father was also a drummer and musician.

Rivers Cuomo’s net worth:

Musicians and artists are good-earning professionals in the United States of America. If we talk about the net worth of Rivers Cuomo, he owns almost 40 million dollars. His major source of income is music. Apart from that he also earns from other successful business ventures.

He is fond of living a lavish lifestyle which is quite obvious from his posts on Instagram. Further details about his assets and cars are not available to us yet but if we get any news we will update you immediately.

How old is Rivers Cuomo?

Rivers Cuomo was born on 13th June 1970 in Manhattan. So, currently, he is almost 52 years old. He looks young and energetic as he takes good care of his diet and health and maintains a healthy lifestyle.

Physique and appearance:

Rivers Cuomo has a charming and decent personality. If we talk about the appearance of Rivers Cuomo’s wife her height is 5 feet and 5 inches while her weight is 62 kg. She has an attractive and beautiful figure. Further details about the body features of this couple are not available to us yet but if we get any news we will share it with you.

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