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In this article, we will tell you about Priscilla Presley wedding ring, details about the wedding, the wedding cake, and other special things about the proposal. There is a very strong trend in the media industry that a celebrity marries a celebrity. A very less number of couples are seen in which a celebrity personality marries a common person.  Here we are presenting you an example of this couple. Yes, we are talking about Elvis and Priscilla Presley.

They both got married in 1967.  An interesting fact about this couple is that Elvis is a famous celebrity while Priscilla Presley is a noncelebrity.  Elvis is not just a celebrity but a king of celebrities. He has enough talent to be compared with George Clooney, Brad Pitt, or Timberlake. Just like the celebrity is special, the wedding proposal was also very special and one of its specialties is the wedding ring.

Priscilla Presley Wedding Ring & How She Met with Elvis

How did Priscilla Presley and Elvis meet?

Priscilla Presley and Elvis had a wonderful dating experience before their marriage. According to sources the couple met in 1959 in Germany when Elvis was posted there. At the time of their marriage, Priscilla Presley was only 21 years old. The most amazing fact about their wedding is that Elvis proposed to Priscilla Presley with a 3-carat diamond ring. The arrangement of the wedding was arranged in Las Vegas which is the hometown of Elvis. The sin city location was selected for the marriage and the wedding was held on the first of May 1967.

Being a high-voltage wedding the eyes of news reporters were on the spot. The couple in order to avoid the rush of reporters traveled through a private jet from Palm Springs to Las Vegas. They were on board the jet at 3 a.m. They reached to get the marriage license at 4 a.m. After getting the marriage license the couple was officially married at 9 a.m.

Who was present at Priscilla Presley’s wedding?

Being a classy wedding the guests at Priscilla Presley and Elvis’s wedding were all notable personalities. The attires were elected after thorough consideration. At the time of the wedding pledge, the hall was having 14 people who were loved ones of the couple. The pledge was held at the Aladin Hotel in Las Vegas. Priscilla Presley’s sister named Michelle was made the maid of honor during the event.

From Elvis’s side, the friends of a king named Marty Lacker and Joe Esposito were present. An interesting fact about the marriage of Priscilla Presley and Elvis is that Elvis asked to remove the word obey from the marriage. After the wedding pledge, the function started and almost 100 guests were present.

Priscilla Presley Wedding Ring:

The whole wedding ceremony of Priscilla Presley and Elvis was remarkable but the most special thing was the wedding ring. On the occasion of the wedding, Elvis gifted a 3-carat diamond ring to Priscilla Presley which became the attention of the wedding hall. Everyone was surprised with this expensive wedding gift and the bride was very happy after receiving the gift.

The elegantly designed ring became the highlight of the event. Apart from the ring, there were also other things to notice like the wedding cake and the dresses of the groom and bride. The six-tier cake cost almost 3200 dollars. Moreover, the dinner at the wedding was also very expensive. It included roast suckling pig, Oysters Rockefeller, lobster, Southern fried chicken, and champagne and this arrangement was made for 10 thousand dollars.

Honeymoon and child of Priscilla Presley:

The couple welcomed their first child right after nine months after the wedding. They named the child Lisa Marie Presley. To celebrate this happy occasion they went to the palm spring home and named it Elvis Honeymoon hideaway.

Their love was unmatchable any they lived millions of memories together, An interesting fact about Priscilla Presley’s wedding is that it is still remembered by the people due to the 3-carat ring offered by Elvis to Priscilla Presley.

Priscilla Presley divorce:

The couple was living a very happy life together when some misunderstanding started and the reason is still ambiguous. Some sources claim that there was no such problem between them and they parted ways in a positive way. They got married in 1967 and they got divorced in 1973 just 6 years after the marriage. There was such an immense love of Priscilla Presley for Elvis that in an interview she revealed that even after the death of Elvis she has feelings of love for him in her heart and she is living with wonderful memories.

Moreover, she has said that there is no sadness about their partition as Elvis lives in her heart and she always feels him around. Priscilla Presley is still having the 3-carat diamond ring which Elvis gifted her at the time of their wedding. Many pictures of this remarkable wedding are present on the internet and the fans of this wedding love them.

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