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Here you will get complete details about Notti Osama Age, Nickname, Singer, Career, Death Incident, family, etc. Notti Osama is the nickname of Ethan Reyes. This is his stage name.  He was a famous hip-hop singer from America. He has released many albums and crafts. Notti Osama was 14 years old. Now he is dead because of a stabbing incident with him.  He is a very talented rapper. Many people love his rap songs.

Notti Osama Age, Nickname, Singer, Career, Death Incident

Notti Osama Age:

He was a 14-year-old boy. Notti Osama had a great craze for making rap songs. He was always into music before his death. He has also released a music single. It was named without You. This album was released just 2 months before his death. He died at a very young age. This was all due to a clash between him and another rapper. The music fight happened between the two experienced rappers led to the death of Notti Osama.


Notti Osama has one brother. He is also very famous. His name is DD Osama. His brother is also a very well-known rapper. Both brothers work in the rapping industry. They both are in the same group where they both practice and perform well. DD Osama also posts many videos on TikTok along with his brother Notti Osama. After Notti Osama’s death, his brother DD Osama was very sad. He blamed himself for his death. He said that he is responsible for the death of his brother. This is because he was not available at the time of the incident to save and rescue him. He missed his brother very much. Both were very close to each other.

Notti Osama Death Incident:

He was a 14-year-old boy who had great rapping skills. He was a professional drill rapper in America. In a subway station in New York, he was stabbed and led to death. There was a fight between Notti Osama and a group of boys in July 2022. The fight happened between him and another rapper who was 15 years old. It has been expected that it was a musical rivalry between the two of them. The 15-year-old rapper stabbed Notti Osama. At that time he was walking when his friends were at the subway station that was in the neighborhood of Hamilton Heights.

At the time of the fight, Notti Osama was having a stick. He hit the other person with the stick while at that time the stabber named Martinez took out his knife and stabbed him very badly. Suddenly one of their friends Notti Osama took a sharp object near him and stabbed Martinez. He also throws him on the subway track. At that time Martinez was able to manage himself and ran away from the scene. But Notti Osama collapsed directly in no minutes. He was led to Death at the same time. It was a very bad incident that made his family much sad and scared.

Notti Osama Appearance:

Notti Osama has American nationality. He has a black ethnicity. His eye colour is black which suits well on him. He also had black colored hair. His hairs were curly. Notti Osama had a fit personality. He also had a straight orientation.

Notti Osama Early Life:

The real name of Notti Osama is Ethan Reyes. His popular name on the stage in the rapping industry is Notti Osama. He died on 9th July 2022. It was a direct murder. The name of the killer was Kevin Martinez. He was a 15-year-old boy who was also associated with the rapping industry. Considering the early life of Notti Osama, he was fond of music from his childhood. He did not experience his high career.

This was all because of his murder. He could not see the bright future of himself in the music industry. His career ended with his death. But he is remembered for his popular rap songs. When he was alive he was also in a relationship with Niyah. They both were happy together. She was also sad at the death of Notti Osama.

Tribute to Notti Osama:

Notti Osama was a very talented rapper. He made many music albums. He contributed well at a very young age to the music industry. So after the death of Notti Osama, the music industry paid tribute to him. The murder of Notti Osama was a very sad moment for the complete music industry.

This is because it was the time of the rise of his career when he died. So the musicians and other fans of Notti Osama give him a tribute in a unique style. They played his songs and adore them much. He will be much remembered by every member of his nearby music industry. It was a very tragic death for all the people.


Notti Osama was a very brilliant rapper. He got much fame from a very young age. His career was about to go to the peak. But he was murdered by a fellow rapper. The name of his murderer was Kevin Martinez. He was killed in the subway station. It was very bad for him as his rapping career was about to rise. The murderer was also a rapper. They both got into a fight probably any fight related to the music industry. He was a very nice guy who was dear and kind to everyone.

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