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In this article, we will be talking about the Will Trent cast, their roles, performance, ages, and much more. This is an American series based on the criminal cases. This series is taken from the novels of Karin Slaughter. The series was started in the year 2023 on 3rd January. The series was premiered by the American Broadcasting Company. By this time, the series has only one season with 13 episodes.

List of Will Trent Cast, Leading Actor, Actress, Role, TV Series

List of Will Trent Cast:

There were many crew and cast members in the series. One was the main castle while the other was the recurring cast that appeared on and off. We will be talking about the main and recurring cast of the series.

1. Ramon Rodriguez

He is a well-known American actor who belongs to Puerto Rican. He got famous for the ABC series Will Trent. Ramon played the role of Will Trent. He started his career in side roles in different series like Rise to Power, Rescue Me, and The Wire. In addition to that she just played many roles in many other series like Law and Order, Day Break, etc. Moreover, he showed his acting skills in different films like Bella, Surfer, The Taking of Pelham 123, etc. He was born on 20th December 1979. He went to the Leelanau School in America and Wheeling University in New York.

2. Erika Jane Christensen

She is one of the lead actors in the Will Trent series. She played the role of Angie Polaski. Erika Jane also played many famous roles in films and series. She was born on 19th August 1982. She belongs to America. When she realized she was made for acting and wanted to show her talent to the world, she then choose that.

She started her career in the commercial of Mcdonald’s.  She then appeared in the series Nothing Sacred then in the year 1997. Then she gave a hit film in the same year Leave it to the Beaver. She showed her talent in different series like Frasier, 3rd Rock from Sun, and Touched By an Angel.

3. Iantha Richardson:

She played the role of Faith Mitchell in the Will Trent series. She took birth on 16th June 1990. Iantha Richardson belongs to Washington USA. She also started her career as a teacher and tutor. Iantha Richardson worked as a teacher and tutor in The Ailey Schools Youth and Harlem School of Arts. She worked there for more than 7 years.

She worked in a series Journey of a Goddess. Then in the year 2018, she was given the role of Ryan Taylor in a series called Jones. She got famous when she was given the main role in the series Good Trouble. She was also part of This is Us.

4. Jack McLaughlin:

Jack McLaughlin is also a cast member of the series Will Trent. He played the role of Micheal Ormewood. Jack is a well-known American actor and army personnel. He also served the American army in the Iraq war. Jack appeared in the film In the Valley of Elah released in the year 2007. He was born in the year 1982 on the 7th of October. He first appeared in the film In the Valley of Elah, then appeared in the series called The Unit. The also did a cameo in one of the episodes of crime scene investigation in the year 2007.

5. Sonja Soan:

She was given the role of Amanda Wanger in the series Will Trent. She is also an American actor and filmmaker who was born on the 9th many 1964. Sonja Soan started her career as a poet. She was given the first role in the film Slam in the year 1998 by the director Marc Levin. Then she did a role in the film Bringing out the Dead with other actors including Nicolas Cage, John Goodman, and Patricia Arquette.

Moreover, she has worked in many films like Shaft, Peechhe, The Wire, etc. Then she was also given a chance in the film G. Later she showed her acting skills in the series Cold Case. She has done many different kinds of projects that were recognized by the audience.

6. Jennifer Morrison:

Jennifer Morrison is a known American personality. She is a well-known producer, actor, and director. She has done fantastic work in a variety of films and series. Jennifer Morrison has got fame for her role in the series House that remain in Aires in the year 2004 to 2012. Then she also worked in the ABC series named Once Upon A Time. Then she also did some work in the comedy series named How I Met Your Mother. She started to work as a director by directing the film Sun Dogs.

7. Mark-Paul Harry:

Paul Campano is the role played by Mark Paul Harry. He was born on the 1st of March in the year 1974. He belongs to America and worked in many series and films. His mostly watched role is Zack Morris in the tv series Saved by the Bell. He also won many awards as a young artist. He also worked in the series Mixed-ish ad many more.

8. Greg German

He played the role of James Ulster in the series Will Trent. He was born in the year 1958. Greg German is a famous American actor who has worked in many series. Greg German is famous for his role in the series Ally McBeal. He played the role of Richard Fish. For this work, he also won many awards. They also worked in the 5 Season of once upon a Time.

9. LisaGay Hamilton:

She played the role of Evelyn Mitchell in the series. She is a well-known actress from America who has done work in many series and films. LisaGay has done Phenomenal work in the series The Practice. She has also done work in the comedy series and much more.


In this article, we have discussed some of the details related to the cast of the Will Trent series. We have given some information regarding the cast including Ramon Rodriguez, Erika Jane Christensen, Iantha Richardson, Jack McLaughlin, Sonja Soan, and other members. Read the full article to know more.

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