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Here is the detail of Nirav Tolia Net Worth, Age, Career, Height, Weight, and Businessman. Nirav Tolia is a very famous and popular professional internet Entrepreneur. He is also a very brilliant and outstanding Internet Executive. Nirav Tolia is a very multi-talented and skillful professional businessman also. He is very famous and popular in the whole world because of his amazing business skills. He is also the CEO and co-founder of “Nextdoor”. It is a private social network for the neighborhood of the area and he is the CEO and co-founder of this private social network. He has so many fantabulous skills for which he is very famous also. He has invested so much of himself in various businesses.

The first investment brilliant and skillful Internet Entrepreneur and Executive was Epinions which was later acquired by eBay. In the year 2010, the co-founder Nirav Tolia of the company Nextdoor wins a total of 200 million US dollars in funding. His investment technique and tactics are also very amazing and she got so much money. The company Nextdoor was so much beneficial for not only him but the amazing skills of Nirav Tolia in his company also benefit the seven friends of him. This fantastic Internet Entrepreneur and Executive was born in the year 1973. He was born in the country United States and currently, and he is 74 years old.

Nirav Tolia Net Worth, Age, Career, Height, Weight, Businessman

Nirav Tolia Net Worth:

The net worth of Nirav Tolia is also very amazing and a lot. Nirav Tolia earns a lot of money as his net worth. He earns a lot of money in his net worth just because of his amazing hard work and efforts. He has put his full efforts into his career and now he has a lot of net worth which is not an easy task for everyone to make. Nirav Tolia earns are total of 50 million US dollars as his net worth. He earns a lot of money from his career as an Internet Entrepreneur and Executive.

He not only earns from his career but also earns money as his network from different brand inducement and from different advertisements in which he works. However, a major amount of his net worth comes from his career as an Internet Entrepreneur and Executive. He gains a lot of money from his successful business ventures and amazing and fantabulous investment skills. His skills in all of his professions are just amazing and he earns a lot of money as his network and now he lives of very luxurious life. The annual income of Nirav Tolia is also 5 million US dollars.

Nirav Tolia Net Worth Growth:

Following are the details of the increased net worth of Nirav Tolia. He is an outstanding entrepreneur and his net worth is increasing day by day.

  • In 2019, his net worth was dollar 30 million. It was also a good amount of money. But then it keeps on increasing year by year.
  • Then in 2020, his net worth became dollar 34 million. It was increased by dollar 4 million due to his consistent and hard work.
  • After that in 2021, his net worth increased to dollar 40 million. It was also a good amount through which he has won many assets.
  • Then in 2022, Nirav Tolia had a net worth of dollar 47 million. This was just $3 million less than his net worth now.
  • Now in 2023, his Net Worth is $50 Million. This is a good amount of money which makes him a rich person and he lives a very luxurious life with his money.

Physical Appearance:

He is not only famous because of his career but he is also very famous in popular because of his amazing and attractive personality. He has a very charming and attractive personality because of which he has made a very huge fan base. His height is 5 feet 10 inches. He is not too tall or too short but has a medium height. His weight of him is a total of 75 kg.

As he is an Asian because his parents moved from Asia to the USA, his eye color is black. His hair color of him is also black. His shoe size is 8. The zodiac sign of him is not revealed on the internet yet and his nationality is American. He possesses a slim body and his personality is very attractive and charming and his fan base is increasing.

Nirav Tolia Career:

Nirav Tolia has a very brilliant and successful career. He started his Internet Entrepreneur and Executive career when he was a simple employee of a company of Goe named Yahoo. He did so much hard work and then become the co-founder of Epinions. It is a website that was made to review the products of different users. A website named later acquired this website which Nirav Tolia was the co-founder. But when this website was acquired by another website, Nirav Tolia became the CEO of this new website and then after some hard work and efforts, he became the COO of the company. He got so much success in his career.

Nirav Tolia then founded a new company which is currently the best company in the whole world named Nextdoor. He founded this company with the help of his friend. This hyper-local networking platform has 11 branches in 11 countries. This is so much such-managed any that is co-founded by Nirav Tolia. He is currently working on the Nextdoor board of directors. This is because, in July 2018, he left his post as CEO of this company. His career as an Internet Entrepreneur and Executive becomes so much more successful and he is now a very successful person.


Nirav Tolia is much known because of his outstanding entrepreneurial skills. He has a great command of the field of Internet executives. He has made a good name in the entrepreneurship industry. His net worth is 50 million US dollars as of 2023. His net worth keeps on increasing. The reason is his skills and consistency. He is a much-followed man and his name is becoming more popular day by day.

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