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One of the home improvement tips suggests having great paintings hung on the wall. Select Great Gustav Klimt to honor your wall.

Gustav the Masterpiece Creator 

Born in 17 century, Great Gustav Klimt has become one of the unforgettable painters of the world. He was the biggest admirer of females and erotic love. Even if seen his biography, he was the man of his principles. His passions and bold living style can be seen in his pieces of art.

He has opened up the reality of a woman’s life by painting their naked portraits. He has also installed a historical story with his every painting. The point of fame in his paintings was his irresistible feminine costumes. They became extremely famous among the woman of their time. To make his paintings extraordinarily, he used gold leaf in his artwork such as Gustav Klimt Golden Tears and the following.

Portrait of Emily

One of the most appreciated paintings of Gustav Klimt is the portrait of Emily. Emily is considered as the known girlfriend of the painter. That is why he has worked hard on improving her facial expressions and features. According to the people, Emily was the true love of his life.

Likewise, she was the designer of his paintings’ costumes. So, the painting itself portrays the tenderness of a young female. The deep orbital elements of the painting are the lavish gowns which both represent the luxurious feminine choice and in raging love for the couture of that time.

The Tale of Danae – Gutav Klimt

We already know that Gustav Klimt’s paintings are either representative of biblical characters or historical figures of the past. The particular masterpiece is dedicated to Danae. The Greek girl was cursed to bore a child who would be the murderer of her tyrant father.

So, the girl was locked up by his father. so that, she may remain untouched and self infertile. However, the magic of destiny can be seen in the painting. God Zeus himself came to impregnate the female. He filled gold coins between her legs. Her face is brimming with soul full contentment. The essence of enjoying intercourse is also present.

Yes! The feeling of motherhood has enriched her with another glow.

The Three Ages of the Woman – Gustav Klimt Painting

In this picture, Gustav Klimt has come up with an unusual idea. Unlike his previous paintings, he has focused upon the biggest reality of life. The concept explains how a female changes her appearance with each experience she receives in the world.

The picture contains the portrait of three females; a baby girl, a naive female, and a gracefully aged one.

The delicacy of the painting is that Gustav Klimt has beautifully painted each character’s physique very efficiently. That is why we can understand how hardships a female has to stand To live her life.

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How to paint like great Gustav Klimt?

Gustav is one of the Masters of Art. None can take his place. However, if you find Gustav as the true inspiration to reflect your then you have to follow some Gustav Klimt drawings Inspirations.

  • Go for a complete concept

Gustav’s paintings are not a mere form of art but are the real portrayal of history. They include the true blend of facts, emotions, and expressions.

  • Bring out your soul into the painting

The best thing about the great paintings of Gustav Klimt that he has spoken the true feelings of a female through his stroke of the brush. How a woman feels during having sexual intercourse? how a woman goes through all the incidents of joy?  represented truly.

  • Give a keen observation of each detail

Focus on every single detail and try to make them as close to reality as possible. Highlight the focal point of your painting.

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