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Starting, it is not necessary to have a lot of furniture decoration pieces in your living room. You can decorate your living room with the minimum things. This is the new call of this Millennium. The trend of less is more is now back in town. Keeping minimal items in your launch makes you place bigger and comfortable. It makes you feel more ventilated and light. Generally, a minimalist design is paired with orchestral white color. White color is an entire theme in itself. It is the reflection of peace, hope, and solitude. A minimalist approach with a white color design is the perfect amalgam treat for an introvert. So, why do waste time?

Following all some white living room designs, you can never refrain.

Boho Chic  Living Room Design

One of the most applied white living room designs is the Boho design. Bohemian fervor in the living room is very much famous these days. The Deliberate sophistication which is approached by this bohemian essence is priceless. Playing with different shades of white in your living room is a fun game for many. Use warm tones of white color for your rugs and furniture.

However, for walls and decor, use walnut white shades. Do White sofa living room decorating ideas here!.  Use an extra layer of printed fabric for this sofa to bring o  free spirit in you. Add a mirror to replicate half of your living room. So, these Boho chic ideas can also be called Small white living room ideas.

Low Seating Showcase

As long as you keep your seating to the ground, you feel more humble relaxed and cozy. That is why these white living room designs include a seating which folds out in a bed. This is one of the best designs where you need extra seating without making your lounge messy.

However, for such ideas, follow an ash grey theme according to householding tips. Add emml bird in one corner. Personalize your living room. Hang a frameless black and white picture of your most memorable day before the seating space.

If you have a craze for artifacts, you may add an antique to adorn the interiors of your living lounge. If needed, you may add a one-sided bookshelf. This would help you keep books, magazines, any keys, or an extra coffee mug.

L-Shaped Sofa for Living Room Furniture Ideas

White living room designs include minimal furniture. Hence the furniture which is needed yet cozy.

An l shaped sofa fulfill both these requirements. It is enough to make for the entire seating for your living room. Keeping it as the main element, design accordingly. Add a white painted console. Keep walls bare yet simple. However, a  DIY project can bloom your entire living lounge. 

Image Source: Festoon House Lighting (

Pop and Blend Style

Sometimes, simple white is not enough to define our personality. As we all are grey-shaded beings, we too need some pinch of color to beautify our mood.

The painting window in bright yellow color would add a marshmallow flavor to your contemporary white living room designs. Similarly, a 16*12” abstract painting would be enough to keep up the breathing of your living room. To blend the colors, place four white ottomans around a low height coffee table. 

White & Blue Hues

Blue is the favorite partner of white. whenever blended well with white, create some of the best white living room designs. This time, a blue accent wall reflecting waves in motion would be the pivotal motion for your living room. Platform sofa furniture and glass center table are the pillars of this style. Neon lights can be added to the cinematic effect.

Dream Angelic Living Room Designs

Your living house just like a bubbling Dream in your peaceful nights. Keeping living room furniture to a minimal quantity, we will use feather rugs in the living room. this would make the entire room cozy even if you have no windows in such living rooms to add indoor plants. The presence of indoor plants would enhance the meditative effect in the room. Also green color would bring life to the room. These white living room designs are perfect especially for those areas where the weather remains extreme. Either it is very hot or quite chilled. So, install an air conditioning panel or a traditional heater to normalize the temperature.


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