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Here is the detail of Katie Sigmond Age, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Affairs, Profession, and much more. Katie Sigmond is a very popular personality. She is multi-talented. She works a lot in her life as she is a social media personality, YouTuber, and fashion model. She posts vlogs on her channel. People like her vlogs a lot and share their love for her by commenting on her vlogs. She makes very amazing vlogs. She also makes vlogs of her photoshoot videos but people love to see everything she does on social media. Talking about her birthplace then she was brought up in Costa Mesa.

She has an interest in fashion from a very young age. Her dressing sense and makeup everything were perfect when she was young. She wants to become a fashion icon from a young age and by doing a lot of hard work she is now a famous model and social media personality. When she was young she posts her dance videos on her TikTok account. So from there, she got a lot of fans and they love her. They all want her to become more successful in her life.

Katie Sigmond Age, Height, Weight, Net Worth, Affairs, Profession

Katie Sigmond Age:

She born on August 2, 2002 in Costa Mesa, United States of America. Katie Sigmond age is 20 Years old.

Physical Appearance:

Katie Sigmond is a very fit and fine lady. She takes great care of her fitness and physique because fitness is the main thing that she required in her career. She does a lot of exercise to maintain her weight. She is so much pretty. People took motivation from her to become healthy and fit. There is a proper diet schedule of Katie Sigmond.

Taking her height then she is 165cm and her weight is 56 kg. This weight is very good and she looks very stunning. Whenever her fans look at her they can’t move Their glance at her. Most of her fans are also because of her beauty. Her eye color is blue which attracts a lot of people. Her eye color looks very good on her.


Katie Sigmond posts a lot of videos on her channel. Her very video got a huge amount of views and likes. This shows the power of her fans. There are so many videos she posts and they are listed below:

There is a video whose title is Intense Strip of Dare which she published on Dec 7 and the views she got on this video is 607,752 views. HAWAII vlog is another which she published in 2020 and the views she got on this video are 86,200 views. She became very happy when she saw more and more views on her videos. A Day in the Life of Living in LA is another vlog that got 86,041 views. There is another video whose title is Real Day in the Life as an Influencer which was uploaded by her on July 19. There were 59,975 views of this video.

Katie Sigmond Career Details:

Katie Sigmond was passionate about modeling from her childhood. She started her career when she was in her teenage. She started posting photos of herself in 2017 on different social media platforms. She made many TikTok videos including dance and entertainment videos. Katie Sigmond has also made her YouTube channel.

Net Worth:

Kathy Sigmond has a lot of money. She is very successful in her life so she has a large amount of money as her net worth. Her net worth is counted as $300,000. This is a very great amount of money. She is living a very luxurious lifestyle. She is a great source of income for her family members as she supports them. She got this money from her career. As she does a lot of photoshoots and got money also. Other than these she also has a lot of followers on her Instagram account due to which she got money. So her net worth tells us about her rich personality.


Kathy Sigmond has very supportive family members. All of her family members are always with her in every situation. Whenever she faces any problem she always shares it with her family. They all share a very good bond. She is a very great personality and told us that if we became successful in our life so it does not mean that we will not focus on our family. Her father’s name is Mr. Sigmond. He is a very great businessman. She loves her parents so much and respects them a lot. Her mother’s name is Mrs. Sigmond and she is a homemaker. Kathy Sigmond also has 2 siblings.

One of her siblings is a brother whose name is not known yet and the other is her sister whose name is Hailey Sigmond. Both of these sisters love each other and lives very happily together This family shows us that we can be successful and good with our family members. They all respect each other’s point of view. Her family members have great importance in her career life because they always encourage her and now she is a very successful personality. She is unmarried and has been not dating anyone.


Katie Sigmond is famous for posting entertainment and fashion videos. She had a craze for modeling. She earns much from her fashion career. There are many followers of Katie Sigmond on different social media pages. Katie Sigmond is a very decent and modest lady with a good income. She lives a very peaceful life with her family.

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