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In this article, we will tell you about Joe Budden net worth, his early life, biography, career, Girlfriend, Age, Real Name, and Is he Gay? Joe Budden is an American artist and hip-hop singer.  The turning point in his career was the release of the single “Pump It Up” In 2003. He is also recognized due to his membership with the slaughterhouse group. If you talk about Joe Budden’s net worth, he owns almost 6 million dollars of net worth. He was born in 1980 in Harlem New York. He was interested in music and rapping since his childhood and he started his career as a musician when he was just 17 years old.

Joe Budden Net Worth, Career, Girlfriend, Age, Real Name, Is he Gay

Joe Budden Net Worth:

Joe Budden net worth is estimated to be around 6 million dollars. His major source of income is music and rapping. Apart from that he also earned a handsome amount from collaboration, sponsorships, and paid promotions. If we talk about his monthly income he earned almost 100k to 150k dollars in a month. Further details about his cars and assets are not available to us yet but if we get any news we will update you immediately.

Early Life of Joe Budden:

Joe Budden was born on 31st August 1980 in Harlem, New York. He along with his family moved to Jersey City New York when he was just 13 years old. If we talk about his education he attended his schooling at Lincoln High School. An unfortunate thing in his life was that his father was not supporting him which created a lot of trouble in his early life.  He was a troubled child and due to his bad manners, he was dropped out of school and sent to Laurinburg institute which is a boarding school in North Carolina.

This was the point when Joe Budden decided to start his career as a musician. He was so disturbed that he became a drug addict. When he was just 20 years old he was involved with an older woman from which he became father to a child. After this, he started to take his music career seriously to provide a better life for his family. He started his work by collaborating with producer Dub B.

How Joe Budden started his career:

Joe Budden has earned a lot of success and fame in such a short span of time. So, now we will tell you how Joe Budden started his career?  He was a disturbed child in his early life due to the negligence and ignorance of his father. When he was 20 years old he got involved with an older woman this was the time when he decided to take his career seriously. At the start of his career, he collaborated with producer Dub B. In 2002 he was able to sign a deal with Def Jam Recordings.

The turning point in his career was the release of a single Focus.  After the release of the single, he got recognition in public. This song ranked at number 43 on the list of us Billboard hot R&B. In 2003 he released another single named Pump It Up and it went so successful that his popularity skyrocketed. This song ranked at number 38 on the list of us Billboard hot 100 charts. This song was also selected for the Grammy award for best male performance. He released his debut album in 2003 which ranked number 8 on the list of us Billboard 200.

This album went so successful that 95000 copies were sold in the first week of its release. Most of the songs of the early time of his career were released in collaboration with Def Jam but Joe Budden also released many successful singles after leaving Def Jam. Some of his famous albums include the album before the album, mood music 3, Halfway house, and the machine. If we talk about his recent works he has hosted everyday struggle in 2017 which is basically a morning show. In 2018 he has also started podcasts to expand his popularity on Spotify.  He left Spotify in 2020 by ending the contract with it.

Who is the girlfriend of Joe Budden:

Whenever we talk about our favourite personalities the first person that comes to our mind is their relationship status. So now we will tell you who is the girlfriend of Joe Budden? Joe Budden has two sons Trey Budden and Lexington Budden from model Cyn Santana. Unfortunately, their relationship could not succeed and they decided to part ways soon after the birth of their sons. Currently, Joy Budden is single and is not dating anyone but if we get any news we will update immediately.

Physique and appearance of Joe Budden:

Joe Budden has a charming and funky personality. If we talk about his height he is almost 5 feet and 9 inches tall while his weight is around 70 kg which is ideal according to his body mass index. If we talk about his body measurements it is 40-30-37. He wears shoes of size 8 according to US standards. His eye colour is black while his head is bald. His zodiac sign is Virgo and his nationality is American. He follows the religion of Christianity.

What is the age of Joe Budden:

Now we will tell you what is the age of Joe Budden? He was born on 31st August 1980 in New York.  So, currently, he is almost 42 years old.

What is the real name of Joe Budden:

Many celebrities keep their nicknames for the sake of their careers. So, now we will tell you what is the real name of Joe Budden? The real name of joy wooden is Joseph Anthony Budden 2.

Is Joe Budden gay:

Is Joe Budden gay? No, he is not gay and if we talk about his sexual orientation he is a straight guy and is only interested in women, which is quite obvious from his engagement with Cyn Santana.

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