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Many Solo Leveling fans want Solo Leveling to be animated so, in this article, we will give you brief detail on solo leveling getting an anime. The last chapter of solo leveling was published on January 1st, 2022. As it was the last chapter and the Manga has been completed now fans are debating about the making of the anime of Solo Leveling. So, is solo leveling getting an anime, this is the very first question that solo leveling fans want to be answered.

There is a total of 179 chapters of solo leveling and each chapter is a Masterpiece. Solo leveling is basically a South Korean web novel series and it was written by Chugong. This novel was published by D and C media. Solo leveling became so successful that it was serialized on kakao’s digital comic and fiction platform kakao page on the 25th of July, 2016. It was later published by D and C media on 4th November 2016. Solo leveling is a licensed novel by Yen Press and the web novel under the title only I level up.

Is Solo Leveling Getting an Anime? Characters of Solo Leveling

Is Solo Leveling Getting an Anime?

After the completion of the novel solo levelling and the publication of its last chapter now the fans want to know that is solo leveling getting an anime.  Chinese microblogging site named Weibo which is an insider has given the confirmation of the adaptation of solo levelling as an anime. So it is expected that the official release date will be announced soon. If this news is true then it is expected that Studio Mir will be going to manage the production work for the adaptation of solo levelling as an anime.

Studio Mir whose origin is basically in South Korea is well known for its many successful projects like The Legend of Korra and Dota: Dragon’s Blood. Another interesting fact that is circulating on social media is that the fans of solo levelling want that the production management should be given to MAPPA or Ufotable.

But this wish of the fans seems to be impossible due to the anti-Japan factors in the story of solo levelling.  another important news that we are going to share with you is that the South Korean k pop band the boys has been appointed to release the OST of the upcoming solo levelling anime.  This OST can be released anytime in 2022.

What is the plot of solo leveling?

Solo levelling is a very interesting novel. So if you have not read the novel yet we will let you know what is the plot of solo leveling so, in this novel the writer suggests that it is the responsibility of the humans and Hunters who possess magical powers to protect the human race from all the problems. Powerful humans must fight the Deadly monster to protect the human race. The writer gives the example of a notorious week hunter whose name is sung Jinwoo.

Sung being a weak hunter is struggling for his survival. The next day then he managed to survive the attack of a powerful double dungeon he became the sole player and his abilities and strength were increased beyond any limits. So Sung after becoming a powerful character went on a journey to fight all kinds of enemies both humans and monsters to explore the true source of his power.

When will Solo Leveling Anime be released?

As the Chinese microblogging site has confirmed the adaptation of solo levelling as an anime. Now its fans want to know when will solo leveling anime be released. As we all know that it is a very big Noble having almost 170 plus chapters.  Covering the story of all the chapters in one season is a very difficult task. So it is expected that the making of solo levelling anime will take some time.

It is also expected that the solo levelling anime will consist of more than one season. So seeing the huge quantity of work we can expect that it will be released in the fourth quarter of 2022 or in the first quarter of 2023. Currently, there is no official date of release but if we get any news about the release of its anime we will be the first to update you.

Is the trailer of Solo Leveling Anime released?

Is the trailer of solo leveling anime released? No, the trailer of solo levelling and name has not been released yet. The only news that we can share with you is the appointment of the Korean K Pop band The Boyz for the release of the OST of the upcoming solo levelling anime. We are well aware of the emotions of solo levelling fans, so once we get any confirmation of the trailer we will update you as soon as possible.

What the characters of solo leveling are?

All the characters of Solo Leveling have an interesting story. So, now we will let you know what the characters of Solo Leveling are;

Sung Jinwoo:

Sung Jinwo is basically the character of a weak hunter who after fighting the monster gains the strength and abilities which he uses to protect the human race.

Yoo Jinho:

Yoo Jinho is the best friend of Sung Jinwoo. He belongs to a very rich family and he is the vice-chairman of Jinwoo’s guild after he manages to impress Sung Jinwoo with his loyalty and courage.

Park Kyung-Hye:

Park Kyung-Hye is the mother of Jinwoo and Jinnah.

Siddharth Bachchan:

Siddharth Bachchan is the strongest hunter in India and he is one of the five National Level Hunters, ranking 4th in the world.

The Monarchs:

The Monarchs are basically the monsters who seek to attack the human race for their own needs. Moreover, they have a cruel disregard for life and are generally very arrogant towards those whom they find inferior, especially the human race. The Monarchs also govern a different race of monsters and take after the race which they rule over.

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