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In this article, we will guide you on how to watch Haikyu, its story, cast, and release date and also we will tell you about Is Haikyuu on Netflix. Haikyuu is an anime series which is based on the story of Shonen Manga by Haruichi. This Japanese series has become so famous since its release in 2012.  There is a total of 36 volumes of this Manga series and a new chapter is released every week. This Manga series was so successful that its anime version was adopted only two years after its release.

It is basically a sports anime and the main character of the series is Hinata Shouyou who is trying his best to achieve his ambition of becoming the best Volleyball player. He was so struggling to achieve his goal after the defeat of his school team in the competition. He is also seen planning to defeat his opponent Kageyama Tobio who is the player of the opponent team. The unfortunate news about Haikyuu is that it has decided to leave Netflix in 2021. Fans are now and anxiously looking for the answer to Is Haikyuu on Netflix?

Is Haikyu on Netflix Where to Watch Haikyuu & It's Story and Cast

Is Haikyu on Netflix & Where to Watch?

Haikyuu can be seen on Netflix but it is available on Netflix for some countries. If you are outside of such countries you will have to follow some steps which will be discussed in the coming paragraph. Apart from Netflix, you can also watch it on Crunchyroll but here you can watch only the Japanese dubbed version with English subtitles. Another option is VRV which is accessible in the United States of America and you can watch All Four Season of Haikyuu with English subtitles.

Moreover, on high dive only the third season of Haikyuu is available. The easiest way to watch Haikyuu is Netflix by following some steps of subscribing to the virtual private network. These steps will be discussed in the coming paragraph.

Can we watch Haikyuu on Netflix?

Yes, you can watch Haikyuu on Netflix. People in some countries like Japan are able to watch it on Netflix without any interruption. On the other hand, people in some other countries have to follow some specific steps to watch Haikyuu on Netflix. The reason for this restriction is the geo-blocking software which is used to buy Netflix to restrict the viewership of users from other countries.

For watching it on Netflix from any country you have to use a high-quality VPN visual private network. Currently, access to Haikyuu is only available for India and Germany. For other countries, you will have to download a VPN. Before downloading you must watch the guideline of Windows and IOS. After downloading the VPN you have to enter the IP address of India or Germany.  You will have to pay for a subscription to VPN. After successful payment, you will get access to watch Haikyuu without any restriction.

Why is Haikyuu leaving Netflix?

The unfortunate news about leaving of 1st and 2nd seasons of Haikyuu from Netflix was released in 2021. It was declared that the users will not be able to watch the anime after 31st October 2021.  The reason which was shared with the fans is the end of the license which allows the streaming of Haikyuu on Netflix. The fans need not worry because Haikyuu is a very popular anime and Netflix will renew the license to resume the streaming of Haikyuu.

What is the plot of Haikyuu?

The story of Haikyuu revolves around a high school student whose name is Shoyo Hinata.  He developed the ambition of becoming a volleyball player after watching the matches of Karasuno High School on television. He has an athletic body and he can jump vertically very well. To pursue his ambition he joins the team of the school club. He then insisted his friends join him to make a team for playing a tournament. Unfortunately, they had to face defeat in their first match.

A player of the opponent team named Tobio Kageyama was named as man of the match due to his skill and amazing playing style. Hinata now makes it a goal to defeat Kageyama in High School. Hinata joins a school named Karasuno to learn volleyball but he became shocked to see that Kageyama also go to that school. Now their rivalry changed into friendship. The end of the series is very amazing where Hinata and Kageyama promise each other to play again and will spend their life playing volleyball.

What is the cast of Haikyuu?

The cast of Haikyuu includes voice-over artists. The amazing voices behind the characters of Haikyuu are multi-talented actors. The role of Shoyo Hinata was played by Ayumu Murase. Yuji was played by Takuya. The role of Ittetsu was played by Hiroshi.

The role of Tobio Kageyama was played by Kaito Ishikawa. Suzuki was played by Junya Enoki. The role of Toru Oikawa was played by Daisuke Namikawa. Moreover, the voices of various characters have been changed in different seasons many times.

Which VPN is best for Haikyuu Netflix?

In our opinion, Express VPN is best for watching Haikyuu on Netflix. The reason for this opinion is that Express VPN is currently serving 94 countries. Moreover, the speed of this VPN is also very impressive as it can provide a speed of a hundred MB per second. Moreover, its HD quality is also worth watching. Its 24/7 support also helps in solving any problem.

If we talk about the pricing of expressvpn it charges $12 per month in a monthly plan, $8 per month in a yearly plan and $9 per month in a six-month plan. Moreover, it also comes with a money-back guarantee and it is valid for up to 30 days. Last but not least the payment method of Express VPN is also very secure.

What is the release date of Haikyuu season 5?

The 4th season of Haikyuu was released in 2020 and its 5th season was expected to be released in 2021 but due to covid pandemic, it was delayed. Now its 5th season is expected to be released in 2022.

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