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Here is the detail of Ice Spice Real Name, Age, Profession, Parents, Height, Weight, Famous Songs, and much more. The full name of Ice Spice is Isis Naija Gaston. She is known for being a professional rapper. She makes many raps also on social taboos. Ice Spice belongs to America. She started her rapping career at a very young age. She always had a passion for rapping and singing. She was born on 1st January 2000. As of now, she is 23 years old. She looks very beautiful and smart.

She also has many fans and followers from all over the world. Her fans love her because of her attitude as well as her appearance. Her birthplace is The Bronx in New York City. She is one of the most popular rappers in America. Her career started in 2021. After that, she consistently makes rap albums and songs.

Ice Spice Real Name, Age, Profession, Parents, Height, Weight

Ice Spice Parents Details:

Talking about her parents, they both are from different ethnicity. Ice Spice’s mother is a Dominican. This is because she has a Nigerian as well as a Dominican background. Her mother has a black skin color as Nigerians have. She is around 40 years old. Ice Spice was born to her mother when her mother was 17 years old. Now even at the age of 40 years, her mother looks very fit and smart.

She also has revealed the photos of her mother. After posting her mother’s photos it quickly went viral. People started praising her for being so young at a big age. Her mother loves her so much. Ice Spice also got t   color and ethnicity from her mother. She also has many habits that are the same as her mother’s.

Talking about her father, he is also a rapper by profession. Ice Spice has revealed that his father is a very popular underground rapper. She has been inspired by him a lot. She has not revealed the names of her parents. But she has provided a glimpse to her fans about the profession and lifestyle of her parents. Ice Spice has got musical roots directly from her father. She told her fans also that the main source of her inspiration for being a rapper is her father. This is because she has got all the skills of rapping from him. Her mother and father share a great bond.

Ice Spice Physical Appearance:

Considering the appearance of Ice Spice is very slim and smart. She has maintained her physique a lot. She also goes to the gym for a good body figure. Her height is about 5 feet 7 inches. It is an ideal height. Her weight is also 52 kg. She looks very slim but she is very energetic. Her eye color is dark brown. The eye color suits her facial complexion. She has black color hair which also suits her. The hairs are shiny and silky. She makes new hairstyles as well and posts on them her social media profiles.

She is succeeding more and more because of her determination and hard work in the music industry. But apart from that she has also maintained her physical appearance. For these reasons, many fans of her follow her on different social media profiles as well.

Where Ice Spice Parents Met Each Other?

The parents of Ice Spice had a love marriage. They both had different racial backgrounds. So because of this Ice Spice has a mixed background as well. She has a heritage in Nigeria as well as Dominican. While she has been brought up in New York City. Her father and mother are very close to each other. They both start dating each other when they are very young.

They first met at McDonald’s. They started dating each other. After that, this relationship increases more and turns into love. They both get married and give birth to Ice Spice who is an outstanding rapper nowadays. After that ice spice started living with her grandmother and mother in New York City.

Ice Spice Ethnicity:

Talking about the ethnicity of Ice Spice, she belongs to a mixed race. This is because of the different ethnicity of her parents. She has shared with her fans that she is a Dominican as well as a Nigerian. Ice Spice has always been private about her personal life. She has never revealed it publicly. But when the fans ask many questions about ethnicity, she revealed it.

All the fans and her followers were quite shocked after listening to the ethnicity of Ice Spice. The audience provided more attention to her. This is because, from her physical appearance, she looks Nigerian while from her accent and body language, she looks Dominican. So, she explained it by saying that her mother and father both have different races so she got a mixed ethnicity.

Ice Spice Songs:

Considering her career, she has released many popular songs. She is a rapper as well as a great song artist. She has made her name very popular in the music industry in a very less time. Many songs have been made by her and are on the top of music albums. Many people love her songs. Her music style is very calm and soothing. Following are some of the songs that are on the top of the list of many people nowadays.

  • Be a Lady
  • Munch
  • Komiran
  • Top Freestyle
  • Bully Freestyle
  • Euphoria
  • Cake
  • Name of Love

All these songs are a masterpiece. She has provided the music industry with the best songs. She is now earning a lot from her singing career.


Ice Spice has gained a huge name in the music industry. She is a very famous rapper now. Her net worth is also very high. Her fans are increasing on her Instagram, Twitter and her YouTube channel. She is very fit and smart.

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